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Wednesday, 15 January 2014

The 3 Big Bad(ass) Wolves... (more bs on Aeranath-Prelude)

Okay, so apparently I got nothing to do apart from a bit of stomach discomfort. Focus might have gotten compromised, might as well do a post where I'm free to type anything and everything off my head. Oh, and this is just the prelude b/c I need more sleep tonight.

A wolf knows best the sinful man
This is the underlying theme of A Ranger's Tale, 'tis my intent to create my own humanistic take on high fantasy (note that I never used epic b/c the plot is anything but Tolkien-esque). It goes without saying that Aeranath is the titular character. However, as I've said to a churchmate 2-3 weeks earlier (wow, I must be really boliao to have such a photographic memory), the intent is to make Aeranath NOT as the default protagonist, but rather the plot focus. It's a bit like The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings where titular characters count for naught in terms of whether they are main characters or side-cast (to be fair, Sauron was the villain while Bilbo is considered the catalyst character to Thorin's status as the main [anti-] hero). Hence, I'm prepared to create various POV characters compared to just 2-3 (to be frank, I think I've already done much more than just Aeranath, Guy, and Alestrial).

It's a one man journey story where hard questions will be asked from the related cast, whether they like it or not. At the centre of everything lies Aor, a mysterious antagonist who at the same time is the sole reason behind our titular bloke's current life.

As I've said so clearly to my curious churchmate back then, Aeranath could just easily let the world burn if it means an end to his obsession. In fact, I won't be surprised if Aeranath still remains this way if we're talking about current plot progress.

Big Bad Wolf
A token symbol of evil and avarice, wolves have been feared, shunned, and hunted ever since we human beings understood the 26 alphabets. Okay, that's a hyperbole, but I'll have to be frank here: I used to hate wolves also.

You see, man can never be God. Hence, you do NOT assume whatever said by man to be the Word of God unless said speaker can present undisputed proof on an objective basis. Sadly, our irrational fear towards this splendid creation of God is anything but correct (well, Genesis did say all things God have created are good). From superstitions (and I'm not talking about my own local S'poreans) to slanderous tales without scientific basis (unless genetic science can prove to me the possibility of human beings growing fur instead of hair), from Europeans to Native Americans (note that different Native American tribes will have different interpretations on whether wolves are good or evil), it seems that people enjoy talking about four legged beings and not whether a fellow two legged being had just died last night.

For Aeranath, he's truly a wolf in the sense that people shunned him. Those who witnessed his anger and whims will only fear him. He doesn't give a damn to what other people think, this lone-wolf parallel was actually the chief inspiration behind The Known World's version of this creature. Yet, the fear factor and being shunned by others were left clearly untouched.

Going back to the erroneous perception of this magnificent beast, I find it rather fun to use ourselves as the mirror role. Quite obviously, we won't end up being werewolves just by looking at the mirror. However, whatever negative traits homo sapiens superior tend to associate wolves with, we ourselves actually have bundles of it. Let's see what we have here, hmm?

Greedy as a wolf-This is something people are used to saying and seeing, yet not so understanding. Obesity is a global malaise, but you don't see any fat wolves prancing about. Wolves devour a lot of meat in order to last themselves for prolonged period. Wildlife scientists have proven to every ignorant Dick and Jane that their chance of a successful hunt is quite below the median percentage, i.e. 50%. Due to the most obvious, people living a few centuries ago were unable to comprehend this.
How this played out for Aeranath:
He's a sellsword. In short, his loyalty lies in survival and purse strings. Money isn't everything, but without money you're nothing.

Savage as a wolf-Wolves are believed to be malicious. In particular, the ancient Chinese tend to associate them with the northern nomadic tribes on every sinful charge possible. In fact, many a believer would have no qualms in arguing home that wolves enjoy feeding on human flesh.
How this plays out for Aeranath:
He can be extremely bloodthirsty and callous whenever he wants to. Once he drew Fragarach, there's no turning back.

Perverted and lecherous-This is something we the Chinese (note that Chinese in this context is NOT China-exclusive) would associate wolves with. As someone familiar with the local media and beyond, I can assure you that the term 色狼 has been spammed in virtually every news and TV media possible.
How this plays out for Aeranath:
Ever ready for bitches, whores, and noble girls. Need I say anything more?

Above symbolic stereotyping will always result wolves getting judged harshly, be it media or actual stupidity. However, I must also add in that:
1. To be greedy is to be humane.
2. Human beings are perfectly capable of murder unless they believe themselves to be in error.
3. I always enjoy making fun of the stereotypical guy due to a legitimate reason.

Compare above factors with Aeranath and we'll get:
1. Aeranath only earns enough to survive and enjoy basic pleasures.
2. Aeranath doesn't need a court trial if he wants you dead.
3. At least Aeranath isn't guilty of rape (yes, 'tis officially legit).

I'm NOT saying Aeranath is a better individual than the worst criminals humanity has ever seen. In fact, I'm pretty sure he wouldn't mind being associated with people like Adolf Hitler and Nero, historical individuals cursed with infamy. Rather, he'd prefer being an actual scoundrel than being a hypocrite. At least an honest man will never judge and you can be damned sure as hell that an actual scoundrel is an honest one.

To be cont'd...

A/N: Suddenly realised one thing I failed to notice till recently-This