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Thursday, 9 January 2014

Lore: The Furthest East (Part 2)

MC 2 days, got nothing better to do. Now waiting for our away match against Blackpool Inc(e) this Sat.

The Furthest East is a land where gods and magnificent creatures used to walked, at least this is what the Cinha believed in. Cinha legend (or better known to the Causaceans as "myths") has it that there used to be unified world prior to The Known World every inhabitant is now familiar with. This was an age where no mortals existed, only gods and beasts no longer seen now. However, the Shinki only provided a cryptic introduction to this era:

From nothing came everything, all things in time returned to nothing.
Without emptiness, existence can never be.
Without existence, emptiness will never be reached.
The world is round, its flow a cycle unfathomable.
Hence there can never be an end to every creation, only nothing and everything.
~Book One of the Shinki: Kigen [translated by Erasmus Eliaden, First of his nName]

Many scholars concluded that this was in fact referring to the Age of Renown, where only via whatever few artifacts unearthed did people start noticing such an era. In fact, debates are still raging within the School of Debating (i.e. part of the Trinity College in the Kalaran Empire) on whether this particular passage truly refers to the Age or Renown or is purely gibberish. If 'tis true that the above opening was talking about the Age of Renown, then mayhap the Sanshinki really existed. Not as gods but of mortal flesh.

Tsurugi no Gou'Ryeo
According to the Shinki, Tsurugi no Gou'Ryeo was first of the three to be conceived. Said to be born from a rock situated at the bottom of Seikai no Umi (i.e. the Cinha term for the ocean surrounding its shores), this was an individual brave and haughty, yet humble before his men. Even before his coming, the ancestors of the Cinha were suffering greatly under the much feared Oni. The Shinki is extremely graphic in terms of whatever atrocities committed, yet only praise and scenes of valour were included pertaining to Tsurugi no Gou'Ryeo's exploits.

Despite popular belief beyond the Furthest East where his lack of armour betrayed an arrogant sense of pride, eschewing such basic mean of bodily protection was intended as a charismatic show in order to motivate his followers.

Without armour, He-Who-Must-Be-Given-Praise would surely perish swiftly. For what manner of war could be decided by a fool's duel? Our ancestors were willing to die for him, for the Oni only understood rape and murder. We of flesh and blood understand loyalty and love, our forefathers many a countless era ago were no different. Whenever He-Who-Must-Be-Given-Praise sounded his horn, men and women would follow. Their children were willing messengers and carriers, this was how we learn to be strong.
~Book Two of the Shinki: Sensou [translated by Erasmus Eliaden, First of his Name]

At the same time, his sole weapon was a magnificent treasure to behold. The Cinha's favoured weapon would always be the yedo, a single edged sword with a ring pommel and short round handguard. It was agreed by the intellectuals that such martial tendency could be traced all the way back till their patron god.

Ame no Habakiri, who can mock at you? Your bite is elegant and cruel, your name is armour and squall. Who can touch He-Who-Must-Be-Given-Praise once skies blessed him with their anger? A shield invisible and fortress unseen, a thousand Oni prostrated dead.
~Book Four of the Shinki: Ten-Chi-Jin [translated by Erasmus Eliaden, First of his Name]

Mirai no Silla
According to the Shinki, Mirai no Silla was the second deity to be conceived after Tsurugi no Gou'Ryeo. If her male counterpart was conceived from a rock situated at bottom of the sea, then her birth could be traced back to the heavens.

Hence the people wept, for where was the maiden worthy of He-Who-Must-Be-Given-Praise? Many a comely virgin offered themselves, yet they were rejected. Alas for every girl broken this way, the worried Kitans wailed their sorrows before Heaven itself. Surely He-Who-Must-Be-Given-Praise deserves the finest best, they cried. At last Heaven heeded their pleas and led the groom to his destined bride. Across the four terrains and behold, She-Who-Is-Wise-And-Beautiful awaited He-Who-Must-Be-Given-Praise.
~Book Two of the Shinki: Sensou [translated by Erasmus Eliaden, First of his Name]

From the above excerpt, some intellectuals assumed that the Cinha religion actually involves ancestral worship while many others dispute such claims upon grounds of having only three such figures. Regardless of whatever argument resultant, both camps agreed that the Cinha pantheon, to a major extent, possessed carnal nature. This was further cemented by how Mirai no Silla was portrayed in her statue image together with those verses below.

She-Who-Is-Wise-And-Beautiful was lithe and naked, a nubile beauty. In her hand held Yata no Kagami, a mirror capable of showing every man and woman's actual image. Hence came the question:
"Who is the richest, who is the strongest? Who will reach Takahara after death and who shall descend unto Yomihara come the end?"
Thus He-Who-Must-Be-Given-Praise answered:
"Richest is the righteous poor, strongest is a coward true. For the heart is one's only treasury, strength comes from a weakling's honesty. Hence only the just and meek will reach Takahara, the ignorant and boastful entering Yomihara."
~Book Two of the Shinki: Sensou [translated by Erasmus Eliaden, First of his Name]

Rounin no Baekje
The rumoured son of Tsurugi no Gou'Ryeo and Mirai no Silla, Rounin no Baekje was nonetheless a disfigured boy. A large portion of the Shinki pertaining to his life were lost to time, even the Cinha historians admit it as much. In fact, no reason could be found behind why his parents abandoned him apart from stating the obvious. Many scholars, both Cinha and otherwise, believed that both Tsurugi no Gou'Ryeo and Mirai no Silla couldn't stand the truth that their son was born deformed. How he managed to survive, let alone achieve godhood status, still remains a mystery. However, Erasmus Eliaden had this to say:

During my last days in the Furthest East, my curiosity got the better of me. Granted I tried my utmost best to be civil, nevertheless I knew I would be playing with fire. These foreign people are not much different from us, that any possible fear towards anything and everything alien must be accounted for. Praise to the greatest Father True above, my gamble paid off. Even though she was an old widow deprived of comfort and wealth, the old lady indulged me willingly. This was what she had to say:
"None knew whether Baekje was truly the son of He-Who-Must-Be-Given-Praise and She-Who-Is-Wise-And-Beautiful. However, you can try asking every commoner and you will get the same answer from them. Rounin no Baekje traveled many a great length to understand new things. To him, knowledge is everything and he imparted his wisdom unto us. We see He-Who-Must-Be-Given-Praise as a conqueror who unified us, She-Who-Is-Wise-And-Beautiful taught us how to deal with others in peaceful terms. Yet, it was He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Revealed granting the Kitans the ability to build towns and cities, villages and forts. He also allow us to understand the finer art of warfare, which no sengun would ever admit."
From her words, I gather that this exotic race actually harbour a sense of ironic loyalty. They knew who did what, yet only two out of three could be worshiped openly. Knowing any further questions would get me into trouble unwanted, I ceased my words. Mayhap one fine day, a child god whose name could only be whispered with nary a formal respect will see the daylight of joy and celebration, who knows?
~Notes from Greatest Men: Hand of the Empire [written by Galus Tibiers]

[1]-Shinki is the sole official historical text of the Cinha.
[2]-Whilst Notes from Greatest Men should not be considered as part of the Kalaran official history, Galus Tibiers was still the writer. This is due to anything pertaining to historical figures considered under the historian's charge.
[3]-Historians are bounded under the Emperor's rule ONLY. As such, they are considered people with great political power despite having no hold over everyday politics.

~To be cont'd.... [I think now got runny nose and cough liao...]