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Wednesday, 9 January 2013

The Genius of Yingchuan (Part 1) 《颍川之鬼才》

"He's someone who can predict things accurately. Yaoling, you better be careful because he can see through your heart..."
~Spoken by someone truly politically incorrect during our fellowship dinner at Jurong Bird Park few months ago
Reason behind my determination
Mr Eric Soh, you're the one saying the above statement. I know I got a bit of IQ, but srsly why use brethren Yaoling as your target for verbal potong? And besides, I know my surname in Hanyu Pinyin is Guo (郭), but srsly my ancestor isn't Guo Fengxiao (郭奉孝). If anything happens to me tomorrow, I'll go look for you. Because of this particularly wacky episode, I'm now inclining to force a mass invocation of fan rage upon myself...

After getting myself into unwanted trouble for donkey years, my sis is gonna murder me again...

With the insane introduction done, let's go onto numero uno:

So what makes Guo Jia so special? Firstly and foremost, there will always be people saying Cao Cao had no friends throughout his life because he's a tyrant. The only catch? These people got trolled by Luo Guanzhong because they're believing in something really fictional. Actually, come to think of it, Liu Bei's temperament was certified to be way far worse off. In fact, even Sun Quan and Sun Ce were nowhere better off anyway.*  (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ

*Brethren Ling Jie, I believe I've answered your question on whether Cao Cao is a good person or bad person.


后太祖征荆州还,于巴丘遇疾疫,烧船,叹曰:“郭奉孝在,不使孤至此。” 太祖又云:“哀哉奉孝!痛哉奉孝!惜哉奉孝!”] 


[Jia was well versed in strategic anticipation and knowledge in matters. Hence Taizu (Cao Cao) had said before: "Indeed only Fengxiao can understand my mind."

When Taizu returned from attacking the Jing Province, he encountered pestilence at Baqiu and was forced to burn the ships. Hence his lament: "If Guo Fengxiao is still alive, I would never become as now." And again said Taizu, "Alas for Fengxiao! Sorrow for Fengxiao! Grief for Fengxiao!" ] 
《Record of the Three Kingdoms: Account of Guo Jia

[Guo Jia... was a talent in military arts and indeed a master of unpredictable excellence. Though his character was far below Xun You, the latter would never be a match in terms of planning and prediction.]
~Chen Shou's appraisal of Guo Jia.

To be continued...
(Provided I can truly survive this remaining week due to my most obvious stunt)

I actually had the urge to post this song in conjunction to this post.
Only thing is that this multi-post was being delayed due to self-laziness.
Simply put, this song reminds me of a potential romance Guo Jia once had.

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