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Sunday, 13 January 2013

Target: Finishing this post by 9.30 PM

Note to BioChem General Aladeen: You say tonight big match at 11 pm. Liar.
Note to Big Man of  Wales: I know you will want to read this post.
Note to BCG Aladeen and Muthu of United: One of you say Liverpool got chance, the other say United sure win one. Who to believe since you two also A(nything) B(ut) U(nited)?
Note to Stevie Ang Eng Hock+Encik Armour Sankar: Pls dun get ur hopes too high, ex-Sirs. Liverpool will be extremely lucky to hit top 5.

And now let's start talking some cock...

So whose side am I on? To be brutally honest, my bet goes to United. Just don't ask me why BCG Aladeen said Liverpool got a chance. >.< So yes, Muthu. You owe me a blanjah if United really wins tonight.

Firstly, let me analyze why it's advantage United:

1. If Vidic plays, Liverpool will have an uphill battle to fight. If Vidic never plays however, then anything goes. Actually, that's the reason why BCG Aladeen said that Liverpool sure got chance one. In fact, it's a no-brainer and a certain Mr Gary Lim I've never known personally had stated this as well. Okay, it might be an overstatement since he only said United's defence has been pretty much in koyak mode w/o Vidic around. (Note: Mr Gary Lim is a football columnist/pundit/analyst in The New Paper football column)

2. Can Rodgers outfox Fergie? We're talking abt a rookie boss vs a sly bastard boss. Quite a bit like seeing Ned Stark trying to pull one over Tywin Lannister. No ****ing contest. Case in point: Can Rodgers afford to use Suarez as that impact sub? Fergie has proven that he can do that with RVP.

3. 4-3-3 vs any formation to do with two holding midfielders pulling the strings. You see, it's not a matter of 4-2-3-1 or a 4-4-2 counter possession. The key thing is this: How will Rodgers beat Fergie at his own game? And by that, I mean making the most out of any given possession. That's what Fergie's United does best and Rodgers' lads are still lads, not yet a team of men. Now this is not to say that this current Kop sucks, but rather you can't really maintain any semblance of consistency with a team made up of one quarter kids. Rodgers need time and I believe the Kop faithful are far more tolerant as of now. Because this is NOT a team capable of challenging for anything. Liverpool is a big team with a big prestige and heritage, yes that's indeed so. But if there's anything to go by, this is a team undergoing an identity crisis starting from the previous regime of owners. So yes, let's cut John W.Henry some slack and even more obviously Brendan "Kop Jack" Rodgers as well.

So is there any way for the Kop Jacks to do anything abt this?
Firstly and foremost, the onus is to attack United from the centre. NOT the centre defence mind you, but the two fellas at dead centre anchoring the midfield. You see, Fergie's preferred style lies in having two midfielders behind and one midfielder up front. Due to Kagawa "AV Nippon" Shinji's prolonged absence, Ryan "Mr Super Injunction" Giggs has to fill in the empty void behind the other two. Whatever Giggs lacks in mobility, he made it up with latent intelligence. And that's indeed quite dangerous if Fergie wants to play a slower tempo based game. Which to the Kop Jacks is truly a bloody bad news.

And now comes to who will be the two toyols pulling the strings. My vote goes to Carrick and Scholes. Unless Vidic will not play tonight. Because no Vidic=Carrick and Cleverly for sure.

And ofc one very interesting question posed forth by my Big Boss of Wales is this: Will Sturridge play? Now it's pretty much easy to point out that he's not really that prolific, but what if Rodgers decides that maybe Sterling will be put at dead centre with Suarez and Sturridge at either side? Sturridge can easily shift alternately with Sterling while Suarez remains as that default target man. In short, who will be the decoy and who will be actual team assault? It's not something fixed as every football fan can tell you.

P.S: ****! I could have finished this by 9.30 pm sharp if not for SingNet ****ing my internet up at last minute. >.<