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Tuesday, 1 January 2013

This is how I spend my shittiest New Year's Day eve...

Today/night, I'm feeling quite testy for no reason. Perhaps it's because Tobias trolled me a couple of days before, perhaps my Swedish girl-friend (note the punctuation here, peeps) trolled me as well. Perhaps my cousin is also trolling me (but I truly doubt you'll do that, dearest Cousin Mark). Of course... there are your customary internet trolls believing in the "talk is cheap" rule for others, but not themselves (I've shared a Youtube video on FB from Andrew Loh's Public House channel while ****ing all the literally unnamed idiots not working at the MOM for starters) while at the same time I've shared a Smackem making a fool of himself just because he called Boro a small club in Yorkshire (which in turn made a monkey ass out of himself for reasons most obvious unless you don't know a shit in English football).

On a far more serious note, we have a stupid tragedy happening just because we're seeing a problematic society at large somewhere in South Asia while we have to brace ourselves for the fiscal cliff D-day where I don't know wtf both sides of the Congress are doing all the while. And please don't get me started on the pro-guns lobbying. Video games killing people rather than guns is the greatest bullshit I've ever heard because no one actually passed any law banning GTA. And even if such a talk is exaggerated/false, no one should say that the 2nd Amendment should be used as an excuse to neglect the people neglected by the society, i.e. people like poor Adam Lanza no doubt. And yes, can anyone tell me whether the 2nd Amendment allows people to own assault rifles without any logical reasoning?

On the far more normal end, I'm perfectly fine with Debuchy joining Newcastle because it's perfectly normal given the Cabaye factor. Now if only Boro will **** Derby tomorrow (which I might have repeated N times today alrdy). And yes, I'm working tomorrow. But at least I can get extra pay or extra day off, so no bummer for me here.

P.S: Hopefully I can get the final part of the prologue interlude for the second arc of A Ranger's Tale.
Sea of Arms and Craft=a badass title for my part 2, huh?

And what am I trying to prove after such a length rant? Well, I need to get some consolation beyond worshiping the nearest Angsana tree.

P.S: I really feel like a perv for including the ending portion below. Because after having a slightly more in-depth understanding of Mahou Tsukai no Yoru via an interview article with Nasu himself, I suddenly discovered that I should just blame that magic mushroom for reigniting my fanwankery. Joel, I won't fault you for calling me an actual perv since we're all Nasu-nuts. >.<

Aeranath: Didn't anyone say before that you're no lover material?

Aozaki Aoko: Well, forgive me for being a violent girl. Why don't you try me out?

Aeranath: Sorry, you got a nice rack, but you're too blue for me.


Aeranath: Nice showing you up as a moron. Bye.


Yes, I'm a hopeless Sensei-fanboy. Nasu is not gonna take any look at this monstrosity. Also yet to play the VN. >.<