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Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Brief hiatus on my Guo Jia/Fate posts...

Because I suddenly got hit with a certain extent of football fangasm...

Firstly, let's talk abt Brendan "Kop Jack" Rodgers

So where did exactly everything go wrong at Old Trafford? Rodgers had stated post match that while Liverpool is now 24 pts off Utd, quality wise it's not a 24 pts worth of gap. Now if we're talking abt OVERALL quality, it should be 24 pts worth of gap. The only problem? We're talking abt quality minus the depth. And every football watcher worth his own salt can and will tell you that the two go hand in hand together. Ofc if we're to minus the depth factor, everything should be calculated via the all too (in)famous Minghui-matics:

Gap in overall quality minus factor in depth=24 minus (24 divided by 2)=Kop Jack quality.

Which now comes to whether RVP is truly better than Luis "Federación Uruguaya de Handball" Suarez. Now to me, it's not really a fair one on one duel. Basically, just try to see things this way:

Would Robb Stark be so stupid to duel with Jaime Lannister unless the given situation is to House Stark's favour?
Well, Ser Kingslayer was right in saying that the Young Wolf wouldn't really last long against him should everything's all about mano-a-mano.

So why did RVP manage to pull an atomic wedgie over Handball Suarez? To me, the key lies in the opening proceedings prior to the first goal. Now if it's indeed true that everything before RVP scored his Gol Dinero was a placid affair by the lofty standard set down by history, then I believe this was Sir A.Fergie pulling the strings. The onus was very simple: Keep the opponent at his toes before landing the sucker punch. Rodgers' Liverpool is all about 4-3-3. Now this is a football gameplay focused on a pressing tempo more than anything else. Hence if Utd managed to play a keep ball game, then everything will be a no-brainer. Actually come to think of it, everything is all abt a sly old bastard pulling an atomic wedgie over a green young bastard.

Hence comes the biggest question: Is there a future for Kop Jack himself at the Kop stand? I believe so, but only if the FSG give him enough time. This is NOT a team in transition, let alone a stable team like all the others in the current top flight (Hell, even Blackburn Rovers as a team is far more stable bar a certain stupid decision to sack an intelligent fatso). So what is Liverpool right now? This is a team demolished at the very core and now merely at an infancy stage of rebuilding. 3-4 years should be the least in minimum waiting time, but the Kop faithful may need around 6 years. Football has evolved quite a lot ever since the heady legacy forged by legends like Bill Shankly and Joe Fagan. Hence, we can't utilise a one-for-one standard in judging the entire situation at hand. Rodgers is no Shankly or Fagan and only a bloody red retard will try doing so. In fact, stupid expectations can doom a team and one entire legion of fans. Don't believe me, go ask all the SGBs and SMBs.

And now let's talk a bit of cock about Leicester vs Boro come this Friday
Is it a make of break for us? We're extremely lucky that despite Leicester benefiting from the Cock-up of Mass Destruction, everything is just what I'm saying here: A Cock-up of Mass Destruction. Not only did we cock up against Watford at home, Cardiff cocked up as well together with Crystal Palace while Hull City losing to Sheff Wed at home 1-3 might have been the Weekend Mother of all Cock-ups.

Just a very simple analysis on why we cocked up at home. Mogga was right in saying that Watford is the best away team in the division for a very good reason. Objectively speaking, we've managed to hammer the Hornets left, right, and centre. Something that very few teams can boast of. Until Vydra scored from against the run of play. Rhys Williams should have done better, but one person's cock up managed to cock the entire game up. We should be chasing the game all the way henceforth, but funnily enough, we've managed to boss Watford in terms of the shooting stats alone. Plus the fact that we're bossing the possession all the while.

Now a certain hidden consolation is this: Any team would have ended up worse in terms of being mentally shaken, but we didn't. The only catch? Our frontline failed to fire on two more cylinders and I believe it's down to our front two facing a far more immense pressure to perform. In short, one department's woes can create a domino effect and depending on how you see it, it's either a cup half full or half empty.

Which now comes to how we should approach the next match: Leicester is the team to beat at away just like Watford is the team to beat at home. Firstly and foremost, allow the magic wand (?) of Minghui-matics to work its magic (?) again:

Draw=1point. Therefore, should 1 point in this very instance be seen as one point gained or two points dropped?
The former is all about half a cup full while the latter is all about half a cup empty. It's actually a simple case of recovery psychology. Should Mogga tell our lads to go straight for 3 points right at the get go? Or perhaps he should try convincing our lads that one point gained at the end of the match is not the end of the world for us.

Now onto Leicester itself. There's a very good reason why they're nigh unbeatable at home. Firstly, they would have the mental edge coming into the match because prior to winning us 2-1 at the Riverside, they've yet to win a match at away. But yet, they're still a force to reckon at home. King Power Stadium is the name of our battleground, NOT any KFC Stadium. Leicester's gaffer is Nigel "Is he Judas?" Pearson. This is one hell of a mother****ing classy gaffer.

Firstly and foremost, he had bought wisely. Gone are the days where Sven-Goran "now always kenna goreng" Eriksson would be waving the cheque book like how you might envision a general waving the white flag. This IS the man who signed players based on hunger and drive above money and more money. In short, we're facing a hemp army anyway.

H: Hunger
E: Endeavor
M: Motivation
P: Passion

This is Nigel Pearson's Leicester City, folks, NOT anybody's else. So how does Leicester work as a team?

Firstly and foremost, this is a 4-4-2 team. Sounds ordinary? Now Mogga once stated that Leicester under Nigel "my ol'pal" Pearson is a tactically disciplined team. I can't comment much on their technical ability, but if there's anything to go by from what I've deduced via Mogga's assessment prior to our previous home match against that team of white-blue steel, Leicester is a team built from the back. Yet, this is a team far from low scoring. If my deduction is right, the onus on Leicester lies in securing their range of defence. Simply put, they won't commit their backline beyond their own defensive third more often than not. By utilising such a manner of rock solid defence, Pearson's tactics in going forward is very simple:

The back 4 is all about providing the supporting base in allow their midfielders and forwards going forward. It's something quite similar to your standard phalanx warfare where the rank just behind will act as playing the support in attacking/defending. In short, they don't have to worry about leaving gaps between their defenders and the rest so long as everyone available can track back and win back the possession.

So how should we approach the game tactically wise then? Quite obviously, saying Leicester is all about Ritchie De Laet is equivalent to saying that our game is far geared towards getting our lads forward. Simply put, it's called bullshitting.

Now apart from what I've said about the mental recovery end, another fact we need to take note of is this: Whatever we do, we must not try pulling down our shorts in order to fart (脱裤子放屁), i.e. doing unnecessary bullshit. If we try to do so, we'll most likely lose by more than a 2 goal margin.
Simply put, we must establish ourselves within OUR own half, ball or no ball. Without the ball, Leicester has nothing much to lose tactically. With the ball, they can easily commit their lads forward ala streaks of blue-white fire of destruction.

Conclusion: We'll be standing at a tactical disadvantage, make no mistakes about it. Leicester may be able to survive a cock up or two, but if shit happens, we'll be grabbed straight by the bollocks. Make no mistake about that.