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Thursday, 10 January 2013

The Genius of Yingchuan (Part 2) 《颍川之鬼才》

Okay, I might as well do a bit on this one since I'm right now feeling quite hyper. And no, it doesn't have anything to do with whoever having their photo uploaded by who.

A/N: Actually come to think of it, why is it that my dept's workload today had suddenly skyrocketed until late afternoon?

Volume 47 and I'm not even sure whether Xu Shu has appeared.
So how long did it take Mr Chan to finish the Battle of Guandu?

EQ and a homeland gone busted


[Guo Jia, styled Fengxiao, a native of Yangzhai from Yingchuan. Jia was gifted with exceptional foresight and capability as he predicted untold chaos towards the end of Han dynasty. Ever since young while remaining anonymous, he only befriended the truly worthy while refusing to entertain those far more wordly. Hence, being unknown to many yet never ceased in amazing those who know him.]
《Record of the Three Kingdoms: Account of Guo Jia》

Analysis: Now anyone who have a layman's knowledge on the Three Kingdoms era can and will tell you that Yingchuan is an area most famous for its talents. Simply put, it's been said that Yingchuan is the one place where nine out of every ten strategists will be hailing from. In fact, some of the most notable names include Xun Yu and his nephew Xun You (who is inexplicably older than his uncle) under Cao Cao's banner; Guo Tu (unrelated to Guo Jia fyi) and the two siblings, Xin Ping and Xin Pi as part of Yuan Shao's advisers; and Liu Bei's first adviser on the heavyweight caliber, Xu Shu.

So now comes the biggest question: Why is it that Guo Jia chose to go subterfuge mode? We'll get to that soon enough. But let's talk about his EQ level first. Now it's not really that he can't really make friends by default, but people tend to say great minds think alike and Guo Jia actually take this very mantra to the extreme. To him, he has no need for those truly superficial in mind. Rather, he will only make friends with those who are great thinkers.

You see, there's a very stark difference between the clever people and intelligent ones. The clever ones are really not so intelligent because while they are able to learn quickly, their brain isn't that developed so as to speak. Simply put, they will only select what to learn/remember based on total subjective. Maybe we should try to seeing this logic as a twelve year old kid where children will always be children, no matter fast they learn.
The truly intelligent however, are those who are hardwired to be BOTH clever and mature. Those who do not concern themselves with the popular opinion and popular thinking. These are the ones who have that one gift called foresight. And that's why they are considered adults, people who can be entrusted with heavy responsibilities.

To put things in a nutshell, we have the politically incorrect minority on one side of the ring and the politically correct majority on the other. In short and in a very twisted sense, Beavis and Butt-head have always existed. Only without any of the TV factor that is (considering the fact that any feudal technology is a third world technology).

Which now comes to that one factor called homeland kenna cui.

[“颍川,四战之地也,天下有变,常为兵冲,宜亟去之,无久留。” 乡人多怀土犹豫,会冀州牧同郡韩馥遣骑迎立,莫有随者,彧独将宗族至冀州。]



["Yingchuan is a place surrounded by war, hence being the worst affected during times of upheaval. Hence, it's imperative to leave quickly" The locals however, hesitated due to lingering sentimental and upon the arrival of Han Fu, fellow county man of the Governor of the Ji Province, none followed suit. Only Yu moved his entire clan unto Ji.]

[Zhuo deployed Li Jue from Guandong, numerous areas being plundered along the way until Yingchuan and Chenliu, upon only where the army decided to return. Thus, many a local who left themselves behind became witnesses and victims of massacre.]

《Record of the Three Kingdoms: Account of Xun Yu》

Do I need to say anything more? I hate to sound like a politically incorrect jerk-ass, but if you know the danger being faced is there, then why the delay? You see, every human being has that one special gift called the tendency to self-deceive. You can call it stupidity, I can call it a universal trait (which in turn will end up making the former bunch a bunch of morons by default anyway). Ultimately, we can only try our best reducing the probability instead of erasing the probability. It's called human fallacy, guys. And we all will always end up doing/saying a lot of stupid things at various points of our lives. Me included of course. In fact come to think about it, while the presence of IR casinos in Singapore is meant to generate extra revenue via tourism, people will always forget that their mind can be way more powerful than everything else in the world.

Guo Jia's reply? Of course he has to leave. Or rather, he's not exactly Beavis or Butt-Head. Either he:

1. Knows the spade for what it is.
2. He has already bailed out beforehand.
3. The above both put together, i.e. 1+1=2

Now remember the relevant verses on how he managed to predict the upcoming chaos? This is even more imba than what Xun Yu had said to his fellowmen. Of course, we can't say Xun Yu didn't see the global chaos happening because that's bullshitting. Xun Yu is a person with an exceptional foresight, but so is Guo Jia as well. Just that Guo Jia might have chosen the preemptive measure...

~To be continued...
(And thank goodness I'm still alive and kicking)

And lastly, let us all blame the crazy lobos at New Nation SG for my decision in upping the clip below...