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Friday, 18 January 2013

The Genius of Yingchuan (Part 4) 《颍川之鬼才》

Anti-Trollolol Q vs A
I suddenly remember a particularly hilarious episode online many a month back. It's called reasoning with a troll and for some retarded reason, whatever debate about Zhao Yun degenerated into Guo Jia being dragged into the muck as well. Of course I've totally debunked every single troll's Garden of Eden via a big ass multi post on Zhao Yun (if you all are feeling brain-itchy, feel free to search this blog), but still there's one more job sorely in need of getting done.
To make things more convenient, let's just call that said troll Ang Sek Si Lau Kau

Ang Sek Si Lau Kau: Hahahaha! Guo Jia sucks. I mean whatever being done so imba is something written by Luo Guan Zhong, n00b!

Lim Lao Peh Gong: Sorry, ASS Lau Kau. The only part being fabricated is how Guo Jia left behind instructions post-death on how to deal with Gongsun Kang pertaining to Yuan Shang and Yuan Xi escaping to Liaodong.

Ang Sek Si Lau Kau: Hahahaha! Guo Jia is nothing! Didn't the historian Shou-ge say that Jia Xu and Xun You are capable of meticulous calculations?

Lim Lao Peh Gong: Wow, did Chen Shou play some comparison games? Don't be a bloody retard, moron. The integrity of a historian should never contain any verbal bias. Simply put, comparing the extent of capability should be out of any question. Don't believe Lim Peh? Go happy evidence hunting, you Si Kee Na. And yes, Lim Lao Peh says that Chen Shou's assessment had always been based on the nature of ability, NOT the extent.

Ang Sek Si Lau Kau: Hahahahaha! But what about Xi Zhicai? He was there in Cao Cao's court even before Guo Jia!

Lim Lao Peh Gong: No one actually knew Guo Jia's existence back then, generally speaking of course. If not for Xun Yu recommending Guo Jia, Cao Cao wouldn't have won the decisive battle against Lu Bu at Xiapi nor will he be able secure total victory over Yuan Shao and his sons during the Battle of Guandu. Oops, did I happen to call Xun Yu a retard just because he recommended Guo Jia and no other person else?

[先是时,颍川戏志才,筹画士也,太祖甚器之。早卒。太祖与荀彧书曰:“自志才亡后,莫可与计事者。汝、颍固多奇士,谁可以继之?” 彧荐嘉。召见,论天下事。太祖曰:“使孤成大业者,必此人也。”嘉出,亦喜曰:“真吾主也。”]
[At first, there was Xi Zhicai of Yingchuan, a skilled organiser treasured greatly by Taizu. Upon his early demise, Taizu asked Xun Yu: "Ever since Zhicai's death, there is none who can plan together with me. The lands of Ru and Ying are filled with exceptional geniuses, who can inherit such a post?"

Yu recommended Jia. Upon audience and speaking at length on major affairs, Taizu said thus afterwards: "This is the man who will make my empire come true."

Jia was equally glad as he went off, saying: "Indeed my worthy lord."]
《Record of Three Kingdoms: Account of Guo Jia》



[Taizu knew Yu had a keen judgment, hence all recommended managed to accomplish their duties faithfully and exceptionally]

[Yu's uncle was named Shuang, a Chief Minister of Masses.]
《Record of Three Kingdoms: Account of Xun Yu》

A/N: Guo Jia was a respected guest at the Office of the Chief Minister of Masses during his early years. Go figure it out, guys.

Ang Sek Si Lau Kau: Hahahaha! But Cao Cao's main adviser is Xun You, you n00b!

Lim Lao Peh Gong: Burung Kuku! You forgot Xun Yu also recommended a certain as well Zhong Yao lah!

Ang Sek Si Lau Kau: Hahahaha! But still never mention anything about Guo Jia what!

Lim Lao Peh Gong: Paiseh hor, Kaceng Lau Kau. That was back during where Cao Cao had welcomed the Emperor back with total respect. In fact, this is the very event defining the start of the Jian An calender. In order to defend his liege's territories both from inside and outside, Xun Yu had to stay behind. In fact he was actually following Cao Cao within the army before that.

[Taizu was conferred by the Emperor the title of Grand General while Yu became the Chamberlain of Han and Imperial Record Keeper. Even as Xun Yu held major power in the capital with Taizu warring constantly, organisation of military affairs would always involve Yu.

Taizu asked Yu: "Who can take over your post of my adviser?"

Yu answered: "Xun You and Zhong Yao."]
《Record of Three Kingdoms: Account of Xun Yu》

Ang Sek Si Lau Kau: Hahahaha! But doesn't mean he big **** lah!

Lim Lao Peh Gong: Well, you see, the logic is very simple. Upon the very moment after their audience, Cao Cao soon implemented the post of Chief of Military Affairs and Works. Simply put, we're talking about the highest authority in terms of military administration and being in total charge of infrastructure works. In fact, Cao Cao did say in his eulogy for Guo Jia that Fengxiao has always been the number one person to consult whenever indecision sets in.

[Beseeching (the Emperor) the post of the Chief of Military Affairs and Works (upon Jia).]
《Record of Three Kingdoms: Account of Guo Jia》

[Upon the third year (of Jian An), Duke Cao returned back to Xu while establishing the post of Chief of Military Affairs.]
《Record of Three Kingdoms: Annals of Wu Emperor》

A/N: Chief of Military Affairs in the latter case is most likely the same thing with the Chief of Military Affairs and Works due water works and maintenance of infrastructure being an essential part in military expeditions. In short, we're talking about the same thing with slight variations in the title naming.

[Whenever there was any emergency meeting of counsel, Jia could always turn the situation before the enemy. Whenever your humble vassal is at my wits' end, Jia would always resolve everything promptly.]
《Record of Three Kingdoms: Account of Guo Jia》

Ang Sek Si Lau Kau: Hahahaha!!!!! But Guo Jia's account is listed at number 14 while Xun Yu, Xun You, and Jia Xu's accounts are recorded at number 10. So how ah, you bastard!

Lim Lao Peh Gong: Lu Bu is the greatest bastard, yet his account is listed at number 7.