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Wednesday, 30 January 2013

The Genius of Yingchuan (Part 10) 《颍川之鬼才》

So apparently, this is the final part of my Guo Jia journey. Can't imagine that this can last for 10 posts straight...









又与彧书曰:“追惜奉孝,不能去心。其人见时事兵事,过绝於人。又人多畏病,南方有疫,常言 ‘吾往南方,则不生还’。然与共论计,云当先定荆。此为不但见计之忠厚,必欲立功分,弃命定。事人心乃尔,何得使人忘之!”


Analysis: Now I'm not gonna translate this big ass piece of statement. But suffice to say, this is all about Guo Jia's death. That plus a few segments above which were actually brought up in the various posts before.

But before we hit the big one, let's take a brief look at...


Apparently, Guo Jia's son also died early. Why is it that I've got this funny feeling that everything started from the genes? >.<

Now onto the correct track. Guo Jia died at the young age of 38. Is it a pity? Let's see how Cao Cao saw his death:



This was back during Cao Cao's defeat at the hands of Zhou Yu (周瑜) during the Battle of Chibi (赤壁之战). So why did Cao Cao lament for Guo Jia?

Now the thing is this: The entire intent to declare war on Sun Quan (孙权) was down to Cao Cao himself. Prior to his fateful decision made, there were at least two advisers beseeching him not to do so.

Firstly, Jia Xu actually suggested a waiting game where the number one importance should be all about consolidating Cao Cao's influence on the newly conquered Jing Province. The people there had yet to declare their undying loyalty and it was Jia Xu's idea that Cao Cao should do his utmost best to stabilise the region so that victory over Sun Quan would be far more of an absolute in the longer run.


Secondly, Cheng Yu has always been a proponent of counter intuitive thinking. Therefore, he did warn Cao Cao not to dumb down the tigerish upstart to the east.


Which now comes to whether Cao Cao would still go ahead if Fengxiao (i.e. Guo Jia) is still around. Via the disastrous defeat, I believe his lament had never been about whether Guo Jia would be able to help him come hell or high water, but rather with Guo Fengxiao around, Cao Cao wouldn't end up making that rash decision.

In an eerie manner, this was also the case when Zhuge Liang lamented over Fa Zheng's (法正) premature death due to Liu Bei's total failure at the Battle of Xiaoting (猇亭之战).


Which now comes to the second part: How important was Guo Jia to Cao Cao?

[ 初,陈群非嘉不治行检,数廷诉嘉,嘉意自若。太祖愈益重之,然以群能持正,亦悦焉。]

Cao Cao had never took into account Guo Jia's numerous acts of indiscretion (maybe it's about getting drunk, being a sucker for pretty ladies, being late nine out of ten times... I dunno srsly). In fact, chances were that Cao Cao was rooting for Guo Jia by my own imagination. After all, I do sense some kind of parallel between Guo Jia and the Cao Cao of early youth:


In case you all don't really understand what's being said above, it basically means that:

1. Cao Cao is certified talent.
2. Cao Cao is a certified ah-beng.
3. Cao Cao is a certified slacker.

And let's not go on about Cao Cao being a certified lecher. >.<


Basically, that means Guo Jia's authority within every major meeting was basically indisputable and absolute.


This part is all about his posthumous CV.


This one precedes the former and it's is all about him and Cao Cao being far more like long lost brothers rather than merely a vassal and his lord. You don't get ride the same carriage and sitting with each other side by side if we're talking about a person like Cao Cao. It's just like me saying so-and-so will always sit in the same car as ex-MM Lee Kuan Yew while also eating together at the same table during every banquet.

A/N: Am I bullshitting here? Of course this is just a mere hyperbole, so please grow up kids. One thirteen year old coward is more than enough trouble to handle.


Guo Jia was being stated as the most junior amongst Cao Cao's advisers, but yet he ended up being far more important than any one of them. The ancient China back then could be extremely anal at times society wise. Simply put, if you're someone senior, you're a demi-god. If you're someone younger, it means you deserved to be pecked.

In fact, Cao Cao actually stated that Guo Jia was to be his choice of overseeing his empire after his death!


In fact, the account of Fuzi below has pretty much collaborated nicely. Only with a different style of wording:


又与彧书曰:“追惜奉孝,不能去心。其人见时事兵事,过绝於人。又人多畏病,南方有疫,常言 ‘吾往南方,则不生还’。然与共论计,云当先定荆。此为不但见计之忠厚,必欲立功分,弃命定。事人心乃尔,何得使人忘之!”]

With some additional facts like:

1. Guo Jia died even before he reached 40. That can be construed as him being far more suay than Fa Zheng who at least managed to break that 40 year mark.

2. Guo Jia was merely with Cao Cao for 11 years. Comparatively, even Jia Xu managed to last far more longer (although that's mainly down to him being able to play his own game of self-preservation under his own terms and conditions. What a slippery bastard. Poor Xun Yu must be vomiting blood like a twisted form of the Merlion in afterlife now).

3. Cao Cao again affirmed Guo Jia's contributions via merit in talent and not just results, i.e. he praised Guo Jia's ability to understand every matter in politics and military even though nothing is being stated explicitly on the former in terms of text.

4. No one knew Cao Cao better than Guo Jia. We the Chinese (not just from the PRC mind you) have a famous saying: Accompanying a ruler is akin to accompanying a tiger [伴君如伴虎]. In fact, that's why Xun Yu died at Shouchun [寿春] although I can assure every Jia Xu hater that Wenhe (文和), i.e. Jia Xu, had nothing to do with it.

5. Guo Jia knew that he would die anyway, so might as well exit the living world in the most spectacular fashion possible. And that is to achieve something he truly wanted to.

Talent's KPI: Ungraded. Not because he failed horribly of course, but rather how are we able to grade someone like Guo Fengxiao, knowing full well that his accomplishments had exceeded whatever grading system possible? Hello people, we're not talking about this, okay?

Actually come to think of it, if someone is to write a romance light novel with Guo Jia pairing up together with whoever should be that (un)lucky girl, then...