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Thursday, 3 January 2013

Lore: Wolves

Well, what can I say here? Wolves have indeed captivate me for quite a long time. Ironically, I used to hate them. Why? Blame it on my years of being a dumb kid impressed (?) by all the random fairy tales. Lol even the Bible itself is merely using it as a parallel and nothing more. Not too sure whether there are any dumb idiots believing that God is anti-wolf. I treat the Bible seriously, but I don't worship the Bible. Period. In fact come to think of it, there should a big badass wolf somewhere in the world.

INTRO: Unlike the actual deal in reality, my own brand of wolves are basically around the size of a jaguar. In fact, I still remember a certain documentary on predatory animals where it was said that dire wolves were of such a size individually wise. Secondly, they're actually solitary. Thirdly, their jaw strength is pretty much absurd. Okay not that absurd anyway since the actual deal is truly that way. In fact, I shouldn't invoke the example of the tiger in the relevant background notes within the story itself.

Like their actual brothers, wolves from The Known World do not believe in ambush tactics so common within the feline species otherwise. However, they are most solitary as per stated above, blessed with a hardy physique. Compared to its counterpart in the real world, an average wolf's endurance and speed running wise is basically 50% higher for the latter case and a literal equivalent for the former. The way where a wolf hunt its prey will always be down to three steps:

1. Detecting the prey via a keen sense of smell and hearing.
2. Howling in order to alert its prey while at the same time running around.
3. As the prey start to move/run, the wolf will attack from either the flank or rear depending on how fast the herd will be escaping.

Interestingly enough, the wolves possessed a certain ability where they can induce a sudden leap spanning for  more than twenty yards out. Upon momentum gained from such a result, a wolf can easily tackle a prey twice its size with thicker forelimbs being used to wrestle the prey down to the ground. The nature of its jaw strength is such that it can break the prey's vertebrae (and this is where the tiger comparison comes in).

A wolf tends to hunt alone, but yet it's an extremely family oriented animal as any family unit of such beasts will exhibit a nature of togetherness, which only blood of kinship can bring possible. Any wolf defending its territory in such a situation will always be the Beta (i.e. the mother of the family) while the Alpha (i.e. the father's equivalent) will be out hunting. Whenever a kill is brought in, it will always be the pups which will feast first, followed by the Beta female, and lastly the Alpha male.

Without a family, a wolf can still be extremely dangerous. In fact one can say far more dangerous on an individual basis. This is down to the fact wolves defending their pups/mate will tend to hold back even if it's just for a wee bit.

A wolf without the burdens imposed by a family, be it male or female, will surely give its all against an intruder. No quarters given nor expecting any, no consideration to risks or whatsoever. Indeed it has been often said by hunters and trapper that the only way to do a wolf in is to play the waiting game (although it will take a group rather than just one person solo to make any kill possible).

Wolves are known to be extremely resilient in adapting to their surroundings. Indeed together with falcons, eagles, lions and bears, wolves are considered by scholars as one fifth of what is commonly coined as "the feral quintet" within the confines of the Northern Continent. Brute strength wise, they're no match for the latter two whilst quite obviously wolves don't have wings, they quite obviously can't fly (not offence intended to any fan of Bran Stark though).

Yet, the only merit mentioned here is the chief reason why they should be rightfully feared as predators within the Greater North (i.e. an alternate term referring to the Northern Continent since we have an Unknown North situated furthest up ala North Pole of The Known World). They can thrive equally well in the steppes of Slarvea just as they can survive in the forests of Teutonia. Due to the urbanised nature of the Kalaran Empire however, wolves are far lesser seen just like most of the other wild birds and beasts. Unless we're talking about the Grand Empire Park (yes, guys, the Kalarans do have their own zoological park. Specifically this being only one. And this is not a statement lobbed against the RWS, so to any powers-that-be, you all can breath easy).

This is not to say that wolves are near invincible to say the least. Perhaps if they can band into a pack, invincibility as a term might sound far more credible. More often than not, the male can easily be waylaid by hunters or a rival midway through dragging its kill back to its den. More often than not, hunters will always target the mother rather than going all out to hunt the Alpha. In particularly, casualty cases are an everyday occurrence, but yet success will always be ensured. Conflicts between wolf and man is caused by two factors:
1. The aggressive nature of the beast where every manner of intruders will be dealt with promptly and brutally.
2. Expansion of civilisation is a far more common cause. And no, I don't want to hear any real life apologists talking his/her own cock-and-bull story. This is fiction, so please grow the hell up if you all don't like what I'm saying here. I've had my own fair share of staring at idiots for the past few days due to various articles truly depressing, so please don't make me lose utter faith in humanity despite all its apparent flaws. Please.

I truly hate to vid spam, but sometime, human beings do have a certain tendency to break their own rules...