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Friday, 27 April 2012

Some random footie thoughts before the March Hare gets shot dead

CL semis super insane

I thought Barca would win the return leg. But then again, I also thought Real would win as well. Apparently, Pique getting bumped off halfway sealed the deal for Chelsea. Apparently, the ah-kong upstairs decided to laugh at Florentino Perez come end of half time. No prizes for guessing where Robben has played before he got shipped to the greater Munich. And no it's NOT Chelsea. btw I swear Toni Kroos has come good. How old is that guy? Even younger than my sis. And she's 5 yrs younger than this old kid typing here. :S

Why the English like to kao-beh kao-bu

Beats me as well. I truly hope the entire British press going rabid over the Allianz being the CL final venue is just merely a foreign media overhype. Just ask the Krauts on how they felt last time round during 1966.  

Lampard's no-goal=kelong 

1966 no-goal=super kelong!

P.S: Ironically, both are all abt English vs the Krauts. Perhaps even far lesser ironic lies in the fact that the 1966 kelong is the REAL final. -.-' Greatest irony of them all? We're talking abt the real great guy called Sir Alf Ramsey. Read - Last time round=mata wear shorts. :S

Subject of the post title

I believe this might be the final post from me concerning the Championship season. ppl are gluing their eyes on the Manchester derby, but to me this weekend is def the BIGGEST match ever to me. Or just abt any and EVERY 100% sane member of our band of Boros. My take on the issue:

Our lads should just see things in perspective firstly and foremost. If Cardiff draw, we're screwed. If we fail to win, we're screwed. Simply put, the odds are stacked against us. It's pointless to say the sods over there at South Wales will choke. A certain Mr Eric Soh has famously stated that "history is there to be broken". We saw what Spain had done under that same racist Fart. Not that Cardiff will triumph by default, but rather we don't really have anything to lose if we can see things via a realistic POV. If Cardiff cui, then we'll have everything to play for. If they draw, let alone winning at Selhurst... 
then all I can say is: "Laddies, let's kill that damned rabbit off with all guns blazing. 'cuz we should still bugger the sods at Vicarage for all the right reasons:
For us, the great North Eastern pride and our Mogganaut!!!! 

Ending note: Let's not mention whose that last boss there. It will only murky the waters. Whatever it means to anyone anyway. -.-'

SG Terminology:
Kao-beh, kao-bu=To complain non-stop. i.e. Cry father, cry mother in literal terms. Hokkien dialect is bad for the kids.
Kelong=a rigged result.
Cui=crushed/collapsed/unable to make the mark.