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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Four Lives, Four Seasons

b/c I might be high on something. Or perhaps way too tired to do anything else. x.x
Anyway, this is just something that I've tried messing around with. Yes I know ppl will go wth over this fail job, but... meh, just screw it. I don't profess myself to be poet anyway. -.-'

Borne from the warmth shall blossoms bloom
Songs of birds herald the rebirth new
The oaken fort regains the strength of old
Foxes boast forth tales of guile
Scamper the hares through shimmering shrubs
Three months passed and an old chapter done

The glaring sun roars out passion felt
Heat within the sinews the hunters sing
  One day's kill, three days full.
Venison upon the spit strong brews flow
Gravies savored and tankards drained
Three months passed and an old chapter done

Leaves of gold laid their rest
Moments of waltz and nothing more
Harvest the fruits lest one hunger
The hawks shrieked their joy as blood tasted
Woe is at hand for slumber nears
Three months passed and an old chapter done

That which is dreaded has sound the horn
Cloaks of white bowed to emptiness' call
Shut the doors and lit the hearth
Care not the hunt wrought by wolves
A chilling bite yet hope not lost
Three months passed and a new chapter sung