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Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Phase 3

Integrity, Thy Name is Zhao Zilong

Chapter 1:


Back where the First Lord was defeated, someone stated that Zhao Yun had gone north. Liu Bei responded with these words as he threw forth a hand halberd: "Zilong will never abandon me!" Soon after, Yun arrived.
(Tales of Zhao Yun)

Note: Zhao Yun earned his right as the first person being granted a General's rank by Liu Bei himself. I'm not lying on this end.

Moral of the story: Liu Bei, you lucky asshole... 

Chapter 2:

从平江南,以为偏将军,领桂阳太守,代赵范。范寡嫂曰樊氏,有国色,范欲以配云。云辞曰:“相与同姓,卿兄犹我兄。”固辞不许。时有人劝云纳之,云曰:“范迫降耳,心未可测;天下女不少。”遂不取。范果逃走, 云无纤介。

Upon conquering Jiangnan (i.e. the southern part of Jing Province), Zhao Yun took on the rank of Brigadier General and replacing Zhao Fan as the Grand Administrator of Guiyang. Fan had a widowed sister-in-law by the surname of Fan with unrivaled beauty. Fan attempted to marry her off her to Yun. Yun refused, stating: "We're of the same surname, your brother is akin to that of my own as well." At that point of time, there were those advising him to take up the offer. Yun replied: "Fan was forced to surrender, his heart yet to be proven; besides, there are countless women abound, there's no need for haste." Hence his decision stood firm. Indeed Fan escaped, Yun was left unimplicated. 
(Tales of Zhao Yun)

Moral of the story: It doesn't pay to be hormonal. Even if you're holding a major political office. Even though AIDS was just a literal myth unheard of back then. -.-'

Chapter 3:

In the beginning during his battle with Xiahou Dun at Bowang, Zhao Yun captured Xiahou Lan who was childhood friends with Yun. Pleading for his life, Yun recommended Lan as a military judge due to his fairness and knowledge of the law. Yet Yun had never used Lan by his side, such was the extent of his discreet nature. 
(Tales of Zhao Yun)

Moral of the story: Real men never practice nepotism.

Chapter 4: 


When the First Lord entered the Yi Province, Yun assumed the post of The Camp Commandant. At that time, Liu Bei's wife Lady Sun took advantage of her status as Sun Quan's sister as her attendants committed unlawful acts with impunity. The First Lord deemed Yun as serious and meticulous, hence gifting him the exclusive command on internal affairs. (Tales of Zhao Yun)

If you think this is faking, guess again:


Back then, Sun Quan married his younger sister to Liu Bei. Agile in wit and fierce in temperament, she inherited the bearing of her brothers. Her attendants, fully armed, numbered a hundred plus... 
(Account of Fa Zheng)

The background of this excerpt was down to Fa Zheng being far more of a Joey Barton than the real McCoy with his personal enemies. Those lucky enough to stay alive tried to ask Zhuge Liang to step in. However his reply was very simple: Big boss (Liu Bei) is now at Gong An (公安) (i.e. part of Liu Bei's share of the Jing Province) talking business with Sun Quan. Within the same breath, Missie Sun-havoc was mentioned as well aka that lass who played with fire.

Moral of the story: Liu Bei, you're a failure... (“近则惧孙夫人生变于肘腋之下”) -.-'

Final Chapter:


The General of Military Affairs Zhuge Liang, The General who Clear the Enemies and the Marquis of Hanshou Guan Yu, The General who Conquered the Barbarians and New Marquis Zhang Fei, The General who Conquered the West Huang Zhong, The General who Defend the Far Lai Gong, The General who Spread the Might Fa Zheng, The General of Prosperity Li Yan and the rest of us numbering a hundred and twenty are privy to speak our words... 
(Account of the First Lord)

A lot of people liked to use the hundred and twenty list as justification to say Zhao Yun was merely a nobody. Why? They said the hundred twenty were those slated to be promoted after Liu Bei became the Lord of Hanzhong. (一百二十人功名表)Outright bullshit. Again idiots trying to put words into Chen Shou's mouth. The above statement was actually a petition to the puppet emperor during that time to bestow the said title to Liu Bei. That's all. 

The greatest whammy of them all? Zhao Yun wasn't part of the hundred and twenty gangbang. (not in THAT kind of context. One word, more than one meaning. This is proper English. Go figure.)

Moral of the story: Now let's hear the trolls wail in despair. Its their only right as human beings. :D


This is where controversy 1 sets in. Simply put, critics pointed out that Tales of Zhao Yun was merely an account of the person himself written by his own clansmen. My sniper bullet for such people?


He who Conquered the South is benevolent and prudent.

This is part of Yang Xi's praise (杨戏季汉辅臣赞)to Zhao Yun (The General who Conquered the South; 征南将军) recorded in the final Book of Shu. (i.e. part of the official history).