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Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Phase GAR: 2 (aka the greatest anti-trolling WMD ever?)

“下江阳者,非子龙莫当耳。” ~ 诸葛亮。孔明
Eh, very lagi hard to get a decent pic on JP ACGs leh. -.-'

"Only Zilong can undertake the task in conquering Jiangyang." ~Zhuge Liang. Kongming

The greatest weapon coming from the trolls has always been that one ammo called Battle of the Yi Province. (益州之战) Well NOT anymore. If these fellas think they've prepared a barrage of Scud missiles, they will be shocked.



(Zhuge) Liang led Yun, Zhang Fei and the rest westbound by the river... unto Jiangzhou, Yun was assigned to reach Jiangyang via the outer boundaries of the river and met up with Liang at Chengdu. 
(Original Account of Zhao Yun)

"With tens of thousand, Zhang Yide has taken Badong, entered Jianwei, conquered Zizhong, Deyang...Yufu and the Pass have always been the gates to fortune and woe." 
(Account of Fa Zheng)

Analysis: Apparently, that devil in red called Fa Zheng was pulling off a WMD level mind game since Zhao Yun was the one taking down Jianwei and Zizhong. Anyone with a decent knowledge on the geography during that era can AND will tell you that the only way to Jianwei and Zizhong is Jiangyang. Simply put, people tend to dumb down Liu Zhang (i.e. The Governor of the Yi Province at that time), but still one has to wonder why it took one Liu Bei to cause his downfall where in fact his little empire has always been safe from invasion. As per stated by Fa Zheng, Yufu and Jiangyang have always been the key areas of defence at the eastern border and southern reach respectively. Deyang was a different case since its part of the provincial inland, but still logic would still dictate that only by taking down the aforementioned two areas can the forces proceed inwards. 
(Note: The Yi province has always been that of a basin landscape. Which was why Liu Zhang could survive unto now.)  

Interestingly enough, its actually stated that Zhao Yun has to go via the outer river boundaries. But if he was to go all the way, the only sign would be that of trouble. (Read: High ground invaded by an angry people. No prizes for guessing why.) In addition, Jiangyang was the southern "tail" of the Yangtze River line with Badong being the eastern "head". Jiangzhou on the other hand would be seen as the central "torso". Simply put, Jiangyang's strategic importance lies in the defence backup in conjunction with the inland forces of Jianwei. And if we're to consider the possibility of minority revolt coming from Nanzhong... Of course Ethan Hunt might have a shot provided the Grand Administrator in question was a half baked fool. Unfortunately though...


~ 赞程季然 ~

季然名畿,巴西阆中人也。刘璋时为汉昌长。县有賨人,种类刚猛,昔高祖以定关中。巴西太守庞羲以天下扰乱,郡宜有武卫,颇招合部曲。有谗于璋, 说羲欲叛者,璋阴疑之。羲闻,甚惧,将谋自守,遣畿子郁宣旨,索兵自助。畿报曰:“郡合部曲,本不为叛,虽有交构,要在尽诚;若必以惧,遂怀异志,非畿之所闻。”并敕郁曰:“我受州恩,当为州牧尽节。汝为郡吏,当为太守效力,不得以吾故有异志也。”羲使人告畿曰:“尔子在郡,不从太守,家将及祸!”畿曰: “昔乐羊为将,饮子之羹,非父子无恩,大义然也。今虽复羹子,吾必饮之。”羲知畿必不为己,厚陈谢于璋以致无咎。璋闻之,迁畿江阳太守。先主领益州牧,辟为从事祭酒。后随先主征吴,遇大军败绩,溯江而还,或告之曰:“后追已至,解船轻去,乃可以免。”畿曰:“吾在军,未曾为敌走,况从天子而见危哉!”追人遂及畿船,畿身执戟战,敌船有覆者。众大至,共击之,乃死。 
(三国志/卷45 。蜀书十五)

O' Jiangyang most fiery
A man of noble character
Rallying against the enemies
Never to yield
Alone in battle
Death on the frontlines

~ In praise of Cheng Jiran ~

Jiran, named Ji. A native of Baxi Langzhong, Chief of Hanchang during Liu Zhang's reign. Within the area resided the Cong tribes who allied themselves with Gaozu (Liu Bang) during his war on Guanzhong and were renowned for their fierce nature. The Grand Admnistrator of Baxi, Pang Xi was inclined to gather the troops in the name of necessity due to civil unrest. Rumors framing Xi for attempted treason reached Liu Zhang's ears that ended up in his suspicions. Upon hearing the news, Xi panicked and tried to find a way to save himself. Sending Ji's son Yu to dispatch his orders, he tried to gather forces to his cause.

Ji stated: "Its only natural for the counties to combine the military. Even though with organization, all must be done in honesty. If fear is necessary and disloyalty its very fruits, then this will be something I've never heard of."

Hence he instructed his son, "I'm indebted to this province, hence I must devote my cause to its ruler. As an official of the county, you must give your all for the Grand Administrator without any second intentions due to me." In the end, Xi sent his men to Ji saying, "Your son is at the county, yet you dare to disobey me! Woe will befall your clan!"

Ji replied, "When Yue Yang supped the stew cooked from his son's flesh, its not down to callousness but for the sake of greater loyalty. Even though my son will face the same fate, I will still consume it."

Knowing Ji's integrity, Xi managed to avoid reprisal from Zhang when he paid personal penance to the fullest. When learned of the truth, Zhang promoted Ji to the Grand Administrator of Jiangyang. Upon assuming the Governor of the Yi Province, Liu Bei made Ji a Chief of Attendants. During the massive defeat in the campaign against Wu together with the First Lord, someone urged him, "Abandon ship and flee! For the enemy forces are nearing!"

Hence Ji's words: "At times of war, I have never escaped, let alone in the face of danger our lord is facing now!"

As the enemies closed onto Ji's vessel, he made his final stand. Halberd(!) in hand, numbers of the enemy were slain(!!!!). Eventually mobbed, he died a valiant death upon attacked on all fronts. 
(Records of the Three Kingdoms/Chapter 45. The Fifteenth Book of Shu)

Note: A Grand Administrator is the highest ruler within a county. An Attendant will always be in charge of the relevant portfolios/ministry within the government rather than just a mere local authority. A Chief Attendant would be the head of any specific number of Attendants. Go figure, guys.

Moral of the story:  Facts at times can be far more badass than fiction.

Case in point: