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Thursday, 24 May 2012

Phase GAR: 1


"Its not a mistake... Zihe, who is the warrior before my eyes? The world is vast, yet Xuande had wings of a dragon by his side?" ~ Cao Cao.Mengde

How to impress your boss: Part 2


Upon being pursued by Duke Cao unto Dangyang Changban, Liu Bei was forced to abandon his wife as he fled south. Yun cradled the son of his lord, known as the Latter Lord, while protecting Lady Gan, who was the Latter Lord's mother, from harm. As the result, he was promoted to the General of the Standard.
(Original Account of Zhao Yun)

仁弟纯,纯字子和。从征荆州,追刘备于长坂,获其二女辎重,收其散卒。 魏书曰: 纯所督虎豹骑,皆天下骁锐,或从百人将补之,太祖难其帅。纯以选为督,抚循甚得人心。及卒,有司白选代,太祖曰:“纯之比,何可复得!吾独不中督邪?”遂不选。 

Ren's brother Chun, styled Zihe. During the conquest of the Jing Province, he chased Liu Bei unto Changban where he managed to capture his two daughters together with the scattered soldiers. Book of Wei: The Panthera Cavalry under Chun were renown for their valour. Taizu (Cao Cao) had trouble choosing a person to lead these elite where one of their own could only be picked out of a hundred. Chun was chosen in the end where his gentle yet no-nonsense character managed to win the hearts of all. Upon his death and subsequent search for a successor, Taizu said, "The likes of Chun is irreplaceable! Now only I am left to lead by merit!" Hence, the decision to cut off the search. 
(Account of Cao Ren; Account of Cao Chun's life)

Double confirmed: Cao Chun=Badass. Zhao Yun=GAR.

Further evidence on the Cold Hard Truth:


Unto Dangyang with masses numbering hundreds of thousands, the journey could only progress a mere ten plus miles with baggage weighing a few thousand catties... 
(Account of The First Lord)

Note on the above excerpt: The insanity at Changban only consisted of an elite cavalry numbering 5000 if we're talking about Cao Wei's end. Yet to imagine those guys going 300+ liover a day and night... now I finally know the origins of the Ferrari logo. O.O