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Sunday, 27 May 2012

Phase GAR: Finale

“杀千刀的。。。贼国蜀汉本应可取之。。。” ~曹真。子丹
"Curse them all... We should have taken down the lands of Shu Han..." ~Cao Zhen. Zidan

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Fifth year (of Jianxing). Yun followed Zhuge Liang unto Hanzhong. The following year, Liand raised his army and declared an invasion via Xie Valley. Cao Zhen sent his men in response, Liang attacked via Mount Qi  with Yun and Deng Zhi under the orders to repel the enemies. Alas Yun and Zhi's soldiers are weak compared to the enemy troops, hence losing the fight at the Ji Valley. However via regrouping and mounting a stubborn defence, a catastrophe was avoided.
(Orignal Account of Zhao Yun)

Analysis: Remember what I've said in the previous part? That only Chencang and Xie Valley are the key routes to Hanzhong? Somehow or another, things went wrong here. So now comes the big question: How did everything get salvaged in the end?



Hence causing disobedience of orders at Jieting and the defeat at Ji Valley due to lack of caution... Indeed I have a poor eye for the appropriate people... [The forces at Mount Qi and Ji Valley far outweighed the enemy. To be defeated and not defeat, its not down to a lack of numbers but rather that one person.]
(Account of Zhuge Liang with annotations from the [Annals of Han and Jin])

Back then, when Zhao Zilong had retreated, he destroyed the bridge north of Chiya as the fires raged across a li of hundred plus... At that time Zhao Zilong and Deng Bomiao (Zhi) were stationed at the fields (for military agriculture) and the entrance respectively, yet Yun was far from Bomiao.
(Letters to beloved Brother Jin)

Analysis: Part 1 was actually Zhuge Liang's account to Liu Shan in terms of the debacle at Jieting. As it turns out, Zhao Yun's forces were meant as decoys. But a lot of trolls failed to mention (or even remember) that the decoy soldiers suck. Plainly. So now comes the biggest question of them all. Who should be blamed? In the accounts, Zhuge Liang stated that the fault lies in one man, but its not Zhao Yun. Or even Deng Zhi for that manner. The main forces were at the enemy territory of Longxi. (陇西) Which was pretty far flung to the west from Hanzhong to be honest. The key area has always been Jieting. Simply put, Ma Su lost the plot. (马谡失街亭) 

Part 2 is all about what went wrong at Zhao Yun's end. Simply put, if the first part indicated the process of retreat, then the latter part is all about Deng Zhi and his commander in chief outdistanced from each other. Simply put, Zhao Yun was in charge of overseeing the military agriculture while the other was stationed at the entrance. To effectively deploy the dummy troops, its strategically logical to say that Ji Valley was extremely near to the Hanzhong borders. In fact Chiya was indeed situated within that area. (Note: Exact location of Ji Valley has yet to be known. I'm speaking this via military commonsense.) So its a deployment problem coming from Kongming. i.e. he's the one in charge of task delegation for crying out loud! Now remember what I've said on Xie Valley and Chencang being the key routes in the previous post? Yet its still possible for Cao Zhen to launch a sneak attack via other routes that will otherwise be impossible to move an army. (Read: A small number of elite troops will do the trick while organizing the main troops can be intended as diversionary.) [凡战者,以正合,以奇胜。。。奇正之变,不可胜穷也。《孙子兵法:兵势第五》]

Romance of the Three Kingdoms = Truth or Lies







Cao Zhen, styled Zidan, part of Taizu's clan... Often hunting, he was pursued by a tiger. Upon a single shot, the beast was felled. Seeing the bravery in him, Taizu made him a leader within the Panthera Cavalry,

Leading his forces as a Brigadier General, he defeated Liu Bei's general upon Xiabian. Upon routing the enemy, he was made General of the Middle Fort. Unto Chang An, he was made Commander of the Central Army. At first when Xiahou Yuan was killed at Yangping, Taizu was worried. As the Army Protector who Conquered Shu, he supervised Xu Huang and the rest in defeating Liu Bei's general Gao Xiang at Yangping.

Upon Ming Emperor's ascension... was promoted to the Grand General.

As citizens of Anding led by Yang Tiao held fort in the city of Yuezhi, Zhen deployed his army to surround them. Tiao told all before him, "I have intended to surrender ever since news of the Grand General's arrival." Hence binding himself in front of the gates.

Zhen assumed Liang to attack via Chencang upon his earlier defeat at Mout Qi. Hence he deployed Hao Zhao, Wang Sheng to defend Chencang and maintain order from within. Upon the following Spring, Liang indeed laid siege on Chencang yet foiled due to preparations beforehand.
(Account of Cao Zhen)

Analysis Part 1: Headshot the tiger=Badass. Being drafted to the highest elite forces as a leader=3x badass.

Part 2: Liu Bei got owned twice in a row+Commanding your central military operations+Bossing the likes of Xu Huang=Profound Badness.

Part 3: Highest ranked in the Cao Wei military hierarchy=Baddest proof of a S.O.B.

Part 4: Post-Jieting=Its good to be bad.

Part 5: Zhuge Liang got owned. The novels are lying after all! O_O

Conclusion: Truth to be spoken, Longxi has yet to be 100% secured upon Jieting just being taken. Hanzhong on the other hand has always been the natural fortress preventing invasions coming from the Wei faction. Simply put, Zhao Yun saved Shu Han. 

Moral of the story: This is how you lose a fight. Constructively.