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Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Phase 1


How to impress your boss: Part 1


云身长八尺,姿颜雄伟,为本郡所举,将义从吏兵诣公孙瓒。时袁绍称冀州牧,瓒深忧州人之从绍也,善云来附,嘲云曰:“闻贵州人皆原袁氏,君何独回心,迷而能 反乎?”云答曰:“天下讻讻,未知孰是,民有倒县之厄,鄙州论议,从仁政所在,不为忽袁公私明将军也。”遂与瓒征讨。

Zhao Yun, styled Zilong; a native of Changshan Zhending. Originally a vassal of Gongsun Zan. When Zan sent the First Lord as Tian Kai's reinforcements against Yuan Shao, Yun followed suit as Liu Bei's chief cavalry. 
(Zhao Yun's Original Account)

Yun was eight foot tall with majestic features. Nominated by his people, he led the local volunteers to pledge their loyalty to Gongsun Zan. At that time, Yuan Shao was declared as the Governor of the Ji Province, hence Zan was deeply worried that the people would follow Shao. Yun's coming was deeply welcomed by Zan as he teased Yun: "I heard that your people have pledged their hearts to the Yuan clan, yet why is it that you can turn from their erroneous ways?" Hence Yun answered: "The country is in turmoil with none knowing who to turn to. The people are in danger of losing their homes and hence its my people's desire to follow the truly benevolent rather than any personal bias." Hence his life of battle alongside Zan. 
(Tales of Zhao Yun)

Analysis: Height 1.80m with majestic features. Bluntly put, he's the kind of fella who will make girls swoon and quite frankly... he's badass. Secondly, he's a good talker. The Han dynasty has always pride itself in all things benevolence on the social scale. (Nevermind how clueless the  suck-thumb kid turned out to be) In fact in order to unify the chaos back then, benevolence could be seen as outright effective upon the most ridiculous scale 10 out of 10 times. And to top things off, he ended up being part of his big boss' men straightaway. Now let's get this clear: Gongsun Zan was a military talent during his time. The fact that he could just off scores of Xianbei cavalry with a mere few scores of light cavalry is just too... O_o 

So is it any wonder that he ended up as Liu Bei's chief cavalry? The peeps residing in Northern China at that time were pretty much good in what they're supposedly good at. Read: Cavalry warfare. The only catch? The all-too-famous three amigos also came from that part. 

So maybe let us just do a very simple brainwork of simple English. Liu Bei=big bro, the rest=mounted Rambo x3. See? Its really THAT simple. We don't have to put words into Chen Shou's mouth just because we want to say Zhao Yun=Bodyguard. (More on that stupidity later on. And I'm NOT bluffing when I say there are truly such morons running amok in the internet)

And lastly, Liu Bei was only there as reinforcement. Tian Kai at that time has far more military might than Liu Bei himself given the fact that he's the Envoy of the Qing Province.(青州刺史)
Note: Provincial envoys at that time were second only to their respective provincial governors. (州牧)


When Liu Bei took refuge under Zan, he treated Yun with respect with the respect due returned. When his older brother passed away, he bade farewell to Zan. The First Lord knew Yun's mind was made up as he caught hold of his hand. "I will never betray your kindness and trust" With those words, Yun left. (Tales of Zhao Yun)

Analysis: Liu Bei's life as a loanee started here. (刘备借赵云,一借不还) Not the popular fiasco called that Jing Province. (刘备借荆州,一借不还) 

Another logic - If your boss is inept, you're free to bail out. That's the universal rule during the Interesting Times . Apparently, Gongsun Zan=loser. I'm not lying on this end. If Chen Shou can condemn you, we know there's something problematic somewhere, somehow.  

Case in point: He never showed any mercy in his words pertaining to Guan Yu, Zhang Fei and Ma Chao in my previous posting. (Yes, THAT Ma Chao for those still in denial. Fan girls of all things Koei, you can cry your hearts out now. O.O)