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Thursday, 14 June 2012

Crisis come Amsterdam and all things Group mati?

We all know the common joke where Amsterdam is associated with hamsters. Not so funny within the Euros context tho. Now let me just say that the Dutch screwed the Dutch. When I saw how Gomez scored his 2 wonder goals (and I'm being srs here), the number 1 question is: Did Low issue his own hairdryer?

Question 2: What are the back 4 smoking prior to kick off?

Answer for case 1 at least should be a resounding "Yes".

imo there's nothing wrong with the attack. In fact there's very little separating the two in the course of 90 mins full time. Albeit plonking Van der Vaart and Huntelaar far earlier should be seen as a message of intent. So how should I see the Oranje farce? Maybe the word "fiasco" will be far more apt. The game plan was quite clear cut right from the start. On the first glance, both were playing 4-2-3-1. Yet given Robben's versatility and Afellay's talent, Bert would have two extremely dangerous blokes who can just cut inwards and create chaos. RVP? Well, if there's any occasion where he should be counted, it's this very match. Ironic given how the match panned out. The Germans? Well they have pretty much equalised on the line-ups here. But that's NOT the problem. The problem lies in what Mogga has always said. That you can still easily chase the match 1-0 down, but not 2-0 struggling. Its a real shame that our Gaffer's words should deserve far more media credit beyond the good ol' North East itself.

But okay I've digressed here. Maybe I should ask some srs questions on the defenders' positioning. Goal no 1 was down to why the flanking two failed to close Gomez down where in fact Milan Baros could have done that easily should he be a center back. Second goal (which is the dumber of the two) is all abt what the hell is that fella out wide smoking? Letting a high caliber player ghosting past you static-mode is no excuse. We're not talking abt football played in Mt Akina. We're NOT even talking abt whether the Dutch team have their own version of Fujiwara Takumi minus that Toyota Trueno AE86.

So enough abt the ranting. After all, it's pretty much apparent that the only prob lies in the defence. How Portugal is gonna play will hinge heavily on whether the Dutch can deliver this final hurrah unless the Danes can find their way to the German bunker. >.<

Simply put, every team still have a chance. If there's anything to go by for Holland itself, they can opt to go off all guns blazing. At least worst come to worst, they will still leave with their pride intact. They're not the English. That's one thing for sure.

Case in point: Iskander was deeply respected by Gilgamesh in Fate/Zero even tho Gil won. The fact that Bro-skander was totally defeated come the end didn't do a dime of discount where Gil's respect was earned upon merit. (Take note guys: Gil is the most arrogant S.O.B in the entire Fateverse. Or maybe even the entire Nasuverse itself. Nasu has stated that he could have won the final Grail War within a few days of asking if he's truly srs. O.O So much for the whole "I am the bone of my sword...")

And speaking of the Danes and Germans, my advice to the Krauts is this: Do NOT think that everything is in your bag. Germany will do well not to drop second. (albeit a two goal loss margin will be the greatest scandal in all things buttmonkey for the English)  So assuming they top the group, maybe Jogi needs to obtain some random vids on Maradona himself. No prizes for asking why. If you think plaudits offered to Argentina last time round were fully deserved, then you deserve to be dunked straight into the Kallang River. Oreo cookie mode no less. Period. :S

To the Danes, they really have a lot to lose here. If the Dutch can say "okay, let's play", then Morten Olsen's take will be "we play or to be played". In fact, Egon Olsen might have been busted for good at this point of time for all we know. But is there a weak link for the Danes to exploit barring the three woobies at the back? Maybe it's high time for the Roligans to start their biggest campaign in recent years. Just don't ask me whether Swedish girls are hotter than the Danish chicks b/c I don't subscribe FHM. :S