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Sunday, 17 June 2012


Poland vs Czechs: Poleaxe, thy name is *bleep*

I hope I'm not seeing thinga. srsly Polanski swearing? That he might have invoked "kick their asses"? Well, maybe it won't sound so bad since we've got Rooney swearing in front of the cameraman for no reason other than getting super high. (And I can't blame him srsly b/c the press would always say "OMG! WAZZA A PATRIOT!!!" But still I'll say "good job!" if he managed to repeat it again. b/c it's West Ham. Period.) So now comes the most simple question: Is it abt drumming up the support? Well maybe let's see things this way: The blokes at The Den ain't normal. Just ask Mogga. He knew it all. So try to do the most simple maths and multiply the the whole deal like by a million times over. That's how harrowing things will get for the Czechs. In fact for all we know, they will NOT bay for their lads' blood barring a 0-0 deadlock. Or trailing by a goal or two. And within 30 mins remaining or so. So how are the Czechs gonna play their game? Very simple, keep it quiet, keep it simple, keep it boring. Simply put, just park all the guys behind the ball. Am I an advocate for shit football? Sorry, I'm no Eric Cantona. I'm just a poor SG cheena, not a French kungfu "au revoir" artist. If they can unnerve the fans post 1st half, then "May you live in The Interesting Times".

Simply put, 4-2-3-1 vs 4-2-3-1=Trolls are made to bore. Unless your IQ can't really measure up.

Greece vs Russia: WTF IS THAT???? (read: 4-3-3 vs 4-3-3)

Legacy 2004=epic fail? Apparently, doing a 4-3-3 and calling your guys to play a human fort ain't the best idea. Poland nearly kicked their kiesters, the Czechs ain't so charitable let alone hitting that social-welfare mode. The Greeks have nothing to play and quite obviously, they will return with eggs on their faces. Or to be far more accurate upon arrival. Russia will do well not to say lulz. Greece is no Holland. It's not a given that Fate will still throw dice for them. Or rather Fate has jumped ship on the Greeks. So w/o any shackles, will they come out like a bunch of war-starved Spartans? Don't write them off. If they can only play for pride, you can be very sure that it's either "the ball or the lynch mob". As for Russia, I've highlighted the danger guy, so nothing more to add. Barring the new starlets whom we all should know by now. But still...

No Arshavin=no link-up=Arsejob. Period.

P.S: No point for me to add in the Polish end now. Yahoo! SG made sure of that. @_@