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Thursday, 21 June 2012

Pre-match: Quarters 1

Czech Republic vs Portugal ... CR vs CR? My best guess for the Cezchs might be Plasil, but I'm tempted to say Pilar. Yet where Rosicky has wobbled like a jelly so far, Plasil has managed to plug the jello gap. In fact given the entire 4-2-3-1 formation used by the Nároďák, it's pretty much beguiling to think that he's there to make up the numbers. Take note guys: With Baros upfront while Rosicky, Pilar and Jiracek are lurking behind, what is Plasil gonna do? Very simple. Bluff deployment. By dropping him in deeper, Bilek can free this guy up under proper positioning from the rest of his team. Granted he can't run himself into the ground, but still imo the Czechs have always played a tactical up-yours in this Euro so far. Bilek knows his team can't play garang (i.e. fierce in Malay), but they can play pandai (Malay for clever). To me, that's the reason why they can defy the cynics and critics them all.

Portugal? It's a no brainer. Bento is gunning for an attacking formation here. There's no way out. His charges have the energy, the Slavic Lions have the guile. If the Armada needs to win this match, not only the crew must make themselves count, but above all Bento must rally the call as the fleet captain. imo the key battle for the Armada lies NOT in CR, but rather the speed of reaction upon where the team can rally. As I've said, Bento has to go aggro. If the Cezchs break out of their dens, it's not really GG. Not yet. It really depends on the middle third. More specifically how Bento is gonna rally his outfield players within the middle park. In order to ensure such a possibility to happen, the key man must be an able midfield general who can rally his amigos in time. Joao Moutinho? Don't bank against it. If Bento opt to plonk him as the holding mid, I won't be that surprised. Yes, CR fangirls are gonna crucify me on spot, but srsly who cares abt one star player where in fact it's the team that matters?

P.S: Sandro Rosell did say something abt 11 Barca blokes on the field. Now get this clear, guys: I'm a Barca fan. I understand this kind of pantat (Malay for backside) poking. Interestingly enough, it may invite further trouble due to Pep's replacement. Nothing wrong until the fat lady sings. But still...

Moral of the story: 
Portuguese=orang sombong. 
(Again Malay lingo. Best of luck in cracking the Melayu Code)