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Sunday, 3 June 2012

Final Fight=Far more badass than Ryu and co? Part 2: Guy

Note: Have to update this because a dick's hand has been slapped into my face. For some funny reason, the vid links went dead because a poor sod has to remove his YouTube account. :(

Okay, first things first: this will be the final part of my Final Fight analysis. Yes, I could have included Haggar as well, but the greatest monkey lies in him not appearing in any mainstream canon games (i.e. Street Fighter series). Simply put, there's very little I can work on. In fact if not for SSF4, I truly doubt I would end up doing this 2 part post. -.-'

Again, anything official comes from the SF plot guide done by Vasili, Tiamat, Saiki and some other blokes who have too much free time in their hands. (Hey! Who am I kidding here? :S)

Just a few things deemed as official for Guy:

1. His Zero 2 ending is 100% canon. Whether it truly entails Zeku getting offed as a result is still pretty much hazy. The plot guide stated that he nvr died, yet come the later versions, statement got backtracked and Zeku croaked as the result. All I can say here is this: Damn you Capcom for all that chopping and changing! Is Rafa Benitez your big boss? >.<

2. His Zero 3 ending IS canon as well. Apparently, All About Capcom has confirmed this via a special note/mention. Not that Capcom really said anything prior to AAC's release anyway. -.-

3. Rose's Zero 3 ending is canon. We all know that. How it tied into Guy's Zero 3 ending, we can only speculate. But then again, I truly doubt it should be seen as a long shot that Guy's Zero 3 ending actually took place post Zero 3 era. (Very likely the timeline gap in between Zero 3 and Final Fight 3 if there's anything to go via the dialogue for the latter.)

4. Combined the above two and you'll get a very rare BSOD moment where all things SF are concerned. Note: And to be fair, the SF canon sucks in terms of having one dimensional characters 99% of the time. 2nd Note: Not that Guy is the only rare bloke anyway. Cody got shafted the worst just for getting to jail as a fallen hero.

5. His ending in SSF4 is canon since it actually tied into Rose's SF4 and SSF4 ending. Plus his presence was needed to make Cody's storyline legit as well anyway. THAT IS unless Ono's intention was to bullshit the entire fanbase in a manner far worst possible. Pls, we're still trying to grapple with that SF X Tekken debacle. Period. :S

So now with everything out of the way, let's just talk quite a bit about Bushinryuu since that's the core of Guy's character (Not to mention his Heroic BSOD moment in the Zero 3 ending). Interestingly enough, very little was stated abt this fighting style. But if there's anything to go via the mooks, Bushinryuu might be really badass. Truly badass. On the first glance, it's an art of fighting nearing outright extinction. Yet why was Guy able to knock out random goons from the Mad Gear all around? (And take note that goons in the MG context=/=Goons in the everyday anime/manga. Cody's winning quote against Fei Long confirmed this just as much) Perhaps the greatest hint would come from his final sparring match with Zeku prior to the Final Fight story.

Just a little breakdown on his past here: You can call him a juvenile delinquent, ppl knowing him can call him an outright asshole. But still the fact remains that Guy in his tweenage years was, erm... well, an asshole lol! This is no joke btw. The mook from Gamest (if I remember correctly. You guys have to refer straight into the SF plot guide srsly. Might be Famitsu for all I know. :S) has stated that Zeku knew the predicament Bushinryu was facing, blah, blah blah.... and by a weird streak of shit happening, he saw Guy from a distance, KO'ed a bunch of goons having some beef with the kid and VOILA! Future 39th Bushinryuu Master was born.

If there's anything to go by via connecting the dots, I suspect the problem faced by Bushinryuu wasn't down to the standards getting nerfed big time. But rather a lot of things have been iron-cast ala theory mode, that every single movement and strike has to be dictated by the manual/by-the-book rules. In fact Zeku would have realized it, yet there's nothing much he could do abt it srsly.

To him, he just didn't have that talent to make the impossible truly possible. Which is why when Guy pulled off that by-the-book attack (otherwise known as Bushin Hassouken, half assed ver), Zeku was able to counter it like-for-like without breaking a sweat. In fact if there's anything to go by in Guy's Zero 2 ending, the "inner power" stated could be just this: Effervescence at its very finest. That everything was all abt adapting according to the situation/opponent at hand. Whatever learnt in-manual should be only part of the resources rather than the ONLY resource itself.

Note: I dunno wtf Capcom were smoking when they implied Bushinryuu to be an art reduced to mere dancing while at the same time ALSO implying that said Bushinryuu was basically all things ninjutsu.

One interesting bugbear tho: Whereas Guy was stated to be the 39th Master of Bushinryuu, this very title was only applicable to the Ninjutsu clan. By SSF4, he's been declared 57th Master of Bushinryuu Ninpo (clan). Wow, so much for inter-clan politics. -.-'

On Zero 3, nothing much of a hoo-ha barring the ending. Yet why I say its a moment of screwed-up revelation is this: Duty>>>>Everything else. In a very funny sense, we're seeing a Capcom mirror of this. Whether Rose would have anything to do with this remains unknown, but guess the possibility is there anyway.

SSF4, now that's the most interesting part. Apparently, Guy has gone 120% detached mode. That unlike moments like this, he has gone like this. Apparently, we can say Guy has gone philosophical 10000x over. In fact when he said "the heroes of this city vanished one by one", for all we know it could be due to ppl like him, him, her and her moving on with life. (Not that Capcom would have cared for Final Fight post FF3 anyway. Including Haggar as well. :S)

Hence comes the most interesting part: Why this happen?

Standoff with Vega? I would have gone "Capcom's lulz!" if not for the very fact that Rose's ending (SF4 and SSF4 are directly linked under the same event) was 100% legit. But since the truth is alrdy out there, all I can say is that Vega couldn't afford to clash head-on with Guy. In fact he could have obliterated Guy on the spot if he wants to. (read: the theory that Vega only gave Rose up as something unimportant is merely a stupid talk given Vega's egoistical persona.) So yeah, again Bushinryuu=Counter Guardian, Capcom ver?

Perhaps even the rest of the SF cast knew it by now. Or rather the fame called Bushinryuu. You don't get to have specific winning quotes highlighting Bushinryuu out by name. LOL in fact even Ansatsuken (which is more of a fighting philosophy practiced by the likes of Gen and Gouki with Ryu, Ken and co learning the nerfed ver) ain't mentioned. While there might be other fighting styles being mentioned, they're NOT being stated along the same breath with Bushinryu, be it respect or the number of times stated. Maybe the best evidence hinting to such comes from Shin Oni (Note that while he's virtually non-canon, his individual winning quotes are still seen as legit, character wise. Ditto for Evil Ryu as well).

Bushinryu will fade with the rest of this diseased world.

P.S: Apparently if you're Cody or Rose, Guy will still hit emotional mode. Especially Rose. And that despite Capcom yet to do anything they're famous for when it comes to his current status. i.e. his fiancee. -.-'

Note: will only up the SFZ3 theme b/c Guy's SSF4 theme sucks in comparison.

Potential shipping (bullshit)

Guy x Ibuki:
This is far more of a fanbase bullshitting, i.e. not my pasal, due to a certain demand for ninja pr0n... -_-

Guy x Lucia Morgan:
Final Fight 3 pairing. If not for Capcom showing the finger to FF fans, this would have been a fanbait.

Guy x Asuka Kazama:
'Tis just a freak crossover urge, guys.

Guy x Seung Mina:
(Soul Edge/Calibur)
Because I enjoy trolling all the Korean nationalists still alive.*
*Yes, this IS a joke. Can't take it, too bad.

Guy x Whip:
(The King of Fighters)
Just like the Cody x Leona deal except this is still my most idealistic SF x KOF pairing.

Guy x Rose:
Quite obviously why. No, I'm not lying b/c Capcom has alrdy endorsed this pairing unofficially.