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Saturday, 9 June 2012

Some thoughts ahead of the Slavic civil war...

Okay, barring the fact that both are from East Europe and both used to be a part of USSR before Gorbachev (sp?) officially played the demolition job for good, let's just talk abt my own thoughts in this match while the Poles and Greeks are trolling each other non-stop.

First things first, are the Czechs THAT weak? imo the biggest weak link lies in that they don't really have a go-to guy in the offensive. Even up till now, I still go "Milan Baros=WTF????" Saw the starting line-up. Shit doesn't look good. But that's all folks. It's 4-2-3-1. Pretty unorthodox if you ask me. 4 big blokes, 3 blokes link-up plus 2 blokes breaking up with that last guy upfront. Apparently, no prizes for guessing where I see Baros playing. Now given my own (somewhat hazy) memory of Baros, he used to be a bloody speed demon finisher. But speed isn't the key. He's a finisher. That's all. Which is why I suspect his only viable role will be the lone ranger minus the zany costume ofc. Not that he can do anything much barring that anyway. :S

So now comes the two fellas manning the defence. Now I'll see it as something really interesting. Why? The back 4 should be your last line of defence worst come to worst. Esp the center-backs. For the fullbacks, the front 2 are there to provide cover so that they can go overlap. In fact that's what fullbacks are being paid for anyway. Simply put, the two screens will have to be extremely mobile under the scenario where the Russians end up attacking from the flanks. The greatest lulz? 4-3-3 isn't the kind of wingplay shit on the pitch. Simply put, the fullbacks will be far more vital than what we might think otherwise.

For the Russians, it's their best bet in playing width while the center 3 are there to reinforce the spine of the team. 3 guys forward means Advocaat is trying to go gung-ho on the forward line. imo he won't be THAT baring if not for that one guy whom the Gooners enjoy laughing at. Yes, it's their own guy. Arshavin. But if there's anything to go from what I've seen in the last Euro, he can AND will destroy your entire base. Case in point: Euro 2006. I've forgotten which team, but still that single hand destruction was like... W...T...F... Case in point: The Russians were chanting his name like a national hero ever since Stalin sparked his very own revolution. Altho to be fair Stalin wasn't a saint in any sense of the word. -.-; He DID screw Hitler tho. Okay so I digress here.

So now onto the forward 3. Now if the Czechs want to pull off their own checkmate, this is where the 3 fellas matter the most. The behind 2 are there to break up play, but that's only on paper. The 3 fellas have to do their own fair share as the first line so as to speak. Yet when it comes to linking up, that's where they should really shine. If not, the Czechs will be nailed for good.So who will be the key guy? Ironically, YET another forgotten Gooner. Rosicky. (Wait a sec! Is he still at the Emirates?) So let's get this pretty clear. He's pretty much what Arshavin means to Russia. Yet unlike his counterpart, Rosicky will be playing a far more withdrawn role due to Baros' rep as a finisher. (sorta anyway since I dunno wtf the Czechs are doing on their strikers) If Arshavin can be given a free role, then Rosicky will be the heartbeat of the team. In a very funny sense, it's just like imagining Messi having a go at Xavi on the pitch.

So conclusion between the key guys: Where will I see them play deployment wise? Very simple. If you think Arshavin will be roaming behind, I suspect you might have been tricked. Want this fella to be the spearhead, no prob. Want to drop him back as the actual danger? No issues. Decoy to free up play? Who said it's impossible? But that will mean we shackle little Russia=at least 1/3 battle won. For Rosicky, as long as he doesn't commit himself forward, the other 2 guys behind him can cover his own ass where it will be 2 fellas behind bloke no 3. Baros? pls dun let me state the obvious again. The fact that his first name sounds quite familiar doesn't mean a dime. Period. :S

P.S: If Cech cock up, we can be very sure who to crucify. Full stop. -.-'

Again, a couple of eye candy. b/c me-loser.

P.S: Just to set the record straight, the girl just above is a Czech. Or at least that's what Google search said. -.-'