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Saturday, 2 June 2012

Final Fight=Far more badass than Ryu and co? Part 1: Cody

Note: The names/terms would be used in according to the Japanese context. b/c I really hate the way localization works in the worst case scenario.

Okay, this is NOT for trollage. Simply put, its all abt what I've discovered on all things Final Fight. First things first, trying to pinpoint Mike Haggar's capabilities is really tricky. Like yeah, he and Zangief are rivals, but that's all. Screw the ambiguity called Muscle Bomber. :S

Disclaimer! Anything called the canon sources isn't down to my efforts. Credit should go to Vasili and Tiamat who made the SF plot guide together with guys like Saiki as well.


Just a few statements of truth:

1. He's the one who knocked Belger out of the window in Final Fight 1. OP sequence of FF2 confirmed just as much.

2. Poison framing him for her crimes is speculative at best. Barring the inconceivable called Capcom stating Final Fight Revenge is canon, we can only know that Cody got thrown into jail due to picking up fights and owning wannabe-hobos by random.

3. It's triple confirmed. Donkey ages back as well. Cody CAN smash through a 50 cm thick concrete wall. This was the reason why he's able to jailbreak in his SSF4 intro.

4. Amazingly enough, Zero 3 was a case of dumb luck where Cody just slipped out due to a big-ass prison riot. Case in point: Wall got implicated. -.-'

5. If there's anything to go by from Juni's winning quote against him in Zero 3, he's pretty much of a... wild card I guess. Supposedly his fighting ability hinges greatly on his emotional state. The fact that he's always picking up fights for the thrill seems to reinforce this possibility. Of course given that he's living in Metro City ever since dunno-when, such a quality is a no-brainer in this type of criminal cesspit.

6. Its said that he CAN take hits ridiculously well.

7. He's the one who took down Abigail as well if there's anything to go from the Nintendo DS Final Fight One (Upon playing as Zero Cody. Which is outright absurd srsly since Zero 3 was like 1990 compared to Final Fight 1 taking place in 1987).

8. No talk on Final Fight Streetwise will be done here since we don't even know whether the storyline is legit or not. Yet another FFR clone so as to speak. -.-'

So now let's get onto that one thing: Metro City. How insane is this area? If there's anything to go by via Cody's winning quote against Fei Long, then quite obviously it's an outright hell.

Case in point: Cody only stated Fei Long will be eaten alive in Metro City; nothing was said on the power level.

Simply put, felony knows no honour. Of course he's not the only one messing around with Mad Gear. Guy and Haggar were present as well.

But still being able take down Abigail together with Belger soon afterwards=badass.

And apparently, cops don't like badass vigilantes b/c they can't arrest them bar dirty means. Case in point: Edi.E.

So now let's jump straight into SSF4 since this is the one that matters most. Simply put, out of all the characters' endings, Cody's was the only one that required a direct gimping of Seth (i.e. Guy has NO reason to bullshit anything and Cody affirmed it just as much). Interestingly enough, Blanka's ending required S.I.N to go bust as well. Yet, NO direct references were done in any way or form. Unless you all want to say the news media is reliable. Then I've got nothing to say. -.-'

Juri's ending only requires a beaten Seth while Vega's ending doesn't really make much of a sense since that will mean an outright retcon from his SF4 ending. Or MAYBE Juri's ending shouldn't be legit (Note: Juri was all alone with Seth in her ending while Vega wouldn't hesitate to kill her without a sweat in his ending. Again more canon bullshitting). Interestingly enough, given the timing of Rose's SF4 ending, it's impossible for Vega to incapacitate her first, then leaving off to deal with Seth (i.e. Guy would have bailed her out straightaway. Period). Simply put, nowhere in Vega's ending was Seth being shown getting owned whereas its vice-versa for Cody. Juri's ending required nobody else around while Guy's storyline was actually tied in together with that of Rose and Cody as well.

So how do I see things? Very simple: Cody's ending ---> Juri's ending ----> Blanka's ending (i.e. the aftermath which C.Viper might have a hand in the whole cover-up. Read: She's part of the CIA for crying out loud! Vega's part was just mere bullshitting.)

Potential shipping (bullshit)

Cody x Chunli:
Because SSF4 might have destroyed the hopes of every Ryu-Chun shipper.

Cody x Maki:
My ideal pairing due to the fact that I'm no sucker for sweet romance lol!

Cody x Cammy:
I do this 4 teh lolz...

Cody x Leona Heidern:
(The King of Fighters series)
Believe it or not, my first go at crossover fanfiction is due to release this until I gave up the ghost.

Cody x Lili Rochefort:
Jailbird x Jailbait. Ok, that's a shitty pun.