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Saturday, 23 June 2012

Now let's do some lulz rantings

Crisis in Ukraine? Should the English be laughing? Hold your horses, blokes. Perhaps things ain't that simple cowboy. 
Firstly, let's do a post-mortem on the 2-0 defeat against Sweden. The root cause? If you can't attack, you can't defend. A sucky attack will pressurize the your own third till no end. Period. Apparently, Cabaye IS truly the key man for Les Bleus. Without an efficient outlet to transit the play from defence to attack, such a situation can only be dubbed as a recipe for disaster. Ever imagine La Furia Roja without Xavi? Or the Oranje without Sneijder? It's the ranged DPS Ranger, guys. Sneijder, Xavi and Cabaye... all are 3 in the same mold. Playmakers can NEVER be nurtured or naturally born individually. They MUST be a 50-50 combination of both. The ability to absorb experience is the only key to hone one's on-the-ball vision. Because we're NOT talking about twinkle-toes. We're talking about twinkle-brains. Big Benz has to be forced back deep for a VERY good reason, folks.

And now onto Article 2. My only reaction? Esprit de revanche 2008 and désir de revanche 2010. Now I believe Monsieur Domenech must have been traumatized big time by the above two mutinerie, but still if history can repeat itself, why only now? The cynics have a heyday wagging their tongues over the Oranje implosion, yet one must remember that ol'Bert's situation is totally different from that of Le President himself. The mainstay of Team Oranje are mostly the usual suspects on all things egos. Not so for the new look Les Bleus. When Révolution Française broke out, hell was raised throughout. When Le President ordered the construction of the 23 man guillotine, its actually far more efficient than it's literal cousin. So where's all the hoo-ha, Monsieur? I don't see any here to be fair. 
Case in point: International friendlies are basically useless UNLESS we're talking about gauging the dressing room. Ask Capello if you don't believe my words.

Disclaimer: This post is being written with the aid of online dictionary search. Simply put, I no French speaker. This is me trying to be too clever here. That plus my head is hitting jello-mode now due to that little accident a few days back. Hopefully I can do my customary pre-match lulz rant for tonight's quarters b/c everybody hates Engrand.
Cabaye should have been risked in the first place for the Sweden match? 
Anyone caught saying that deserves the national anthem on all things English football: