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Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Some snippets on tonight's matches

Two matches, I'm gonna have fun with this.

The views here are solely of my own. If you think its so fun in laughing right into the face of conspiracy theorists, then quite obviously you're looking at one. :D

Portugal vs the Danes: Ships vs Ships

If there's anything to go by, Olsen is really damned good in playing mind games. His entire "we no favourites" quote should be engraved into the meme Hall of Fame. In a very real sense, this fella is trying to do the same thing as per what he had done to the Dutch: Deflecting pressure from his team and reflecting the thing back onto his opponents. Seems that Bento might have learnt a thing or two from his Dutch counterpart's failure. Bert nvr said anything last time round, Bento ain't gonna get baited here. Or is it? So far so good, ppl were asking why Postiga and things like that. So is it a given that Bento will start with him? 50-50 call if you ask me. Simply put, if you can't dodge the missile, at least try to block it. Will all the random attention of Bento's "will-he-will-he-not" future be something outright negative? Back then during the Three Kingdoms era, there's one guy who ended up being trolled upon his defection to Cao Wei. ppl started to cook up lies on his family being executed. They failed. Cao Pi tried to troll him ala the "my guys failed LULZ!" attitude And it's far more harrowing than the former case. Result? Cao Pi=I epic fail. If Bento had come across the history of this era, maybe the name Huang Quan wouldn't sound so obscure. But even if he doesn't, silence is golden. We know that, he knows that as well. Just don't ask me whether I can draw up parallels between Olsen and Anthony "Hannibal Lector" Hopkins. :S

Germans vs the Dutch: Can I ask Chris Daughtry to sing that song where we all know everything's all abt "It's Not Over"?

Specifically, the Germans don't have that much of a hoo-ha barring this fella. As per stated by yours truly a few posts before, Low better bark some sense into Gomez. There's NO doubting on his talent as a player. Why he's unable to do the same German job come national jersey is something that even the Bermuda Triangle itself has to stand one side. We can't expect this fella to score once per every eight touches in every given 90 minutes. That's absurd. And Low knew it as well. Can't really say it's a freak, but still I would have far better luck on betting 4D. (Not that I really bet on anything barring whatever going on in the TFF for the last Euro. And even then, post 90% of the ppl bailed out with that Greek (ex) emo being the correct example on how things should be done. Foin, can you re-email me that photo? :S)

And now on the Dutch. If you think the pressure is on them to perform, then too bad. You all might have been bluffed ol' Bert's front. Simply put, is it really that surprising to see the Dutch implode once again? Maybe not if not for a few key factors:

1. No one can play the implosion game like the Dutch. The fact that under ol' Bert, the drama has been killed off doesn't really matter much now. That is until we only get to hear incidents via two fellas instead of letting the dressing room speak for itself. No one need to say anything when it comes to how Capello got sacked, no? Barring the tabloids ofc. >.< If the possibility of mutiny is all too real, then perhaps we should ask ourselves on how a geezer can pull off a Total Recall capable of making Johann Cruyff calling for a crusade.

2. Simply put in RPG terms, 4-2-3-1 is just this: 4 defensive tanks with two waywatchers (cue the Warhammer Wood Elves) plus one ranged DPS ranger, two melee DPS rangers and one lone DPS tank. No prizes for guessing who's going slot no 3. In such a formation, pls don't tell me Van der Vaart being even 10% clueless on how the system works. He's part of the 2-melee-rangers mold. The only prob? We're talking abt Robben and Afellay for all the obvious reasons. Barring something so horrendous like Robben being knocked down by a speeding car decked in Bayern Munich colors or Afellay having to deal with random stoned racists who think he's actually from Pakistan, things ain't gonna change. Van der Vaart is not an idiot. He should know the kind of fate awaiting him right from day one. Ditto for Dirk Kuyt as well since I've yet to conclude which profession class he's really in. And funnily enough, Van der Vaart actually said something along the line of "I'm still a teamster!!!!". Sneijder chose to play the Lawful Neutral when he said 2010 is diff from 2012. One thing he failed to mention though is that it took quite a bit of time to convince the police that wearing shorts isn't the way to go in the next N years running.

3. ol' Bert? He chose to be the snarker. But he's the boss of the team. He knew that the defeat against the Danes could have a negative effect on the entire team. So is it really needed for him to snap like a snapping turtle every now and then? My guess is that unless he's Sir A.Fergie, he's not gonna bail out for free. So is it a bluff? We can only guess. But do not be surprised if the Dutch can kick the German keister.

Case in point: The Dutch team is actually far more stable than the Germans due to the squad they have from 2010 to 2012.