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Friday, 22 June 2012

Lore: Rangers

I don't/can't claim credit for these pictures. It's only a piece of art I pilfered from Google search. Fullstop.
Well, here it is: My very own version of Rangers ala The Known World Version. If the wordings/sentences/grammar seem too juvenile, I apologize. It's more of my own ideas being phrased as such plus my old man can just proceed to mess around with my mind/focus because he enjoys cranking up the volume of his gadgets. -.-'

INTRO: When we talk about Rangers, we immediately think that they are people who live in the wilds and help innocent people in need. While both factors are true to the Rangers within The Known World, such facets are merely secondary compared to what is truly important: namely the oath sworn to protect their niche against any given intruders, be they Mortals or Demons, foolish or with malice. To a Ranger, his/her place of rest is just this: where the wilds rule, there they will be.

INTERACTIONS: Yet even though they make their homes in the wilderness, ultimately a vast extent of experience with civilization will form a major part of their lives. This is due to the anti-stereotypical archetype of them being bounty hunters. In fact, there's a very famous saying in The Known World:  

"If it's a Ranger's gold, then it's a Ranger's keep."

However gold and riches are nothing to them, for the thrill of hunting down a challenging quarry is all that matters. And indeed nothing gives them the chance to do so like the bounty hunting job.

CODE OF HONOUR: There will always be certain moments of friction between them and the nobility present since these people are the ones having the highest chances of offending the Rangers. This is due to the higher class' disdain for the so-called low-lives, yet unable to ignore the valuable martial service on offer while the Rangers despise the rich and powerful for their pleasure hunting. In fact, any form of commercial hunting will be seen as a wrong wrought upon the highest order, hence frequent deaths attributing to such warriors. Indeed Rangers are known to be vindictive, yet nigh untouchable bar their equals in combat. To them, helping others out should be nothing more than a convenient choice above all else.

NATURE OF CONFLICT: Clashes against hunters are merely just a tip of the iceberg. Ultimately, they will be drawn to the scene of battle should they be the outside party within a certain vicinity. The thrill of the hunt is no different from the thrill of shedding blood from victims of savage nature. Indeed they say beasts can only be beasts, mutual intent of devouring the only way. In particularly, they will be drawn to the presence of Demons like packs of hounds to a bleeding prey where only one party can only survive. 

TACTICS/COMBAT: Rangers are renowned as the greatest masters of arms The Known World has ever seen. To them, any route of weaponmastery should never be a question asked, dedication to one's chosen style is all that matters. Where they learn their trade, no one knows the key. However their command in Magic is negligible at best, nonexistent at worst. But this will never mean they are not capable of killing Demons since how the definition and standard of Magic is still a topic of hot debate unresolved, let alone on whether they should be considered part of the Aesir despite having no allegiance to the Quintet Church.

Dueling wise, what truly made Rangers rightfully feared is down to their uncanny ability to teleport anywhere within a radial range of fifteen metres. Tactically wise, they can be deemed as far more fearful than most. In events of war, they are mostly hired as sellswords with an exceptional few pledging their arms for the sake of a personal debt owed. Utilizing different forms of difficult terrain, Rangers serve as scouts and assault elites. Through hiding in the shadows, they are considered master assassins highly prized. 

It has been said that none engaging a Huntsband (i.e. any band of skirmishers led by a Ranger or a pure band of Rangers) can ever survive or at least know what hit them. To a Ranger, wiping out the enemy force should never be considered for inducing chaos within the enemy ranks is the only way to go. Aptly, commanders on both sides of the conflict would always confer upon them the nickname: 

"The Hounds of Silence"