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Friday, 22 June 2012

So now here comes Quarters 2...

Krauts vs the Spartans

Okay, my brain is throbbing due to that little accident I've had a couple of days back, so if this post is short and nonsensical, you all know why. Firstly on the Greeks. Will their fairytale end here? A lot of ppl will try to gongsuay (Hokkien dialect for talking down) them all saying Russia is a fluke, that they have spent every of their energy. My answer: So? Now let's just get this clear: Jogi is no fool. He knows that the Russians are far more potent in the technical end, yet why is it that the Greeks still won? Very simple: The boys from Mt Olympus made their chances count. Even on far-gone lopsided shots-on-target ratio, they're nowhere near from pulling their own Wooden Horse of Troy style own goal. I suspect the bailout polls back home do have an effect after all. You don't need a Heracles to pull off this kind of great escape to be fair.

So what is Jogi gonna do now? Firstly, NO more 8 touches untouchables. If there's anything to go by, it's either Klose or Gomez. Now again let me reiterate the fact that Gomez is NOT a lousy player. But is he inconsistent? Maybe there ARE other bragging rights at stake barring his own. Jogi, the 3 Lions are watching. 
Secondly, the back 4. Will Lars Bender keep his fullback slot? That's an interesting question. Who will marshal the center backs? Now that's an intriguing one. Philip Lahm? Sorry blokes. We all know it's a no-brainer for all the correct and positive reasons. But still, Jogi needs to do something abt the defensive spine since one sucker punch can be more than enough to knock down Das Schloß. Make no mistakes abt it. 
Thirdly, die Bastion. If the word Bastion seems to have this rhyming feel, you're not hearing things. Again, a lot of the German efficiency will hinge on Bastian "die Bastion" Schweinsteiger. Simply put, he's not just utilized as a souped-up Catts. But above everything else, he's the general in the middle. Yes, Lahm IS the skipper, yet by putting die Bastion alongside Khedira rather than more upfront, Jogi's intention is clear. Once Lahm surged forward, it's down to Mr Bayern Munich to command the backline via a more advanced presence upfield. Still can kill with dead balls? No prob. With Khedira as the screen, this Kraut can just launch a 20-50 yard howitzer for the fellas upfront. 
Lastly, Khedira=die WTF? No one says the other fella can't surge forward just b/c he's not an Aryan. (And besides NO one is interested in some random war relic anyway.)

4-2-3-1 vs 4-3-3?

Offensive vs defensive? Who says formation=classified ads? If there's anything to go by, we might be seeing a deployment bluff from both ends. Can 4-3-3 drop back into a 4-2-3-1 where 2 fellas upfront will drop back into the middle park? Can 4-2-3-1 end up being an offensive blitzkrieg with die Bastion and die WTF supplying the WTF factor? I won't call it an on-the-pitch ball fest. But will it be a tactical battle of wits? If you all think Die Mannschaft will play aggro again by default, you're too dumb to live.
Foin, I know what you're gonna say here. Pls don't.
Me=Stereotyping German chicks? Doesn't bode well for SG'bola's PR mechanics...