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Saturday, 23 June 2012

Pre-match lulz: Final Quarters

Three Lions' Pride vs Forza Italia
If the Three Lions think they got it luckier than the French, think again. imo, the Italians are the kind of opponents England will want to avoid at this knockout stage. The reason why is very simple: The English can't do a dime in all things possession football. Capello tried, but he failed b/c he's not an English. So will his countrymen scream out FORZA ITALIA!!!! for him? Don't bank against it. If we're talking abt more offensive oriented teams like France and Sapin, then it's far more of a no-brainer. But as we all know, the only shit thing abt Calcio Italiano is that they don't really pour their guys forward. Still, possession football is... well possession football lol! Come now this moment, allow me to applaud the Azzurri thus far on how they have reacted to all the turmoil in their backyard. Wilson Raj's kelonglonglong doesn't even come 10% close to Calciopoli II if I want to be fair.
So what is the game plan for Prandelli's boys then? Very simple. We keep the ball-->we troll the Men In White-->we break forward. Take note, all yer English: If the final step is a success, you'll be screwed.  
 Defending in numbers is the only way, but what if the blue blokes say "lulz we stay back and wait for yous!" This is not my problem to solve. I'm only here to talk cock.
And one more thing to Wazza: Please... PLEASE whatever you do, don't try asking yourself whether Pirlo's balls are made of steel. Or just make that about any given Azzurri barring Prandelli himself.

So key man for the Azzurri? Depending on whether you're talking going forward or holding fort. Now provided Ballotelli stay injury/trouble free here, let me be a racist and say Cassano. Why? Very simple. As per said N posts before, Ballotelli still has time on his side, Cassano doesn't. 29 yrs on the roll and how much more years will he have after this Euro? Even if we're talking abt 2014 Brazil, it's still a far long shot away! (Read: Do the maths pls) Cassanata should be something far more worthwhile. Yet sadly, reality will always be a biatch. Yes I know who coined that term. Cassanata, this fight is yours. :D
But yet, the other 50 of the key is NOT Pirlo. Get this clear, pals. There's no need to introduce a household name where in fact w/o De Rossi, Italia is ****ed. We're talking abt a midfield presence truly vital to the Calcio pride. Italy will nvr be Italy w/o an effective break-up play. Back then, there's a Gennaro Gattuso. Joe Jordan better NOT on the TV or sit in the stadium stands. Full stop.
So maybe we should try envisioning a scary man deployment: De Rossi as the defensive lynchpin, Pirlo in an advanced playmaker role with Cassano and Ballotelli inter-switching between a "true" No.9 and No. 9 ver. Impostore.

So apparently, Le President said that the playroom squabble is now over. First things first, should we trust him? Ask those who have fallen foul of his ruthless aggression when he first took over. Where Monsieur Domenech has failed, Le President has filled in 200% admirably so far. Case in point: If it's still Domenech, it will be a guaranteed coup d'état. So with the absolutes out of the way, let's get down dirty to the main things that matter: On the pitch.

Now Karim "Big Benz" Benzema has stated it's far easier to play the Spanish. And scarily enough, he's right. Whatever he said about possession holds a lot of truth. imo Italy would be the kind of opponent Les Bleus should fear the more. (And pls no kelong conspiracies) So now let's talk abt the key men. For me, the Swedish rubber just gets to show how much Les Bleus needs Cabaye. Thankfully Le Blanc chose to rest him b/c no sane coach would dare to risk a playmaker where the looming quarters is way too real to dismiss. So where will the key battle be fought? Same ol'cliche. The middle park. For La Furia Roja, they don't really play like Barca as in they won't press forward by default. But when it comes to controlling possession in the middle 3rd, that's where they will launch their aggro platform. A lot has been said on why Spain no No.9. Yet, discount Jesus of Sevilla at your own risk. I truly doubt he will start, but still you can't ignore some random sub who can cause potential troubles just by traveling on the pitch. It's a near catastrophe that we have to wait so long to see this guy shine on the international stage. But hey! At least he's still 26, he still got the time to make up for lost time. If there's any hidden dangers lurking within the blue half, it will Big Benz. Why? Majority of La Furia Roja actually comprises of all blokes El Clásico. And no prizes for knowing where Big Benz plies his trade.

So if Les Bleus needs Cabaye, then who will La Furia Roja look to? One guy call Andrés Iniesta. As per what ol'Bert can testify w/o any error, he's the kind of player who can hit that WTF button at the most crucial moment. If Xavi's role as the playmaker is undisputed, then Iniesta will be the one wrecking countless havoc once unleashed and unbarred. At the end of the day, possession of the ball will count for far much more than any generic match. In fact while I agree possession is nothing without chances, we're talking abt 2 opposing teams who need the ball to breath and survive so as to speak.