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Tuesday, 12 June 2012


Firstly, Greece vs Czech. As per expected, 4-3-3 vs 4-2-3-1. Is it any brainer? Might not be that simple. Czechs lost, Greeks draw. Hence it's only natural for the Czech's to go aggro. But still by putting up a 4-2-3-1, what is Bilek thinking? Surely that 4 goal salvo has yet to incur permanent brain damage on him! Simply put, I suspect the formation put up is just this: A ruse. If there's anything to go by from the Greeks first game vs the Poles, it will be this: 4-3-3 is still the natural formation to go as long as they manage to drop the team bus behind the ball. The Poles knew what I'm talking abt here. Or rather everyone who has seen the whole match. imo, this is the MOST ideal way to approach the match since Legacy 2004 is still pretty much alive. Especially if Prandelli's prophecy manage to find a brand new target. Or rather it has alrdy.

So can I say it's an uphill battle for the Czechs? Quite rightfully so. That match that shouldn't be lost has been lost. It's high time to dust themselves up and start asking questions on the opponents since it will be a travesty of national justice if they failed to get started on themselves first. Interestingly enough, there's one guy called Vaclav Pilar. Firstly, let me just state that Plasil is no one to sneeze at if there's anything from the last match. But yet given that he's like 30 yrs old alrdy, there's no need for him to go gungho here. b/c again, it's Legacy 2004. Putting Pilar on more advanced forward role has been a masterstroke by Bilek no less. Right now, what the Czechs need the most is someone who can run against the defenders, to unsettle them and to lulz at them with your own backside facing them all. If its Pilar, then we'll be in for an interesting match up as we're talking abt a winger. a player position where pace and trickery is the name of the ammo. In fact putting Plasil as the back two might be a deployment bluff srsly. Simply put, if the Czechs can draw the defenders away, Plasil will go lulz. Indeed it's pretty weird to see an offensive oriented mid to be deployed like that. In fact I suspect Plasil will have his own defensive duties, but they might not be the top priority task. Upon a break-and-counter, I can see the Czechs doing their own Chernobyl. In a very real sense, this might end up with the Czechs trolling on the pitch. With Plasil as the fulcrum and Pilar as the outlet, things will get interesting for good here.

Baros? Sorry, I won't feel anything if he truly manage to score. Worst come to worst I'll end up looking outside the window just to check whether the Mars ppl has landed. Or even better whether General Morden has led his tanks right into my country's own backyard. -.-' A bloody shame that Eri Kasamoto is fictional tho. T_T And yeah, one last note on Rosicky as well: Inter-switching play with Plasil? O.o

Russia vs Poland. Is it a shoo-in? Maybe not. Advocaat can afford to play 4-3-3 is down to Arshavin riding on a time traveling capsule. By employing a 4-2-3-1, we all know what the cynics are gonna say here. Scarily enough, Arshavin is the kind of player who depends on space to eat, live and breath football. If the Poles can close him down upon the first notice, then sure gone-case. It will be an unplayable tactic made possible for all the right reasons. Gag the little Russia, the Poles will laugh like a bunch of stoners carrying pole-arms running around. Not the best idea to spend your overseas trip, my friends. The only prob I'm seeing here? Far easier said than done. But if the Poles can crowd around in numbers and rallying their troops upon the first notice, then maybe Pacquiao shouldn't feel so sore over that controversy called Tim Bradley. Because he knows that no one can ever hope to survive the O'Great Poland Poleaxe. Whatever that will translate into come the next few years anyway... -.-;