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Monday, 11 June 2012

Pre-match before I go eat dinner...

Okay, let's talk England first. Despite my constant slating and cynicism, maybe the English ain't that toothless as we might want to think. Simply put, ppl tend to slate Hodgson's appointment, but not me. ppl tend to say Redknapp for the post, but that's just pure bullshit srsly. Unless Lampard can become Modric and Gerrard becoming van der Vaart just to boot things off, things aren't gonna change. Yes I know it's grossly incorrect statement, but then again we'll have to ask ourselves whether the Three Lions are really THAT hopeless in understanding simple Italian. Or at least that's how I see the term "keep the ball, keep the ball... KEEP THAT ****ING DAMNED BALL YOU ALL PEOPLE!!!!!" And that, folks is the reason why a proven disciplinarian got sacked just like that. We all know the English can drink, they can shag any girl including their (ex) best mate's ex not to mention a super injunction issued worst come to worst. Okay scratch that final part. That's just me thinking too much due to Wales being part of the UK. But still, a certain Rio Ferdinand should have something to say abt the whole thing (individual) anyway. :S

In a damned amazing masterstroke, Hodgosn played down the hopes. On a 200% basis. But then again you can't really blame him. The chief culprits behind England's major fall in the recent years is down to two factors: No technical/flair players and the tabloids themselves. It's not really as if Rooney is Messi incarnate. He's not that pint sized srsly. Plus he's no damned Argentine yet to repeat the Hand of Dog feat. CR's equal? Sorry guys. CR doesn't hire grannies b/c... well he's CR lol! That plus Grannygate wasn't abt this kentang-been (dialect for potato face) anyway. And the most amazing fact of them all? The English U-21a are actually FAR better than anyone graduating from henceforth. Or make that just abt any U-*insert any age bracket* team coming from England. It's a bloody shame srsly. I call it a bloody national scandal. And to think I has been a 3x blind ass Three Lion until reality became my gospel of hope. :S

The tabloids really have to shoulder the 2nd half of the blame srsly. Sir Alf Ramsey is dead. Buried with full national honours. Period. And quite obviously NO sarcasm intended despite that ghost-goal Bunkergate donkey years back. Enough said here. Simply put, NO key players of note. If there's any, it will be the dressing room. Full stop.

And pls one more thing: Rio isn't Rhys Williams. That fella still can go on like an energizer b/c age is still on his side. But Rio? srsly guys, one random shit-happens=22 blokes on board by default=a bloody no-brainer. On the major hindsight, Cahill's injury could just be seen as a relative freak. That's all. Whether a certain JT should be branded a racist should NOT even matter. Unless its another black bloke coming from another blue team. Then the tabloids will go lulz. >.<

Now on Ukraine and the Swedes. Let me be frank and say comparatively, the two isn't that big deal. Or is it? The Swedes are not just abt Ibrahimovic. Sebastian Larsson. If Ibra can be seen as the potent threat most forefront, then Lars will be the key guy to boot off the defense kiester. Lock, stock and barrel. As for the Ukrainians, its pretty much interesting to see that post Hiddink-Russia, the Slavic nations have been on a weird rise in fortunes. And by that, I mean the technical end. Their one touch football can be outright profile-defying and no reason to say Ukraine=not one of them. Whether it's down to Hiddink being a Dutch is no longer relevant.

The French. Le President=President of French football himself. A lot of talks have been going on where that stupid contract extension saga. In case the FFF failed to remember THIS one fella, allow me to re-intro Raymond "ça mord?" Domenech. So after seeing the tentative formation, it's a given that the French are gunning for the jugular. By default for all we know. A lot of talk has been said on the French football post-ça mord?, but srsly to see the kind of transformation is nothing short of a miracle. In fact I'll have to stand up and say I'm one of the cynical lot on whether Le Blanc can do the job. Apparently, he's far more able than the President of US himself. So key guy? Weirdly enough, it might be the only Geordie here. Cabaye has gone along way in his Newcastle career. Period. As one of the 2 behind the 3, him and Malouda can be really dangerous. We all know what Malouda is capable of, but Cabaye? Go ask the Geordies. Or even better Pardew himself. Bloke might have signed a far bigger monster than a certain Argentinian. One guy forward, the other doing the link-up. On paper alone, that's really scary. The only prob lies in whether the front three will cock up. That's all. Back 4 no issues. Guy between the post? The French has proven themselves to be better than the Germans on the back end dept. Period. I'm still in a state of WTF all those years back when I first saw Lloris play. Nightcrawler will be extremely proud to have been outdone. For good since well... Marvel blokes are being a bunch of dicks I guess. :S

And this is the reason why we all love Ukraine this time round despite the hosting controversy: