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Monday, 4 June 2012

SHyn Corp will crucify me like a cur b/c of THIS:

To Alestrial Eliaden, everything was way too surreal. For watching the past unfold as a play before a lone audience had never been the best way to spend the night of your eighteenth birthday. Lecherous leers exposed the fear back then, her kidnappers making no effort to hide the hopeless lives transpired. For who would commit lust unto an eleven year body yet to truly know maidenhood? Her father's gold were nothing to ravenous wolves licking their lips before a trembling fawn.
Should the primal overrule the rational?
Upon this very question asked, tales of potent brew went rife in her mind. Contents of such drinks were meant to be whispered as warnings to the truly desirable. Now she had witnessed the truth first hand. There's no honour in fueling your own desires unto the extent of anything and everything possible. That has always been the life she abhorred. Why lured by power if the very souls know not what they're living for?
Then it happened all too swiftly. Curs of twenty hacked down without respite, the nature of movement so abrupt yet outrageously alluring. For to truly feel the unknown savior moving back and forth without restraints of the physical was indeed a beauty most unique. No less to a case of multiple teleportation, the Cinha lass sensed it all not via the constraints of logic, but rather the merit of gut instinct.
Then she saw the crimson orbs all should fear. Is it Death made flesh? Or mayhap Chaos itself? Such a question escaped her mind as she knew this would never be her end. Her heart reached out to the owner... because merely a symbol of conflict between what-ifs and the very hand of mockery would be more than enough reason to do so.
The full moon gradually showed the rightful glory as the azure of dawn invaded its very form. The resultant clarity captivated Alestrial's dark brown eyes. She had heard little of the obscurity called the True Apostles and here before her was one standing tall. His complexion was totally unexpected, bronzed like a Tamurian. Yet the stark white hair and his sharp features of an Elf wasn't a lie. And above all, the colour of blood had slowly, but surely invaded by the most beautiful shade of blue that she had every seen...
And it was the very moon itself... a blanket of blue that embodies all that is proof of the True Apostles...

Never had the young beast of a twelve year old tasted rage utmost high as proof of focus stained his very fist with the blood of his foe. Everyone knew the bully whom none dare to cross. He might had forgotten his real name, but he knew what “Ricky L” meant to the rest. Not very least the latest victim forced into suicide via cruelty beyond bestial reach.

Shunned by all within his Form School for aloofness without peer, none cared a damn about the self-imposed pariah. Yet upon word leaked out with the arrogant prick escaping from much needed discipline, the silence snapped. Indeed the very logic dictating him being a mere stranger had never went to heed. Upon the horn of rampage blown, his eyes saw not the sneers of a mortal man. Empty souls within groups of demons laughed mercilessly as all he deserved were left with nothing save shreds of bloody oblivion. So much for the fear factor where boasts of a jester spelt forth the dearth of mirth.

Leg broken into half, the tyrant knew nothing bar endless pain worthy of a thousand gold. Shouts of the truly horrified mattered not to Guy, stunned faces of many belied satisfaction equally twisted. Unto those not knowing an orphan's ire, bitter medicine was for all to see. Indeed with reactions all round rendered blank, his soul could only captivate the sadistic leer truly plastered upon features called his own.

Never for pleasure as a hunter toying with its prey, a lion's joy could only be gained from ripping away a rival's rights. For within the entire pride, only one lord is worthy to rule them all. Intrusion brought forth a challenge, none dared to step foot into territory unclaimed by the shameless and audacity borne.

Alas as ecstasy was nearing zenith upon highest, evaporation crept in just as swift. All thanks to the girl around his age, her eyes never that of a condoning sinner nor cowardice was seen. A simple plea to stop this very insanity was all she desired. That against a rival understanding no honour, only the self respecting should never waste precious gaze upon such scum most despicable.

That was the very first time the beast had met it's tamer. Tales of a lion with maid of Cinha blood had truly drawn up the curtains to the most deserving...

~A Ranger's Tale: Guy Cody's first meeting with Alestrial Eliaden 
(Draft ver)


So will this poor SG bloke kenna a lawyer letter out of nowhere? Stay tuned, folks. I know me=suay-been. -.-;