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Sunday, 17 June 2012

Character Concept: Alestrial Eliaden

So now here it is: Part 3. And Met, if you're reading this, I'm pretty sure you will go "LOL KOLEAN!!!"


Interestingly enough, the original take was to create a token female character along the line of Arwen/Luthien of the Tolkien lore. Yet then was then, now is now. Ditto goes for her as well. Interestingly enough, people might say "A Song of Ice and Fire!!!!" upon my hinted intention on where to go with her character. Sadly though, my answer is: Dehg! Wrong answer.

Now to be honest, whatever I've read and understood from the series stem from the Wiki of Ice and Fire and some other online sources. Simply put, I'm way too broke to buy the actual novels. So yeah... guess improvising is the only way out if you believe in your guts. :)

So should she be seen as the standard feminist icon? I truly doubt so. Now let's be known here: My vision on her is very simple. Or rather the most interesting question ever to grace (wo)mankind:

How do you define the term strength and fortitude? Is it about female characters exuding their own strength and wit? Or perhaps the only thing that matters most is whether they can AND will understand what they truly want, what is the thing they should hold firm. Abstract? Yes. Would characters like Luthien and Arwen fit this mold of abstract logic? Definitely so.

My biggest headache now? How am I going to create a character where such a quality will take highest precedence. Yes, guys. The journey ahead is indeed arduous because a lot actually hinges on external situations rather than inner issues.
Read: How external factors will affect the inner factors.

Appearance: A striking beauty with the steel of humility. Petite in build, her loose raven curls flowed down unto her waist. Features undeniably that of a Cinha (Refer to the Glossary for Chapter 2), none could ever deny such a maiden of adopted birth as nothing less than a blade far keener than war itself.

Garb: So far, it's only the standard dressing of a nobility that has been outed (Chapter 4). But still... erm yeah you all get the gist. :S

We no speak Engrish...
Basically something like these:
Watashi-Informal self-addressing
Watakushi-Formal self-addressing
Anata-Standard way in addressing others
Kimi-Informal way in addressing others
Kikan-Formal show of respect to any higher authority


Reason behind them all?

But anyway, here's the song(s) I'll associate with her: