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Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Interlude (of sorts)

Okay, so I decide to do something a wee bit different. I'm not gonna share the latest chapter of A Ranger's Tale directly, but rather via this indirect route. Do take note though that this excerpt isn't part of the latest chapter or just about any future chapters I'll be writing.


"Erm okay... so let me get this clear, Uncle Parky. That looney sod I've tripped down the ditch was really an escaped felon? Wow, dumbass luck again..."

Garyth Parkins kept a wistful visage as the once distant memory seemed so near and attainable yet again. Crazy Park was a household name in the county of Teesside, second only to the Northern Lion himself. Ironically, the anger serving him so well before caused his downfall as a deadly ambush by a band of Orcs left him a crippling wound on the left leg together with a mere score of survivors.

“So may I have your order, Gaffer?” inquired a serving girl as she gave a revering bow. Moggray Tonn was somewhat lucky to survive that bout of stomach ulcer and he was not about to risk it all again. Back then, he never knew how far young Guy Cody would go. Or rather with no expectations at all. However, a visit from a mysterious old man changed everything.

Do you see a dream of what-ifs in him? Average at best, but all that glitter is not gold. Teesside is the most impoverished region in the Empire destined to be mocked by its betters, but...”

“A lion knows not where it should be hailing from,” smiled Moggray as words from a fading ghost felt so real and alive, “So much for boasting claimed by Tyneside and Wearside.”

“Erm, Gaffer? Are you okay?” asked the doe eyed girl.

“Amelia, the Gaffer is thinking of something. Do you understand how to write 'do not disturb'?” barked an annoyed Garyth.


“It's okay, Parky. A simple omelette will do,” waved Moggray nonchalantly.

“Right away, Gaffer! One omelette set coming up!” hollered the bubbly blond as Moggray choked on his unsweetened tea.

“What? A set? I said...”

“Omelette, Moggray. We all know little Amelia,” whispered Garyth with a chortle as he sat across the Northern Lion at the same table.

“Tabs on you again, Parky?”

“All's fine with the business anyway.”

The meal was quickly served, simple yet so delicious. It made the grizzled veteran all warm and fuzzy. Like how a decent family should feel like. Generous portions of salted mutton minced complimented the sliced button mushrooms, the egg being seasoned with black pepper and nothing more.

“This has always been Guy's favourite,” grinned the lean brunette as Moggray nodded in acknowledgement, “I truly hope he will come back one fine day even if only for the eggs.”

“He won't be coming back, Parky. I call it a gut instinct and you can't doubt a soldier on that,” replied the Gaffer of Teesside.

“And what's your verdict on his future, Gaffer?”

“I think I know the correct answer. What about you, Parky?”

“Someone who can make everybody else piss and crap on the spot,” smirked Garyth as Moggray shared his mirth.

Special mention: Gary Parkinson.
Stay strong, Parky. Everyone at Teesside will surely be with you.