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Friday, 26 October 2012

~You don't know what you're doing~

So apparently City lost the plot against Ajax this midweek. So what went wrong for the city slackers? Clichy was as lost as **** while Lescott and Kompany were experiencing a **** of confidence. And Micah Richards? Well, he most definitely ****ed Signor Robbie Manc like ****. Okay, enough of the censored words because an uncouth North East wannabe shouldn't even be mouthing off against what is arguably the richest club in the British Isles atm.

So what exactly went wrong?
To be fair, it wasn't City who lost the plot. Signor Robbie Manc did so anyway. There's nothing wrong with a 4-2-3-1 starting lineup. Let's not talk about the players' attitude here. The problem lies in the players used rather than positions deployed. Firstly, I'd do away with Milner. Yaya Toure is a match winner in his own right due to his dynamic play. Putting Barry alongside of him had brutally exposed the stupidity behind selling Nigel De Jong. Barry is far more of a deep lying midfielder, but his quality to pass the ball can never be compared with players like Alonso. Against a team like Ajax, it's either you have someone beating them at their own game of expansive football via a deep lying ball player or you can only opt to play someone like De Jong in order to disrupt their flow and rhythm.
To me, Milner is the weak link because he's not your typical wing player. Like Barry, he's far more of a ball holder. So now comes the biggest question: Why put in Milner when you have Barry doing the job? Barry's lack of passing vision by comparison was already bad enough. To create a defensive 4-2-3-1 against a team like Ajax where in fact you don't have Nigel De Jong is asking for trouble. Now I do not know why David Silva went MIA. Either he's picked up a niggle or Signor Robbie Manc is trying to save him for the next match this weekend.
Which basically highlighted a major crisis in waiting for the slackers. Either the Arabs sign a proven wing player as Silva's back up or they can dream on about winning more than one major trophy per season. Milner is a decent player in his own right, but in holding up the play in the flank, one has to be far more tactically aware than a similiar position in the centre and tactical awareness is something the English can never compete against the continental sides. Imagine the horrors should opposing wide players can isolate him with the ball. City will be ****ed.
Nasri as a wide player is a no brainer. Aguero as the inside striker would mean City is bereft of ideas up front because for Aguero to work as an inside striker, surely there had to be an attacking wide player to compliment Nasri's ball ability up front. This is a passive formation asking to be whacked. If the players are disciplined enough, they could still still hold on for a point or maybe even a possible smash and grab win. In this very sense, Frank de Boer was right in lambasting the City slackers.

And there's the last minute formation change as well
Simply put, if your players are up against the ropes, you don't switch tactics out of nowhere. It's fine in doing a switch every now and then due to necessity. But two consecutive tactical changes=Simisai in blue. Apparently, if the players didn't have the stomach for the fight at the very start, then such a decision only made things worse. Although to be fair, Rafa Benitez pulled off a not-so-similiar cock up a few seasons back with Liverpool against Lyon in the Champion's League when he pulled Benayoun to the right instead of letting him dictate the play from centre. Common issue? Tactical cock ups will cost you the match.

So who says Ajax are there for the taking?
Any pre-match talk of City taking the points is nothing more than a fool's promise of a greater fool's gold. Ajax Amsterdam is Ajax Amsterdam for a very good reason. The Angio Dept at my workplace used to have a Dutch expat doctor. I don't really know the name of that particular Liefste Arts, but I remember him being a fan of PSV Eindhoven and Ajax itself. Yeah, I know it's a weird combo. Pretty much like me saying I support Middlesbrough and Newcastle (which is something that will NEVER happen fyi).
So what's the deal about Ajax? Firstly, Martin Jol nearly killed the team. Secondly, boardroom infighting nearly killed the club. I knew about the former way before I met Liefste Arts, but it was Liefste Arts himself who informed me about the latter case. Apparently, Frank de Boer had his work cut out for him. And as a relatively young rookie coach at that as well. Apparently, someone upstairs must have been smoking way too much weed and watching way too much Fitna. Equally apparently however, is that the plan to bring in FDB truly ****ing works.
However, FDB can't weave the magic without having the proper mana, right? And that's where the spell book comes in.

You can **** around with the local whores, but you don't **** around with Jong Ajax
Simply put, City's failure is Ajax's strength. It's been said that the legendary Greek hero Ajax himself had a badass reputation as a certain Hector could testify anyway. You don't play around with Jong Ajax because they are not just a bunch of kids. They are a bunch of young Ajax-es. To my very best of knowledge thus far, the core of the starting 11 for this match was pretty much formed by Jong Ajax itself. Go figure yourselves.

So what kind of players City must sign this mid season transfer?
Very simple. Either City must sign a proven deep lying playmaker or a proven defensive midfielder. As I've said, selling De Jong is the dumbest transaction I've ever seen thus far as a football watcher. Not ever since Gareth Southgate had sold Lee Cattermole had I ever witnessed a colossal cock up in the making. Best of luck in trying to pry Xabi Alonso or Wesley Sneijder away though. Xavi ofc is a no-brainer quite obviously. 

At least Newcastle has a Tiote-Cabaye axis and City despite all it's riches have nothing in relative comparison. Now that must be the greatest slap in Signor Robbie Manc's life for sure. >.<