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Monday, 15 October 2012

Character Concept: That Accidental Badass...

As it turned out, I might have created a character perfectly in line with this blog post title LITERALLY.

"Come then, boy. Show me the path our Kind should take. Perhaps dreams of what-if will bring forth rewards never begged for..."
~A Ranger's Tale, Chapter 4: Revealed Forth The Turmoil's Hand

Appearance: A fair being resembling an Elf, yet in truth so much more beyond any mortal borne. Flowing locks of purest white akin to that of Aeranath's, his eyes were azure and true. Indeed none could ever have traits as such bar one proven as a True Apostle.

Garb: An Elven sabre sheathed is held in his left hand wrapped in bandages with his right bare without gloves. Torso decked in a black tight fitting coat without sleeves and buttoned up to lower chest level, simple trousers in maroon with brown shoes of tough leather complete the look.


All things Quote-badassery

"So where will mortality take itself? What is the due demanded by eternity from things doomed to pass?"

"Fools love a fool, for they know not acceptance towards a different fool. Sarel Aphros, my dear girl... can you answer me whether murderous words are the proof of bloodshed true?"

"I don't remember having a get-together in my backyard. Stop your petulance or I'll do it for you, little girl."

"You've seen it and felt it, didn't you? My sword has yet to leave its scabbard. Just as I am being tested by you, you're suffering a mutual fate as well. A mere vision brought forth via blood thirst should suffice. For now."

"If Hell is the only place for murderers, then all beings truly alive are already living in that common home."

"Oft it amuses me to know that no amount of key decisions can prevent a conflict, whilst it only takes one fool least amongst his breed to create one.

"To know war is to understand a game played by thrones. The rest are merely pawns and fools living in loyalty, lies or by the sword. Mayhap all three."

"A foolish moment bringing forth a host bred in ignorance is forever that best recipe for escaping."

"The finest act of murder lies in doing so with merest words and a ship of fools."

"If you truly know me, you will never liken a god with me. If an entity truly spiritual can be corrupted by trappings of absolute power, surely one as such should be deemed as mortal and nothing more."

"All can afford to wish for that chance to redo their lives, but none can ever boast he has already done so."