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Sunday, 28 October 2012

So now let's talk about the Merseyside derby

I know two of my churchmates will be having a go at each other for sure. One a Liverpudlian and the other an Evertonian. Interestingly enough, Moyes actually brought up the issue of diving. But is it really that bad?
My take on the issue is this: Acceptable anywhere else apart from England. In fact, I'm pretty much convinced that the whole "OMG Barca players dive again!!!!" hysteria was started by proponents of the English game more than any other footballing blokes. And it's still a legit weapon to bash Barcelona because almost everyone still thinks that football comes from England. In fact Tony Pulis was talking sense when he subtly agreed that diving is unacceptable in England but no where else. This was during Chelsea's undeserved escape quite a few matches back this season. Ironically, my stance is pretty much a Pulis clone: I don't mind players diving anywhere unless it's England. >.<
And we all know who is that usual suspect
Never since Cristiano Ronaldo leaving dreary ol'Manchester for the sunshine in Madrid had we truly like to bash divers. Suarez has made sure CR7 would just be merely a legend waiting to be outdone. Now the biggest problem I'm seeing here is this: his reputation precedes before him. His record at Ajax was a bit spotty especially on how he bit that one other bloke playing football.
Note: Prototype victim didn't really started it. Because no one called Mike Tyson an angel anyway.
And yes, 2010 would always be his finest year no matter how you see it. So you see, when Kenny Dalglish decided to sign this Latino Heat that's not even half of that lyin',cheatin' and stealin' all time great named Eddie Guerrero, the tabloids went up in flames.

A/N: Not ever since the Falklands War had the English gone total united mode this way. :P
So on the hindsight, Suarez shouldn't dive so often. Or even starting the fire called Evra-vs-we all. Someone had forgotten to tell him how the tabloid media work and poor King Kenny had to clean up all the shit.

O' woe unto thee! Engrand! Am I now seeing a fat monkey or Fat Bastard himself?
So it seems that Suarez's temerity had returned back to haunt his team again when Moyes timed his "general comments" impeccably. You see, I really feel for Moyes in just about every Merseyside derby. Jack Rodwell's red card was one damned retarded decision and as a Middlesbrough fan, I can truly empathise with Moyes, any and every Evertonian or maybe just about every small club fans/players/managers/boardroom fellas. Interestingly to say, Moyes never said anything on all the legit penalty calls Everton had in pretty much every Merseyside derby, which were (un)rightfully ignored by fellas in black who are not really black universally anyway.

So will that have any effects on Brendan Rodgers himself?
Let me first say that a good manager is a good man motivator. If Rodgers can throw down the gauntlet and daring Suarez to pick it up, then we will see soon enough whether Suarez is indeed a worthy soldier or a foreign faker. Cristiano Ronaldo had actually gotten a far worse off abuse from the stands due to whatever purported role he's had Rooney's sending off despite Ricardo Carvalho's balls not made of steel right from the first place. But surely you don't see him faltering, no?

But he's not really firing on the cylinders!!!
So? Does that mean Suarez sucks in comparison to Steven Fletcher himself? Utter bullshit. No offence to the Black Cats, but Suarez is leagues and way beyond Fletcher and you know the old cliched saying? That form is temporary, but class is permanent? It will do well to heed your grandfather's advice and this is not me speaking as the grandfather, mind you.
If there's any chances for Suarez to redeem himself, it will be now. **** the critics, **** the sniggers, **** form. This is the Merseyside derby. One of the most hotly contested derbies England has ever witnessed. Manchester United vs Liverpool is nothing in comparison. Chelsea vs Manchester United later on will never match the level of intensity symbolised by this early kick-off game.
Moral of the story: Don't **** around with the Scousers, be it red or blue.

The Andy Carroll conundrum
Should he be sold or should he not? A lot of questions was asked towards Brendan Rodgers and John W.Henry in general. To me, Rodgers' only sin lies in forcing a prolonged negotiation due to two factors:
1. Carroll's wages is what I'd rather give to Alan Shearer himself.
2. The ridiculous transfer fee that had gotten Derek Llambias' tongue wagging.

A/N: Just why he ended up ****ing Shearer (despite him being a shit manager), Kevin Keegan (reason behind him getting ****ed by every true blooded Geordie) and Chris Hughton (most legit reason to be ****ed by the Toon Army) as well is way beyond my comprehension. Although he did pay tribute to Chris Hughton after he took up the Norwich job.

So what is it that Carroll can offer to the current Liverpool? Zero. Yes, he's good in knocking down the high balls, but for all we know, Stewart Downing's best position for Rodgers' revolution may not even be his default left winger role, but rather playing at the leftback since fullbacks by default will be your regular crossers in any expansive footballing team. Of course Carroll would still have a place in Rodgers' plans had not for the fact that he's more of a goal scorer than ball player.
You see, one of the most vital tactical options able to be offered by someone of Carroll's build is this: In the event of playing expansive football, holding up the play in the final third is utmost vital. Carroll's ability to hold the ball is suited for teams like Sunderland or West Ham. Teams that don't rely on zigzagging around the opponent's defence in a bid to draw out their players out of position. Definitely not for a team like Rodgers' lads, be it Swansea or Liverpool. Teams that require a tactically and technically aware centre forward to guard the ball for a more prolonged period.

So should Suarez go solo?
Not really so. Borini's injury is a setback, but why not put Raheem Sterling up front? This is a 50-50 gamble that will depend on how tactically aware Sterling is compared to the technical end. I'd like to put him as an inside forward ala Messi or Wilf Mannion himself. But that's up to Rodgers. But still I truly doubt he can play a 4-3-3 because I'm not too sure who else upfront will need to be converted into a striker. That plus no Sterling on the wing means another bloke has to fill that gap. It's not my job of course. Fullstop.

So anything about Everton?
Fellaini is a revelation because they say necessity is the mother of all inventions. Arteta leaving for the Emirates was indeed a key for a red alert crisis. In the greatest proof yet to show how sorely lacking English players can go, Fellaini's conversion from a defensive lynchpin to an attacking midfielder managed to yield rich dividends. To make players like Nikica Jelavic click the way he wants to, it's imperative for Moyes to find a permanent replacement for Arteta. Everton is well known to be a cash strapped club and there's nothing much going in terms of buying the second Arteta if you're David Moyes.
But yet, Felliani's greatest weapon is this: Via his surging runs, he's able to offer able defensive cover throughout the 90 minutes plus stoppage time. Coupled with the fact that Everton is a team utterly disciplined with most likely a central midfielder anchoring the back, the loss of Arteta had actually strengthened the team in ways most unconventional. The creativity might have been compromised, but Everton's strong start to the season might have something to do with the kind of Merseyside steel Evertonians are so famous for. The only difference? Moyes tempered the steel with his customary Scottish fire.