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Monday, 22 October 2012

2.5 hrs of OT can drive you to do loopy stuff

Like say...fanfiction? Or rather a little crossover here. To be honest I used to dabble in that kind of stuff. Unfortunately (?), time and schedule had to force my hand, hence a total focus done on A Ranger's Tale (with a 20+ lurker hits/views clocked yesterday, i.e. FictionPress' timezone. Wherever the standard is based on anyway). Amazingly enough, this is just as what the title up there has suggested: 2.5 hrs of OT without enough sleep last night=loopy stuff ahead. O.o
Of course I think I've upped this picture before...


"What you're glaring at?!"

Damn, I really hate stupid bitches like her. Who in the blue hell would pop up out of nowhere just when I was killing some random hobos which doesn't even belong to humanity itself? And her costume is also purely retarded. Some midriff blue top now busted plus some weird kind of skimpy jacket, not even whores from the whorehouses dress like this for crying out loud. But she's quite a looker though, I'll give her that.

"Because you've disrupted my own interpretation of fun."

Well, her expression is indeed the most priceless treasure I've ever seen for quite a few donkey years back. Oh yes, and her impressive pair of tits as well. Apparently, she hasn't been that ashamed to strut her stuff.

"Prepare yourself! For I'll whoop your..."

Whoop my what? I'd like to ask her back this question, but it seems that I'll have to settle for groping her naked tits.


I can only afford to laugh out loudly at her fake ignorance as I blinked away from an elbow thrown . Surely she knows this world is full of assholes and monsters.

A moment of silence crackled between us as I suddenly have the urge to see for myself whether she's indeed a whore. For sure she's truly dressed like one, yet not acting like one. I've been to the realms of Cinha across the far east and this little minx before my eyes does truly resemble one. Apart from those bigger tits that is. Maybe I should test them further myself.

"Hey, little girl."

"What? I'm no little girl!"

Well, she's pretty loud for a little girl. A truly sad fact that no one actually spanked her the correct way.

"You have quite a pair of deadly weapons, no?"

"A pair of... Argh! Don't you dare look at me, you pervert!"

Laughter escaping from my throat, a crescent moon illuminates our merry play. Apparently, it may not so bad of an idea to see her as far more than a collateral fodder. Having her back turned towards me is tantamount to suicide. I don't know what kind of world she comes from, but at least she could have been some moron's bitch. No truly sane man can resist a pretty young thing baring her own tits in full view like a rabbit waiting to be boned and I'm only partially broken. Wait a second, did I use the correct parallel?

"I saved you from those weird looking monsters!" snarls the impudent lass as ample tits are covered nicely with one arm while her other fist not-so-nearly ended straight into my face.

"But you froze yourself on the spot. A pity to see the heroine getting her ass saved by this prince in distress."

"Prince? You?"

Indeed yet another priceless expression since it's not every day that you get to see somebody spluttering over a mere verbal joke.

"Prepare yourself then."

With these words leaving my lips, I turn my back against her stare of incredulity. Interestingly enough, her body tenses up again. Demons are nearing their own vanished dead with a few hundred metres at most separating us from the inevitable. A sense of sharp intuition towards any and every asshole monsters? Well maybe this few weeks at least won't be so boring after all. But firstly...

"Little girl, what's your name?"

"Hah! The likes of you don't deserve to know me, Kazama Asuka-sama of the Kazama-ryuu Kobujutsu!"

"The name's Aeranath, your bodyguard now hired for free. Do not leave Fragarach's sight, for I cannot ensure your safety otherwise...

"Miss Kazama Asuka-sama of the most noble House Kazama-ryuu Kobujutsu."