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Saturday, 13 October 2012

Just to prove that us Smoggies still have a certain class...

But I'm not angry. It's just a case of wording. I'm way too mature to feel permanently butt hurt over this. But still, I need to vent off every frustration caused by all them Mackem scums boasting/bashing needlessly although I won't be that surprised to see people calling it a classic North East banter due to sane humour residing at premium in the good ol' NE society lol! And what's a far better way than to do an interesting post on A Ranger's Tale itself?
Of course I know some people will say "hey, he's gonna wank over the Red Lions because it's a badass militia organisation based on a non-badass football team who can't even attract a home crowd of 2.8K!"

Due to the language I've used above, I may get a real full grown constrictor for this year's Christmas.

Lars Alterfate: We're all murderers, both you and me.

Aeranath: Shut the hell up.

Lars Alterfate: You killed her by your own means, but my folly caused everything...

Aeranath: LARS!!!!!


Lars Alterfate: This fight is the last thing she had ever wanted. You know it full well as I do.

Aeranath: No point talking crap. You know who I want to kill all the while apart from 'him'...

Lars Alterfate: Me...

Aeranath: It's indeed a good thing that little lass is now long gone dead. 


Sarel Aphros: Look at this with your own eyes, Aeranath. My blood shed by my own hands... it's red and human. Just like my sister's when you howled like a wolf with its mate departed true.


Aor: Oft I wondered the identity of that faceless person whose back turned against little Sarel. Is it Aeranath, Lars or that one other girl?


Ziron: What-ifs are just merely what is stated here, for this long dead soul here can never forget the sight of Fragarach stained with blood.


 Sarel Aphros: I still remember the day of spring where that cherry blossom tree bloomed it's best. I was a mere Cinha filly nearing her twelfth while my sister was just freshly flowered at fifteen. I remember all those bad men out to chop it down and she tried to stop them. They lusted after her beauty and desired to quench her fire for good. Lars was away on an errand and I saw that dark stranger amongst them. He did nothing to help either side until they started ripping her clothes off...
I then witnessed a demon with orbs of clearest blue, but sister dearest insisted him to be an azure wolf full of fury yet so fragile.

Lars Alterfate: Do you know coincidence is no different from predestination at all times should the latter be true?

Alestrial Eliaden: I presume your words as reason suffice for what you're implying now.

Lars Alterfate: Indeed I fear the worst for you and Aeranath. The way you sing a different song is not unlike from she who died as both his sin and mine.


"There can be only one Bladesinger in the lifetime of the World, hence there can be only one Bladesong in such a liftetime."

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