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Friday, 10 August 2012

So to commemorate National Day...

Even though it's already past midnight, let me pull this out of my ass.

Lore: Racial Mechanics within the Northern Continent

INTRO: The Northern Continent. A land where all Causaceans call home. Separated into three factions, namely the Kalaran Empire, the Kingdom of Teutonia and the Republic of Slarvea, it has seen its own fair share of immigrants due to exploration and the resultant reliance over time. Across the Great Gulf came the Cinha people equally fair and from the Southern Continent came those bearing dark features known as the Tamurians and Sudhlits. Histalonia was the only Human nation never having its own being seen as such, for business has been just that. Business.

Features: Well defined with high cheekbones, the men generally have square faces compared to their womenfolk who possess a far more delicate visage with a sharper chin. They are a people with fair complexion and most widely known across The Known World as well.

Build: They are generally taller than the other races ranging from stocky to a lean build. On an average basis, the men will reach between 1.7m to 1.8m with certain exceptions towering unto the 2m mark. The womenfolk would vary far more ranging between a petite 1.6m to 1.8m. But no more than 1.8m itself.


INTRO: Hailing from the Cinha Confederation, these are the people most well versed in politics and economy. Hence as such, a lot of their warfare are based on a defensive long term planning where siege warfare extending beyond two warring states has become a lynchpin within their military history. Within the Kalaran Empire, they are mostly seen as shrewd merchants and even rumoured as political advisers within the higher ends of the nobility. Within Teutonia, they are seen as stewards in charge of the everyday affairs in the respective noble houses. Slarvea itself however held an indifference for them apart from business associates.

Features: Having oval features with wider cheekbones, both genders have almond shaped eyes of varying sizes. Fair in complexion, yet different in nature to the Causaceans, their features are considered more delicate especially the women.

Build: Lean in build, the men are generally more athletic compared to the women who are slimmer in comparison. Both genders generally won't go beyond 1.8m with the average height being near 1.8m for men and no more than 1.7m for the women. In addition, the womenfolk are known to be curvaceous.


INTRO: The Southlands is generally an arid region with numerous oasis scattered throughout. Engaging in tribal conflicts, it is the tribes bordering Tamuria who have dealings with the North. For they have established a mutual peace agreement with the Tamurians, who have been known to feud against their far more belligerent cousins. Warfare wise, they were exceptional archers and charioteers. Culturally, the Sudhlits are great musicians, dancers and singers. Hence, they are seen as such within the three Causacean factions with the Slarveans having a far more insidious interpretation, which all know of.

Features: Sharp and well defined features are a common fixture for both genders with the womenfolk being far more delicate. The men are compelled to leave well trimmed moustaches upon the age of twenty and above while their women are renowned as being beautiful with their captivating eyes and petite figures. Complexion wise, they have the darkest colour out of the rest.

Build: The men are wiry with a height towering around 1.8m. The women, however are far more petite with an average height below 1.7m.


INTRO: Situated within the Central Belt, the region of Tamuria is that of a total mountain terrain. Trained at birth to wield sword and axe, the Tamurians are unrivaled experts in hit-and-run tactics due to their constant history of war with the Sudhlits apart from those within the far more fertile region nestled at their kingdom's border. Within the Empire, they are often hired as mercenaries entrusted with scouting and assault duties. Teutonians tend to grant them a higher status of respect due to their needs being far more military-based. Hence, the noble houses will always allocate a portion of their men-at-arms for the duration of their contract. The Slarveans will always see them as brothers-in-arms due a similiar code of honour in war despite the Tamurians despising anything to do with ballistic weaponry that the Slarveans so pride their own cavalry tactics in.

Features: Long features with a square jawline. Such are their menfolk while their womenfolk have a heart shaped face with large eyes. Their complexion is a medium shade of brown. Incidentally, Aeranath has the same complexion.

Build: The Tamurians are more heavily built due to them being a mountain dwelling people. Yet, they are able to move swiftly and effortlessly across any mountain terrain even with forests as part of the equation. Such was their training at birth. The women are of a more delicate built with a height around post 1.7m, but seldom reaching 1.8m. The men on the other hand can reach a whopping 2m although they will be mostly 1.8m to 1.9m. Still a scary people to mess around with.