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Sunday, 5 August 2012

Supposedly, this is how ninja evolves over time

Supposedly, this is abt endings

Final Fight
Note: Cody was the one knocking Belger aka the last boss of the game out of the window. Period. Just don't ask me how/why he and Chunli knew each other ala their mutual winning quotes in SSF4. -.-'
(This is Cody's win quote)
(Chunli's side of the story)
I'm sure you all will be able to find the English version. I know because it's far easier for me to do so instead of the original JP version.
Street Fighter Zero 2 
Note: Apparently, the part on Guy beating Vega's soldiers is something cooked up by Capcom US. He never said anything on that. Which is why I'm using the JP version of the character's names (i.e. Vega is M.Bison in the US localisation). But on Guy's exchange with his master (i.e. Zeku) on overcoming everything, it's actually true as per stated by the SF plot guide. Although everything translation wise has been horribly butchered. Must be Saiki going MIA for N ages now. -.-;

Street Fighter Zero 3
Note: His mid-boss fight against Karin is very likely to be legit since that's his best bet in knowing about Vega and Shadowloo. Plus Rose's ending is the way where things end. Of course there's a catch here:

Guy continued training throughout SFZ3 until he had finally realized the true power of Bushin. After a revelation from his training, he saw that its arts burden one so deeply that questioning the power itself  is irrational since it is about the choices of killing and letting live. He accepts the duty to continue training, strengthening and building a mind suited to such an anguish [Guy's SFZ3 ending and specially noted in All About Capcom]

Simply put, killing Vega was a fake. The fact that Guy had to experience a major BSOD moment is well, the cold hard truth.

Final Fight Tough

Super Street Fighter 4