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Saturday, 11 August 2012

Now let's talk a bit abt a certain Mr Hoytie. :)

Mogga managed to convince him to sign an extension. Given the very possibility that he's one of the higher earners on the wage bill, the natural question should be why? Now a lot of funny barbs have been directed over whether he can play leftback. Amazingly enough, no one actually questioned Joe Bennett's ability as a rightback. So now comes the funniest question of yet: Any viable tactical options with this black fella?

The answer is YES
And let this cheena Shebby talk his own cock on this respect. Firstly, will Mogga play 4-4-2? We have a crocked Pole hopefully back 100% recovered come early season. If so, that will create some interesting outlets of possibility. Now we all know how the Mogganaut works. Or at least we have a brief taste of that one thing called momentum of mass destruction. But that doesn't mean he won't play 4-4-2. If the teams start to play way too physical (and we can be very damned sure that there will be more than 12 teams of Stoke waiting to bump us off), fire vs fire can be a pretty not-so-pretty option. If we can keep Bennettville operational, aerodynamic Hoyte can be a real danger in the right hands of usage. Two overlapping FBs? Check. Two FBs far more willing to run forward rather than backwards? This can be a dual edged blade depending on whether our wingers are defensively sound. Still effective nonetheless if our wingers are truly that crazy enough.

But if no flat layered 4=screwed? Nah.
Amazingly enough, having a wing forward style doesn't mean the end of aerodynamic Hoyte. Or maybe we can see things this way: In a 4-2-3-1 formation, Bennett and Hoyte will still have that legit license to speed. So long as whoever will be the 2 guys in front of the back 4 stick to their defensive duties, all is well. Or rather laugh at this tactic at your own peril. Either you'll have two guys running centre or two other usual suspects going flank mode. Unless we got hit by a Champ tiered Pirlo, it will be a case of "pls pick ur poison k' thnx bai". That's truly some scary shit. And this is just a simple expression to be fair. I'm not Luis Aragones and I don't use racial analogy because I'm a Singaporean. :P

Given Hoyte's experience as a somewhat specialized RB, it will be a no-brainer to say that he can operate fairly well on a right wingback. Now I'm not too sure on whether Bennett can do a left wingback, but if we want to play a fail safe, let's just assume Adam Reach for that task. Barring a freak disaster of getting whacked by a crazy Keano wannabe, it's pretty safe to not call it an ass-u-me.

Mogga better don't pull this off. Way too risky. We'll be screwed. Just put Luke Williams behind the forward line. We all know it works.

Or maybe just put things this way:
Any formation without two guys in front of the backline is a recipe for disaster should Mogga try out a black and white aerodynamics. Oops, did I just pull off a racial analogy? Guess I'm truly turning North East now. O.o