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Friday, 24 August 2012

Just have something to say/rant...

I know it's a freaky coincident, but seriously guys...

I don't know who was the arsehole behind this prank, but quote obviously somebody ought to be dragged out and shot dead. And I don't mean little Dylan's family or even himself.

I always like to boast about this: My parents have never gave me anything bar that one single rule not meant to be broken: Personal Responsibility. Note the capitals? Yes, that's not a typo. It's my brand of life and I'm proud to show it. I never said I'm a saint. I don;t believe in one, to be frank. Do I swear? Yes. Do I rage over people whom I do NOT like a single bit? Yes as well. But you see, guys, the logic is very simple. When you spill a glass of milk, you must have that duty to clean the mess up. The fact that your parents can and will bail you out once or a hundred times doesn't mean a dime if the police end up catching you committing murder, see?

I can't be bothered with the dogs. I'd really like to say that. Unfortunately, human beings are pretty funny. Things we should learn and do, we heck care. Whatever that shouldn't meant to be, we simply jump ahead.

I don't care about nationalities. That's idiotic. I only care about whether the respective parents are high on booze/weed/shrooms/LSD. And the biggest problem is that I can just humiliate a dead person behind net anonymity. What you're seeing here is just one of the many instances where stupid people stirred up social issues no different from acts of felony. If I can earn a quid for every Janos Slynt decapitated, I'll be filthy rich within the next ten minutes or so.

 P.S: I'd like to continue my rantings, but commonsense decree that all things should have a limit.