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Thursday, 9 August 2012

Le Océan d'Auguste

Seems like broken French, but meh... Anyway, 9th of August is now and my recent trip today to the East Coast beach managed to inspire me to do this not-so-Singapura piece of poetry. Partially inspired by a far more idealistic version of the Ironborn (cue A Song of Ice and Fire again. In particular Theon Greyjoy). Plus this tune where the seafarers' feel is the only reason why i put it in.


Now for the real deal.

Cared not for the solitude of my own
Bathed by winds upon a lonely rock
Barges and longboats alike formed a line
As I dreamt of mundane moments merely hours ago
Hounds without malice trotted by
A rocky trail heated my soles without blood drawn true
Sands awash caressed my calves
Emerald waves brought forth laughter's gift
From lads and fillies to babes and old
My sense greeted by sights of all
A beat skipped then in my true red heart
As a Gryphon hovered with a banner loft
Eagles screamed with their soaring pride
Forget never our fathers' pledge
Gone were they, yet alive and true
Pillars of old called a legacy
Summed up in words as a bow of strength
Held in my hand with arrows true
Whom shall be the maid years may promise forth
Such a futile quest I still scoff
For I knew the horn blared by hardened folks
Leaping forth, I greeted my comrades old
Set the sails and care not a mocker's cold!”
Hence the answer
Aye! And he who sneer greet be he who drown!”
Ballistae manned by forefathers' pride
As a roar bellowed to horizons true
A mere name is Sea Lion's flag
For we know not another rest