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Friday, 31 August 2012

Something really SG'bola from a yaowkui [1] truly SG'bola...

So apparently. this will be a really boliao [2] post. I don't mind any non-SG'bola blokes and gals going ??? over this. But in case any darers want to tread further in...there will be annotations come the end.

Apparently, why I chose to pull this crazy stunt was down to some really weird twists in the Makan Day and I truly hated my solar paneled GSM phone for once. Solar panel as pantat [3], so what?! Can't take photo of my or'caitaokuay [4]... wtf man?! :(

Sorry if I sound lagi [5] vulgar here. It's just that today has been really hectic.

Which goes something like...

First thing in the morning, Uncle ah-Gun finally release that much dreaded ammo liao [6]. Some more I reply back like a gong-kia. Nothing wrong, right? Only daiji [7] is that NEARBY GOT A LAGI TRICKY DEPT. Siaoliao. Come next day, hope Big Boss, Melayu [8] Boss and Ang-moh [9] Boss don't bua gu you [10] on my pantat.

Secondly, work too kisiao. For some funny reason, DDR got a far lesser influx of business. Either that or I still blur cock. [11]

Thirdly, I was like "alamak buay hiu lah! go makan or'caitaokuay@117 Ang-suah" [12]

Can you imagine the kind of cloud 9 I was in when I reached 117? I take MRT to Angsuah station, then I walked like siaokao with a lagi good directional sense. [13] ALL the way to 117 Angsuah where I finally got reunited with my or'caitaokuay.

And this is where the fun starts. We all know Diner en Blanc still went ahead as per planned, PR nightmare or no nightmare. People are starting to upload their makan pics in FB where in fact I'm still cursing my own lack of funds to buy a decent phone. [14]

Yet, it seems that the black carrot cake still tastes the same. Bloody damned hojiak [15], bloody damned shiok [16].

Now this is part of my childhood memories back when I was just a kid. My primary school then was called Henderson Primary School. You guys don't have to search where it is. Whole thing got demolished in place of the current Gan Eng Seng Primary School, which incidentally is somewhere quite a distance off.

Apparently, my principal was lying when she said HPS is not going to move away. But hey! We're all kids back then! And besides, HPS was only history upon this lobo moving up to another lobo school called Gan Eng Seng. [17]

Okay, enough on the digressing here. Why the black carrot cake is so delicious in my memories is down to two things: the sweet black sauce and scrambled eggs. The former tastes just as mild and addictive like the olden days, the latter still that aromatic and smooth as ever. If there's anything to go by, the portions got shrunk. [18] Another nitpicky factor I've got is that the chilli didn't taste as strong like last time round. But who am I to complain? Stereotypical Singaporeans like to do that, but then again no one has ever accused the stereotypical American of being clever or the stereotypical Aussie of being non-racist. Am I part of the stereotypical order? Maybe you should try asking Mogga why he ended up quitting alcohol altogether. Anti-stereotypes are soooo~ underrated.

Okay, sorry for getting out of topic. So onto all the good stuff. When I whiffed the aromatic dish, I got propelled back to ten plus to twenty years back. A lot of locals tend to say that a lot of our food quality had dropped, but to me, that moustache uncle still looked as healthy, alive and kicking.

Hence, is it any wonder that Uncle 117 Angsuah has yet to lost his touch? [19] I don't know him personally, but I still remember him personally. And I think he got a grown up son now. Far older than me also. Now remember what I've said on HPS? 117 is just nearby to that old site and I still remember a couple of my old khakis living at the nearby block. [20]

It took me quite a bit of effort to locate that stall though. The hawker centre is still there, but it got renovated by now. So imagine how long it took me to locate a stall with the history, but not the current header board. Actually, it didn't take that much effort since I still remember the moustache. And the black carrot cake still tasted the same. If I can snag a gf in the future, I suspect I'll bring her there to makan. :)

Now I suspect that there's some kind of ancestral policy behind the sauce. It tastes so sweet, yet so mild. It's like... erm... I don't know how to describe it. Just check out that stall beside the dessert stall. You know... like:

l  lo
The stall is marked with the "O".
O for or'caitaokuay or black carrot cake.

Interestingly enough, my first impression of the stall was his late father (R.I.P). That was my first taste of the dish. And there's no turning back. Come to think of it, maybe his eventual death had something to do with the chilli not that strong and spicy now. T.T
Now on the scrambled eggs. Let me tell you that once it got scrambled on the wok, it stays whole. One whole piece on the plate. I've said it before that it's aromatic and smooth. It can just slide down your throat and the aroma will stay in your taste buds and brains. The texture is really smooth despite being cooked as one whole lump needless to say.

As for the black bits (for the lack of a better term. Uncle, paiseh. [21] T_T), it's pretty soft. Okay, that's what carrot cake is all about, so just ignore this piece. Now where do I continue?
Bzt, brain farted. Sorry. x.x

I admit I tend to judge with my heart in this kind of gourmet talk.

There's a getai at another nearby area. Parked within a big ass parking area to be exact. All I can remember are two things:

1. "lonzong dio samman" [22]

2. That sweet looking chiobu [23] with legs at the void deck whom I've passed by.

[1]: Hungry ghost. Or hungry fellow in practical terms.
[2]: Bored as in nothing better to do.
[3]: Backside (or more bluntly put, the ass)
[4]: Black Carrot Cake. But you guys should have known by now.
[5]: Very
[6]: Already
[7]: Problem
[8]: Malay
[9]: Foreigner. He might not be truly one though due to his name having something to do with Wales itself
[10]: Spreading butter all over. Means getting interrogated
[11]: A guy who get easily confused/misled
[12]: Makan means eating or food. "Alamak buayhiu lah" means don't care anymore. Ang-suah means Red Hill. Specifically this
[13]: Dogs back then during the kampung days had a ridiculously sharp sense of direction. It's been said that they can find their way back to your house if you decide that abandoning your (ex) best friend is the way to go.
[14]: And to think that my colleagues already have I-Phones/Android/Samsung/whatever. If even an auntie can get one with a pay no different from mine, it means that I'm a failure. -.-'
[15]: Delicious
[16]: Satisfying
[17]: This is just a joke made in the face of all things education during the 90s. And besides, Gan Eng Seng might be an ah-beng school back then, but it's nowhere near lobo standard. Lobo - Lazy bastard.
[18]: Ask any Singaporean and he will tell you how much inflation has screwed the country. Lol even our Government had said so countless times before.
[19]: One of the two things in common Uncle had with Sakaguchi Hironobu. The other one being recognizable via the moustache.
[20]: Junjie was the one who introduced me to gaming via the old school Street Fighter 2 (way before the New Challengers hit the deck). Weizhong was that one lobo who unwittingly taught this lobo here on how to swear.
[21]: Sorry
[22]: (Everyone)getting traffic summon tickets
[23]: Pretty girl/lady. Incidentally, I think she's a local Singaporean. See? I still prefer SG girls! [24]
[24]: To Private Ryan, YouTube Man, Salty Fish, Danny.L.Glover, LYK and lastly but not least, 小胖 - You all don't have to laugh at my SDU status, because I know you all will get hitched far sooner than me. Pastor T will be all-too-ready for pre-marriage counseling if needed to. So yeah, I'll be laughing at all you lobos and myself as well. :P