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Monday, 20 August 2012

On that guy in my (ex) FB profile pic...

I don't profess to know everything mainly because this post was done without first person experience with the books. In fact I've already screwed up on Chapter Jon XIII in A Dance With Dragons. So yeah, that truly says a lot. At the same time, I've just woken up, hence sucks to be me.

Swearing ahead. Proceed with caution especially if you're under 16.
You've been warned under the rules of e-democracy. Fullstop.
So where should we start? Let's start from square one. No theories on his parentage here though. That will be covered later. Firstly, we all know Ned brought him to the Stark household post Robert's Rebellion. Interestingly enough, his life wasn't really that bad in House Stark. Robb truly got along well with him [1] and Arya was especially close to him. I believe Bran would be a close number three while Rickon is still an unknown. Sansa? Well, things could have ended up differently if not for the fact that she's naive little bitch. [2]

Yet at the same time, we all know that Catelyn doesn't like him, for she sees him as proof of Ned's infidelity. Of course whether it's true or not is something we don't know as of yet. But if there's anything to go by, such an act from Ned himself might be the decisive factor behind Jon taking the black. A lot has been said on Uncle Benjen [3] being that decisive factor, but to me, everything was kicked into motion when Ned decided to bring Jon home.

And let's just face it, guys. No noble House would ever pull off a Ned Stark here. Not even Oberyn himself by my own guess. [4] But regardless of Ned's intentions, such an act would only alienate Jon right from the get-go. Simply put, Benjen was merely that much needed catalyst compared to Ned being the actual cause.

Firstly, let me just say that without the leadership genius called Tyrion Lannister (and he's truly that proven leader no different from Tywin himself extent in ability wise), there wouldn't be a Jon Snow so as to speak. A lot has been said on his leadership capabilities making blokes like Alliser Thorne feeling like the man whores they should truly be. But if there's anything to go by, without Tyrion's trolling during A Game of Thrones, Jon wouldn't truly have an inkling of idea on what taking the black truly means. In fact, it's sufficient to say that an unintentional trolling from a legitimate Lannister might have it's own constructive effect on a bastard Stark. [4]

We all know Jon's character and it's truly something to behold. Despite having to make morally painful decisions, he still remains steadfast. [5] I suspect Tyrion's trolling might have been that one tiny spark igniting Jon's duty towards the Watch. Apparently, Jon did know something due to Tyrion's words. Needless to say, being mutually inclined to personal responsibility had made two members of two mutually feuding Houses being two of a kind. [6]

Ah, Ghost. Who can ever forget that badass critter in white? A lot has been said on Jon seeing Ghost as no different from himself due to genetics gone totally awry. When Jon managed to convince Ned to let his siblings keep the pups [7], no one knew that Ghost exists, let alone detecting the poor little bugger gone missing.

By wandering off all by itself, Ghost actually exhibited a trait that we all all too familiar with: Jon's incredible maturity. Let's just face it, my friends. It's apparent that Ghost HAD to fend for himself back then just as how Jon's life would pan out years later. Which is most likely why Jon claimed Ghost when Theon Greyjoy [8] decided that killing that poor little bugger should be the best course of action for whatever personal reasons intended. Perhaps it's down to his life as a pup. Or maybe it has some funny connections to the Children of the Forest...

On his Warg bond, I think it's something not really that simple as in the "one out a thousand" probability. That would most likely be cases like Arya's. [9] If such a deduction is legit, then Jon will definitely be a character so much more (And I'll touch on that during the imminent part on his possible fate post-mutiny). It might be Jon, it might be Ghost. Or perhaps more than likely both if you guys get what I'm trying to say here. ;)

Firstly, I think we can conclude that Jon is an extremely able fighter. Uncle Benjen might have a hand in his training, but I don't know to be frank. Also, he's a moron in socializing. I hate to be that politically incorrect as a fellow Snow, but if you can afford to mutually barrack those around you where it won't do a dime for your own future, something is wrong somewhere. If I want to be kind, I can call it an epic fail amounting to a resurgence of the Emo Rights Movement. If I want to be a jerk, I'll blame Catelyn. [10] Of course I'd like to single Alliser Thorne out as a man whore in this case, but I think that would be too much. [11]

Donal Noye has to claim a vital credit at this point of time. There's no doubting that Jon would be a good leader. Someone who will even shame the likes of Renly, Robert and Stannis combined. [12] In fact, I would call Jon an untamed bastard at that point of time and it's really true. The cold hard truth, my friends. If Donal had never told Jon off, there would never be a 998th Lord Commander of the Night's Watch to start off with. Period.

At the very core of his struggles however, was that one thing called life. Firstly, he's still struggling with his old life back during the War of Five Kings. And to be frank, can we be too harsh on him upon knowing that a certain Ser Pussy had trolled and mocked his father? Just because Alliser himself has always been a certified cunt doesn't really mean anything in terms of whether Jon was right in being utterly immature back then. Of course I'd be a liar if I say Tyrion's barbed advice didn't truly register in Jon's head by then.

Thankfully, Donal's advice saved Jon. Because without that Baratheon smith, no one would care a two cents worth on whether Jon would join Robb or not, let alone any possibility of death. [13] Of course we all know that Lord Jeor Mormont had a sharp eye for talent. Despite Jon being drawn into a Steward's lot, this is not to say he got a biased treatment. Yes, he's a good fighter. But he's a far better leader than being a soldier.

Firstly and foremost, he has that kind of charisma possibly forged by a worse-than-humble life as a House bastard. Simply put, he knew the pains of being a pariah not by choice and we all know what the brothers in black stand for.

Yes, he chose to leave the comfort of House Stark, but we need to understand that a bastard will always be one, Ned or no Ned. If Ned was still alive, Jon could still survive his lot. Upon Ned certified dead, who would protect him? Robb? Arya? Any of the other three siblings? Sorry to all Tully fans, but I suspect Catelyn would rather ask Petyr Baelish to shag Sansa into submission than to seeing this happening. [14]

Of course Jon still has his own beliefs far more akin to a fighter cum field leader. Simply put, he's someone not afraid to make harsh decisions as a leader. His act of valour to save Lord Jeor Mormont was a sign of things to come. Against a Wight, Jon never gave a single damn.

Courage wise, it could be said that he's no different from Robb. As that most rightful gift, Longclaw was given to Jon.
A bastard sword for bastard borne.
Of course we all know Longclaw's value as an ancestral blade forged from Valyrian steel. In a very symbolic sense, this was to be an apt statement to Jon's value both as a brother in black and a human being, but not truly the kind of bastard despised by an anal society built upon status and power alone.

And lastly, I think I speak for commonsense when I say he's a very good multi-tasker. Simply put, Stewards are supposed to multi-task because they are the logistic unit within the Watch compared to the Rangers (combat unit) and the Builders (maintenance unit). We all understand the youngsters nowadays know how to multi-task due to social evolution. But believe me when I say none of us can and will be able to fulfill the kind of heavy responsibilities truly demanded from a Steward. In a very real sense, we can likened the Builders to the heart and the Rangers the very spine, but Stewards themselves will always be the brain itself.

In fact, I wouldn't be surprised to see a Steward overseeing any event of undergoing siege. Xiao He was Liu Bang's chief logistic minister back then and if not for his efforts, the Han dynasty wouldn't be materialized even though latter generations tend to laud Zhang Liang and Han Xin way much more.

If there's anything truly admirable about Jon, it will be this: A willing heart to learn and take personal responsibility. At the very beginning, Jon was no more than delinquent and a troll. [15]

Of course since Alliser wasn't too amused towards being anti-trolled by Lil' Jon, that little fella managed to learn his place with humility. And that is the greatest beauty within his character. More often than not, honour and duty can never go hand-in-hand if we're talking about Westeros. Jon knew it and he's willing to take himself to task on EVERY decision made.

Are they morally ambiguous? Yes, as per proven by how he was forced to kill Qhorin Halfhand. Despite being falsely accused by a pair walking pussies [16], never mind an immense credit rightfully earned in defending Castle Black, he didn't kick up a ruckus. He's no emo like Uchiha Sasuke and neither are we gonna hear him yell like Uzumaki Naruto himself. Again, we have to credit Tyrion and Donal (plus Maester Aemon in case I forget to put him in again. -.-) for that.

Once an emo, never forever to be an emo.

Ah, Ygritte. Finally the most interesting part of Jon Snow's life. Or should we call it a failure instead? Let's just face it: It was under Qhorin's orders that Jon had to go undercover. Simply put, Jon was a victim of circumstances and nothing more. In fact, sparing Ygritte out of self volition would have an indirect effect on Jon being able to survive as the spy. By testifying for Jon's innocence in front of Mance Rayder, Ygritte finally scored with Jon literally. But that's besides the point. What I'm trying to say is this: Jon refused Ygritte's advances despite him finding her unconventionally beautiful.

Because as a brother in black, he can't broke the vow of chastity. Love will create unwanted distractions to the code of the Watch itself. Which is duty. [17] In fact, the Watch has always been wholly apolitical in nature due to the necessity in surviving. They do not take any sides in all things politics, be it the North or the Southern end.

So did Jon truly love Ygritte? I truly believe so. But yet, he had to make that morally ambiguous choice here: Either for love and condemn his fellow brothers or helping them and sacrificing the woman he loved as the result. Neither were favourable to Jon. It's a damned-either-way dual-choice question. But no one ever said that choices in life has been fair. It's a horrendous decision filled with horrendous trauma suffered.

Jon betrayed Ygritte due to choosing the latter option. He knew such was to come and he had to man up to it. If there's anything to go by, giving up the ghost post-Defence of Castle Black would mean his decision is a farce, a sacrifice made for nothing. Is he being too harsh on himself? Yes, but that's what make Jon Snow Jon Snow.

A good leader is someone not afraid to make hard choices. A good king is someone who have the courage to admit his flaws and hold himself accountable for every choice made. Had not for the fact that he's a bastard, Jon would be the most worthy king. Because it takes a great deal of courage to face up to your enemies and a far greater amount to face up to yourself. [18]

Stannis Baratheon. Despite the fact that he's a one pattern zealot, we really have to say that if not for his intervention, Jon would have to kill Mance Rayder, i.e. the worst possible situation given his impact come A Dance with Dragons. Yet Jon knew that honour had never mixed well with nepotism or favours.

Firstly, his refusal to house the Baratheon forces within the Gift was a no-brainer. It had nothing to with Stannis' men who think that acting like a bunch of wankers is the best way to express your gratitude. [19] Yes the Watch was severely under-strength, but should he accede to Stannis' request, not only would it break the Watch's vows of being non-partisan, but above all, that would make Jon a traitor. Simply put, the Night's Watch would be crushed at any moment upon any given mistake.

Another plausible complication is this: What Stannis wanted was the land, NOT the Watch. Yes, he held a very rigid view on justice and honour. Yes, he would reluctantly sacrifice Jon and everyone in the Watch if it means being able to pull one over Aegon or just about any military/political rivals.

That's the Westeros' Dream for you all. No matter how rigid is Stannis' persona, he's not a fool once push comes to shove. His military strength is such that he cannot do anything on a standalone basis. He needs allies, be it the Watch or just about any noble Houses flocking under the sole Baratheon banner in order to topple the Lannister dynasty or/and repelling Aegon's forces. And this is NOT taking into account Daenerys Targaryen herself. [20]

But Jon still stuck to his personal honour as a Northerner where Stannis was concerned. Indeed, he wasn't a happy Baratheon [21] come the end of the day. However, Jon still did his King Saul a service when he advised Stannis on how to secure the Northern mountain clans' loyalty.

Due to the resultant alliance forged, Stannis managed to convert his political victory into a literal one where retaking Deepwood Motte was merely a part of the bigger picture. House Glover and House Mormont pledging their allegiance IS the real deal since that would have effectively bolstered Stannis' army and regional clout.

Apparently, Jon's lingering attachment with Ned would returned to haunt him. Upon knowledge of a fake Arya Stark slated to marry Ramsay Bolton, Jon enlisted Mance's help to bail her out. Because we all know the Watch could never be mobilized in response for all the obvious reasons.

Upon being taunted by Ramsay's letter as a result of some cock up unforeseeable by Melisandre, Jon pretty much blew his own fuse.

Firstly, the title "Bastard" would insinuate a derisive attitude made towards Jon since Ramsay had already been recognized as a legitimate Bolton by then unlike his previous status as a bastard.

Secondly, by boasting over Mance's capture and subsequent humiliation, Jon's sense of honour and self-guilt would have goaded him into action anyway.

Reason three would be that annoying little bugger's boast on defeating of Stannis and his forces within seven days (read: sheer bullshitting as per proven by The Winds of Winter sneak peek chapter).

And lastly, his threats on destroying the Watch should Jon refuse his demands.

Factor two to four will be the vital spark to the powder keg. Mance's part requires no further explanation. Stannis' "fate" however forced Jon into a decision  Should he sacrificed a chosen few to preserve his life and the Watch? Or should he risk everything including his vows?

Jon chose the latter, he had to face the consequences. Because he broke the vow which should never be broken. The Ygritte episode was a forced compromise proven right. Not this time round though. Yes, he did state that only the truly willing should ride with him and the wildlings heeded his call. But make no mistakes about it. Treason is treason. That's why the mutiny happened. Because Jon made the wrong decision, he had to pay for it with his life should Fate deem it to be so.

As it turned out, Melisandre's vision was true. Jon failed to heed her plea and he had to pay for it. Of course due to her dubious nature, he couldn't bring himself to trust her hundred percent, but as one fellow ASOIAF blogger, Stefan Sasse has stated, this seems like the Red Wedding all over again. And guess who was the victim back then?


Of course one interesting sidestory is Stannis offering to make Jon the legit Lord of Winterfell via the title name of Jon Stark. Yet Jon refused despite knowledge of him having a far easier life without any implications.

Why? To me, it's down to his Northern honour. He knew what he had sacrificed so much for. Not because that's his lot, but rather he had now deemed his brothers in black as his ACTUAL brothers.

The emo factor was merely George R.R Martin's way of developing an actual victim of incessant bullying into an actual leader of real men that we're seeing now.

There's no way he could leave them hanging dry.
On one hand, there are those like Samwell Tarley and Bowen Marsh. People whose loyalty demanded a relevant responsibility.
On the other, there will always be shit stirrers like Janos Slynt and Alliser Thorne asking for a boot forced into their asses.
There's no way Jon will throw away his principles. Because that's the reason behind his purpose in life and the story itself. Or rather the only reason why he existed in the first place, be it in-plot or in-character.

 Would it be a longshot to say Alliser Thorne has a hand in inciting Bowen Marsh and co?

Firstly, Bowen Marsh was someone displeased with Jon personally.
Yet, he's an able leader because he could separate the truly personal from the truly important.
The fact that he disliked Jon didn't mean a dime.
Case in point: he didn't agree with Jeor Mormont's decision on the ranging front, yet he still followed the orders.
But Alliser Thorne on the other hand, is truly a traitor in making.
Firstly, he's truly butt sore over the fact that Jon was a far more worthy leader than him. It's not that he's a corrupted bastard, just that he's merely a prideful bastard.
In fact, the one and only corrupted bastard Janos Slynt was pretty much officially dead via official beheading. [22]

So now comes the biggest question: What will Alliser stand to gain from this?

To me, the answer is very simple. There's something Jon had that he wanted. The mantle of leadership; the next Lord Commander. Given his seniority, he would have a certain hold on the internal workings had not for Jon's presence among the younger lads.

Case in point: back when Jeor was still alive, Jon could already command the respect of his true blue brothers in black. Not a mere feat of luck, but try telling Alliser that. Such a petty asshole would have nothing of that.
Again, let me repeat that he's not a corrupted bastard by default.
Just that he can't accept that ex-victim of his constant bullying being elevated above himself upon rightful merit.

Add Note: Still remember that one episode where Tyrion agreed to give Alliser his own pick of recruits from the dungeons last time round? Yes, Chekhov's Gun ftmfw.

P.S: Kids, do understand that Thou Shalt Not Steal. Alliser is a bloody thief. A bloody plagiarizer in parallel terms.

Weird Note: Odds on Alliser dead on the spot via a sudden stroke: 1/200. Someone should just try asking the trollolols from New Nation SG to try imagining how they should go about doing that lol!

A political deal necessary for the Watch's survival. Despite such a decision invoking the Watch's displeasure, this wasn't technically treason. Treating with Tormund Giantsbane was something truly needed to bolster the numbers to fortify the Wall. Due to the nature of The Great Ranging and the resultant tragic failure [23], Jon knew that there are things far more serious than petty skirmishes with the Free Folk.

In fact, Jon didn't really play the nice guy as his chosen SOP [24] and that's because he's far more intelligent than his fellow commanders.

In a very real sense, his gift of foresight might have alienated him from the higher circles of leadership at that point of time since stupid people can't coexist with the truly intelligent ones.

Add Note: In fact come to think of it, wasn't that the reason why Alliser had always been complaining through an open anus? Just ask Jon. Or rather just ask yourselves why Jon was so absurdly gifted in terms of battlefield insight.
Is it any wonder that Martin chose to keep mum on that? Now allow me to quote some interesting excerpts from Stefan Sasse's blog (Every excerpt will be marked in italics and brackets).

Also, note that I do NOT know this guy personally, so please don't ask any stupid questions.

[The first matter to discuss is, of course, Jon's fate. Is he dead? There are basically three possibilities how it can go. First, Martin really killed Jon off, he's dead and the Night's Watch goes to hell. This is possible, but not very likely. Second, Jon is not dead, but mortally wounded. Since Tormund, Melisandre and others came out of the hall after him, they could have secured him after the fourth step, and Melisandre worked some magic or stuff that saved him. Or, third possibility, and the most likely, Jon is dead and will return somehow. For the latter, there are again basically three possibilities. The first is that Jon will return as an Other, turning the story somewhat upside down. Second, he is kissed back to life by Melisandre like it was done by Thoros. Or third, he wargs into Ghost, and instead of leading a second life like Varamyr, he somehow returns into his body.]

Now let me first address the core of Jon's value as a character. The Night's Watch. Without the Watch, there will be NO value in Jon Snow as a vital POV character. Likewise, without Jon, the brothers in black would be merely a bunch of plot fodder. Quite obviously, what we're seeing from Martin is this: a mutual link forged in a common purpose.

Hence, I feel that option 1 is not truly viable as that will destroy the Night's Watch's plot value, which Ser Martin had painstakingly built up over time, i.e. in Stefan's own logic, the Night's Watch goes to hell even with the presence of the Others being accounted as the pivotal antagonists. [25]
Likewise, Jon's death would not have any impact on the plot itself due to A Song of Ice and Fire being a high fantasy series deeply steeped in political machination.

Option two is far more likely, but not really that much if there's anything to go by from option three
Number three will be the most interesting part of them all.

Firstly, there's NO way Jon will return as an Other since there's no reason for Martin to do this. For starters, we do NOT know how the Others came to be. We know the Wights come from dead people, but the Others are a whole boat load of enigma. [26]
Presumably, the Great Other will have some kind of vital link with the Others, but that's something only in name. [27]

Second option here will be something far truer to the realistic nature of the plot and characters thus far, but the most interesting part is this...

[I strongly opt for the last opportunity. I think that the basic outlay was done for that, especially in Melisandre's vision of "man becomes wolf becomes man again". The concept of skinchanging in general was very much emphazised in the book, and we also learned that Jon has really strong capabilities, although denied and undeveloped. So he might be of a level with Bran, therefore able to do some serious stuff.]

Warging into Ghost is no tall task because supposedly, Ghost might not be an ordinary dire wolf.

Firstly, it's stated via Jon's observation that his eyes resembled the faces carved by the Children of the Forest on the weirwood trees.

Secondly, his uncanny insight even as a beast seemed to be pointing towards a certain level of self awareness that no readers are aware of. Leading Jon to a cache of dragonglass weapons might seem like a coincidence, but what if Ghost had an instinctive knowledge on what such weapons are capable of?

In A Storm of Swords, Ghost went on a prolonged MIA status and we think this might just be another freak occurrence. Yeah right~

If you think it's a freak coincidence, then you might have been trolled by G.R.R Troll big time. [28]

In short, it's utterly absurd for a wild beast to lose its way in the wilds. You can ask any decent Christian wildlife scientist and he/she can tell you that I'm NOT lying here.
Although I'm not too sure on whether being able to sense Nymeria and Shaggydog was merely a factor of mutual ties or something so much more. [29]

Firstly, allow me to apologize for the above title. It's not that I hate Melisandre. Just that I find it funny on how psychedelic her visions can really get even unto the point where she got occasionally fooled as well. [30]

[Typically for Martin, the prophecy is solved: Marsh's tears provide the salt, Jon's smoking wounds the smoke, and Ser Patrek was certainly bleeding with his big star embroidered all over his clothing. It's not as strong as other fulflillments we find in Dany, but it's a small hole that was left and carefully hidden by Martin, surely not by accident.]

On the reborn part of the prophecy, it's really interesting to ask ourselves a very (not so) weird question: What if Jon warged into Ghost? While it is stated that the skinchanger will only experience "True Death" if his human body dies, rebirth in such a context could mean a two way warging trip here, read: he went soul jump mode before stab no.4.

In fact due to the "one out of thousand" probability, it's extremely likely that no one knew of Jon's status as a skinchanger.

If so, then it could be concurred that no mutineer would see Ghost as a threat if they think Jon is dead.

Of course if Jon is still alive and saved under a comatose state (which is very likely due to the confusion caused by Wun Wun's sudden rage and the very fact that Jon didn't feel the fourth stab), then everything will fall into place automatically.

Now let me just say that whatever Bran has seen on Ned's guilt might not be that simple as Jon truly being his bastard son.

Firstly, praying for Catelyn's forgiveness would indeed have a direct tie with his hopes that Jon and Robb will get along fine and close like real brothers.

The only catch? The Targaryens will always be regarded as the enemy.

Simply put, should Jon truly be Lyanna and Rhaegar's love child, then Ned's very hopes would be far more poignant compared to say like... a simple case of fathering a bastard kid? At least I won't put it past Ned to say "fuck it" and leave due to a stubborn sense of rigid honour.

Simply put, whenever we looked back on his self-reproach towards his sister's death with Howland Reed being that only other person knowing what we do not know of, loads of ambiguity will start popping out like a bunch of blue winter roses growing out of nowhere within the courtyard of Winterfell.

But perhaps the most cynical evidence countering the cynics is this:

[Viserys, was her first thought the next time she paused, but a second glance told her otherwise. The man had her brother’s hair, but he was taller, and his eyes were a dark indigo rather than lilac. “Aegon,” he said to a woman nursing a new
born babe in a great wooden bed. “What better name for a king?”

“Will you make a song for him?” the woman asked.

“He has a song,” the man replied. “He is the prince that was promised, and his is the song of ice and fire.” He looked up when he said it and his eyes met Dany’s, and it seemed as if he saw her standing there beyond the door. “There must be one more,” he said, though whether he was speaking to her or the woman in the bed she could not say. “The dragon has three heads.” He went over to the window seat, picked up a harp, and ran his fingers lightly over its silvery strings. Sweet sadness filled the room as man and wife and babe faded like the morning mist, only the music lingering behind to speed her on her way.]

Now we all know that's between Rhaegar and Elia where Aegon was just conceived.

Most damning question: is it truly a given that Daenerys would be that third head Rhaegar spoke of?
I truly doubt so. It's not as if he's a prophet who knows something that we don't.
Since Dany is part of his family, why did Rhaegar invoke the Targaryen crest in reference to Aegon himself?

Surely it will make much better sense to link the three heads with his three children!

Lest we forget, Elia had two kids: the elder Rhaenys and the newly born Aegon. If we are to go by the natural logic, surely Rhaegar was referring to that unknown kid number three?

If that's truly the case, then we don't have to look anywhere further. Period. For all we know, Godric Borell might be truly lying for personal reasons yet to be outed.

Add Note: It's also being speculated that the three heads of the Targaryen crest are basically Dany, Jon, and Tyrion. This was something much recent I've came across on the FB social media [31] and it really makes for interesting conjecture, read: Tyrion's oft mentioned stature in-plot and how Tywin viewed Tyrion's status.

Some more add note: Of course given how Cersei was spiraling into a sense of thundering insanity by time she told Jaime about his possible birth, we can effectively give her words that middle finger. Not that the Thunderslut of House Lannister deserves anything decent anyway...

Final add note: If so, then where will Jon's place go given Aegon's status? I truly doubt Elia would be that altruistic to reject Varys' advice in switching the infants. Ser Martin is a creative foreign talent, not someone working for MediaCorp. [32]

Night gathers, and now my watch begins.
It shall not end until my death.
I shall take no wife, hold no lands, father no children.
I shall wear no crowns and win no glory.
I shall live and die at my post.
[I am the sword in the darkness.]
I am the watcher on the walls.
[I am the fire that burns against the cold, the light that brings the dawn,] the horn that wakes the sleepers, the shield that guards the realms of men.
I pledge my life and honor to the Night's Watch, for this night and all nights to come.

This is the vow of the Night's Watch. Let's just ignore the speculation on whether Azor Ahai was the founding Lord Commander. Let's just add two (Jon Snow) and two (The Night's Watch) together. End of story.

Final Note: The above final part is the best proof of me being a Snow rather than a half assed wannabe analyst. Believe it at your own risk due to whatever I've said on the Tyrion part.

Add final note: Actually come to think of it, why did Jon have that funny dream come A Dance With Dragons? I know it has something to do with the Three Eyed Crow, but it only serves to muddy the waters due to ambiguity in the us-vs-them logic should the Great Other truly have anything to do with Brynden "Bloodraven" Rivers. Now I've got YET another idea  on a brand new anal-lysis on Jon Snow. >.<

[1]: And just to set the record straight, after the Battle of Winterfell, Robb made a truly damning suggestion.
[2]: In fact, guess who's the one ratting Ned out? Thankfully, Ser Sandor Clegane gave her that Almighty King's Landing Bitch Slap. Fullstop.
(Note: Nothing political intended despite me being a double confirmed political cynic)
[3]: I swear that if I hear another fella stating that Benjen IS Coldhands, I'll strangle him. Because that's utter bullshit.
[4]: Which now comes to the big question on whether House Stark will hit a certain political deal with House Lannister come the final book 7. Ser Martin might have created an accidental cock up on the tentative title.
[5]: Guess what caused Robb's freak death under a timely freak means?
[6]: I won't call this an irony because Tywin was a whoring hypocrite above being Joanna's loyal spouse.
[7]: Further proof pointing to Sansa being dumb bitch back then
[8]: Actually come to think of it, Theon should have tried marrying Asha and Jeyne Poole at the same time. Now if only Kyra is still alive... Theon, you lucky bastard.
[9]: The probability factor is most likely true for Bran as well in terms of his budding Greenseer status. Until we realized that G.R.R Troll has yet trolled us again because Euron "Crow's Eye" Greyjoy is indisputably the greatest badass troll together with Yuuki Terumi from BlazBlue.
[10]: Although Mad Cat has gotta be the greatest bitch alive and still-greatest bitch necro'ed.
[11]: And just to set the record straight, Jon Connington is a gay, not a man whore.
[12]: Although we'll have to give it to the Baratheons for not having a good track record of being kings.
[13]: If a naive character like Brienne can get a near-death experience, it gets to say something serious.
[14]: At the risk of sounding anal, I'll have to say that the priority order of House Tully can be equally anal. Just like all things Westeros. Okay, that's a hyperbole.
[16]: And we all know who by now anyway.
[17]: The difference between a boy and a man.
[18]: Ten points for Neville Longbottom? Trollololol!!!!! Now allow me to fanwank Jon Snow X Emma Watson even though this is an absurdity at the highest order. O.O
[19]: Most interesting question - How long will it take Stannis to pull off a Davos Seaworth, only to realize that Davos had always been far more of a just man like his lord?
[20]: Because we know a Targaryen alliance will be on the cards. Aegon X Dany=Daemon Blackfyre X Princess Daenerys? Now this might be considered as legal unlike my Jon Snow X Emma Watson deal.
[21]: But then again the only gay Baratheon is now six feet underground literally.
[22]: A direct karma is a good karma. And to think Ned getting executed by Ilyn Payne wielding Ice was one of the most ironic shit ever.
[23]: If seeing Jeor Mormont getting killed by a bunch of disgruntled traitors isn't tragic, you're a sick bastard.
[24]: But technically speaking, this isn't SOP. It's called Modus Operandi.
[25]: Come to think of it, who was the sole founding father of the Night's Watch? Azor Ahai?
[26]: "The Others are not dead. They are strange, beautiful… think, oh… the Sidhe made of ice, something like that… a different sort of life… inhuman, elegant, dangerous."
I didn't say that. Blame Ser G.R.R Martin himself.
[27]: Actually, a lot of unknown shit shouldn't be read via literal means. I think Ser Martin actually said something about prophecies not being literal in nature.
[28]: Of course on a major hindsight, we've been trolled quite a countless many time by the same Ser Trollolol. 
[29]: Summer going beyond the Wall in this context might be something far more plot-oriented than the standard "Hey! It's only the distance, man!" kinda freak.
[30]: And to think how she came to conclude Stannis was Azor Ahai back then.
[31]: Proof that any anti-social media propaganda is a bloody lie until you end up realizing that every shit you posted online will be there for good. Incriminating evidence against idiocy ftw.
[32]: Although to be fair, the overall quality in MediCorp 8 dramas and choice of casting seems to have hit a sudden spike although... well, it's MediaCorp that we're talking about anyway. -_-
The North Remembers...

Burning shafts hissed upward, trailing tongues of fire. Scarecrow brothers tumbled down, black cloaks ablaze. "Snow," an eagle cried, as foemen scuttled up the ice like spiders. Jon was armored in black ice, but his blade burned red in his fist. As the dead men reached the top of the Wall he sent them down to die again. He slew a greybeard and a beardless boy, a giant, a gaunt man with filed teeth, a girl with thick red hair. Too late he recognized Ygritte. She was gone as quick as she’d appeared.
[A Dance with Dragons: Chapter Jon XII]