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Tuesday, 21 August 2012

So apparently, a phenom is about to change his colours...

Josh McEachran signed for us on a 1 year loan. Apparently, talks have been going on pertaining a 6 month deal instead. Thankfully not. Because we truly need this Lil'Josh. Even if it's only for one season since I'll be the greatest retard ever bar Jinglebell [1] himself if I'm to say we will sign him post season should we get promoted. Just don't ask me how Mogga weaved his magic wand given the competition. Lucky old sod [2] had signed like... wtf near 10 blokes?

How we're gonna use Lil'Josh

Firstly and foremost, Josh isn't the the winger guy. He's no Muzzy [3] who can burn people alive with pace abound. Mogga has said it clearly: He's the type of fella who can control the ball [4] and do a Xavi/Sneijder. [5] So it's outright stupid to put him out wide. But still a few interesting possibilities:


CM 1  CM 2

LJ stands for Lil'Josh [6] and whoever are the two central mids [7] in front of him will have a very interesting movement play going for themselves. Simply put, LJ as the holding mid is a viable option since we'll be talking about a playmaker deployed deep. Yet on the other hand, movement from the two red blokes is a must. We need them two to track back for full 90 mins plus stoppage if LJ is to weave his magic. And the reason is very simple: He's no Thomson, he's no Arca. He's actually someone who can go forward and create play. For all we  know, he's not afraid to make tackles [8] plus he had a decent pace as well for a central mid. Therefore, we need two guys to cover our arse instead of one.

CM 1  CM 2


LJ being plonked in front of the two will mean that this is a far more straightforward formation. The two blokes will quite obviously have their movement range reduced ala zoning the middle park. That means LJ will have far better freedom to roam without any worries that the two fellas behind will cock up. Given how we tend to play our football [9], we can say it truly works.

CM 1  CM 2

WF 1                    WF 2



Alternatively, No.9 can be replaced with an orthodox striker [10]. Now this will be a far more cavalier approach as that will put LJ into the most forefront. The vital players will be the two wing forwards w/o any doubt. Off-the-ball, they will be truly needed to draw the defenders/midfielders away. With the ball, they can just proceed to do their customary stuff. Simply put, this is a bluff deployment where the two wing forwards need to be really intelligent in order to play that pair of living dummies. The two central blokes should just surge run whenever the opponents are showing signs of a defensive regroup. [11]

So for now, here concludes [12]. Sorry for such a short post. Apparently, I need to do something about my uncompleted latest chapter for A Ranger's Tale. [13]

[1]: Aegon Frey is a literal poor sod. The fact that he's born in House Frey wasn't his fault. Just like no one will want to be born as Osama Bin Laden's son.
[2]: Apparently, good things happen to nice guys after all. I should just give Mogga a bottle of fine wine one of these days just to express my congrats come his next wedding anniversary. Sadly, he never sipped a drop of alcohol ever since like donkey years back. A good role model for our SG youngsters here. Plus I won't have surplus money to burn anyway.
[3]: Muzzy is NOT a slur here. Go get a decent education if you think I'm being disrespectful towards Muslims. I suspect I may end up wielding Longclaw one of these days depending on how loud the dogs will bark online.
[4]: And the play as well. Chelsea didn't seal him a recent five year deal for nothing you know. Hopefully, someone upstairs don't screw this up.
[5]: Or to be far more accurately, Jack Wilshere. Yes, all you Gooners can go goner-mode on me now. :P
[6]: Apparently, only stupid people will put two and two together just to get a five. If you don't understand darker Hokkien, you're officially pardoned.
[7]: Most likely Bailey and Leadbitter. Plus Haroun as well since I don't see him as a wide/wing player.
[8]: Hopefully, he won't pull off a Lee Cattermole. He's a bloody good lad and player, but somebody will always go wrong on the pitch.
[9]: And just to set the record straight, I've finally realized why we lost that opener. Because we played worse than shit. 'Nuff said. T_T
[10]: Amazingly enough, we may have more of such players in our squad now. If only we can start seeing Curtis Main/Scott McDonald in action. :(
[11]: This is actually somewhat of your textbook stuff if we're talking about Sun Zi's Art of War. No joking.
[12]: If you think this is an actual URL, you're too dumb to live. Don't bother to do a Google here.
[13]: Lucky Thirteen hopefully. Apparently, that crazy Jon Snow analysis post have given me a focus drain. Prospects of doing one on Daenerys has officially given me the creeps and shivers. Jaime Lannister up next? I dunno srsly. :(