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Friday, 4 April 2014

How to be persona non grata (Pt 1)

Today while browsing today's TNP, I noticed two notable April Fool articles. The first one is something about Rosalyn Lee proving a thing or two when it comes to calling the bluff. The second article is all abt a certain Madam Yeti Bte Buang who is apparently fictional and part of the Noose cast.
Apparently Madam Yeti is officially part of the Noose canon, Bte Buang is my own way of telling uptight S'poreans that we can do w/o a society that's pretty much 90% politically correct. iirc things could have been worse once you switch on the TV and watch the news on Crimea and the current Korean ceasefire turning into crossfire.

And with the trollolol done, let's continue...
Recently in a previous TNP article, I discovered a certain Queen of Bloggers actually threw a superhero/heroine theme birthday party for her son. Now I do NOT profess to know anybody there b/c my life is still abt hard work and no life. Then said article actually reminded me of a certain Justice dated last year.
Don't we all love to live in an ideal world where superheroes and superheroines will always stand for justice? This is the stuff of fairy tales, something for the kids. The key word is "kids", sorry if I sound cynical b/c they say a person's past will impact his/her life. That plus I noticed my weight ballooning along the chin and waist.

So it means there's such a thing called cynical superheroes then!
The answer is sadly a resounding "yes". When the S-word pops up, I believe people tend to gravitate their standards towards the marvelous egos at DC and Marvel. For instance, the real Batman is actually much more cynical than Adam West donning the cape. Then we also have Wolverine going to Hell instead of Heaven since very few souls can reach the latter and Nightcrawler is actually one of the elite few. Thank goodness for 2014 and Amazing X-Men Vol 2.

Then we got the Cajun

If there is any superhero earning his keep via shady dealings, Remy LeBeau would be the number one pick together with a certain Wade Wilson. While playing Marvel Avengers Alliance, I noticed a certain phrase "Red in the Ledger". Heroes under this category are actually considered villains/antagonists before they turned good. And even after that, no one should just stand up and say Max Eisenhardt is a good man. Tragic, yes. But I won't label Magneto as a righteous person unless we're talking about end justifying the means.

Fact: Remy is used to lying, cheating and stealing
Let me ask every female reader this question: If you happen to have a baby and you realised he/she actually has black eyes with red pupils, what would you do?
1. Take care of the child despite the obvious.
2. Abandon the baby since God should always be fair to every parent.

Remy's fate was option 2, this was to be the start of his hard life. When the local hospital took him in, I truly doubt the society at large actually cared for someone like him. Thoughts like "freak", "monster" and "son of the devil" must have been coursing through his birth mother's mind, let alone random strangers. Remember this, folks: X-Men is all about relating the non-fictional outcast with fictional mutants. Yet, the manner of Remy's life couldn't be any more ironic.

Referred to as Le Diable Blanc by his fellow thieves, I believe this quintessentially means "the white devil/demon" in Cajun French. If I end up giving the wrong answer, please don't kill me b/c this is me trying to act clever. This was the person viewed as the Thieves Guild's messiah for reasons unknown to this fat blogger, I find it interesting that neither Remy nor the Thieves Guild were anything but upstanding citizens.

Apparently, he's no slow learner. In a world where you can only steal to survive, Remy LeBeau proved himself as somewhat of a child extraordinaire. And I mean it in terms of stealing, mind you. Trying to target a random rich civilian for criminal intent is one thing, targeting the wrong person quite another. So imagine the kind of balls a ten year old boy had when he tried picking the pocket of Jean-Luc LeBeau, patriarch of the Thieves Guild back then.

Fact: Remy actually nearly became messiah
As fate would have it, the only way to unite two warring factions is to broker eternal peace. I find it interesting that X-Men is all about us-vs-them on a personal scale. Normal superheroes will try saving the world because 'tis their mission, evolved superheroes actually try doing it so that others will accept them. I'm not gonna make any bones over the fact that the top priority of Charles Xavier was to establish a world where social barriers will be torn down for good like the Berlin Wall. This is why the X-Men are still fighting for the good of humanity compared to the Brotherhood, who actually decided that declaring outright war is the only way out.

As for both the Thieves Guild and its Assassin counterpart, I firmly believe a consensus was already reached. This was exactly why a marriage was to be on the cards where Remy LeBeau of the Thieves Guild and Bella Donna Boudreaux of the Assassins Guild were concerned. And this was when shit truly happens in the form of another Boudreaux: Julien.

Fact: Remy was guilty of homicide
Now before any politically correct parent starts screaming hell and murder over Gambit teaching impressionable children the finer arts of murder, let me explain the term homicide. You see, there are actually two definitions within the law. Murder is quite obviously the more commonly known form, the other is technically culpable homicide. If you all don't know what is culpable homicide, go ask the nearest lawyer firm what is the definition of manslaughter. Just don't hound me for $$$ if you're forced to pay a consultant fee amounting to sucker tax. Yes I made up that term "sucker tax", so please don't pirate my creation.

After one paragraph of digression, we finally came to what truly defined Remy LeBeau as Gambit. It must be said that despite martial training under Jean-Luc LeBeau, a thief is NOT meant to fight like an assassin. In fact Julien only had himself to blame for his own death since he believed Remy was nothing more than a swamp rat. Needless to say, Julien Boudreaux actually dominated the fight like some schoolyard bully pummeling that poor scrawny boy. Then shit indeed happened.

Like so many mutants before and after him, Remy LeBeau's actual powers awoke to serious consequences. 'Tis one thing to throw a knife against an opponent far more superior, quite another to realise that you've unwittingly killed that opponent via that exploding knife thrown just mere moments earlier.
Needless to say, the buck had to stop somewhere. Just that the wrong person got punished.

Next up:
More Gambit, (hopefully) less digression and some romantic bits.