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Saturday, 5 April 2014

How to be persona non grata (Pt 2)

1. An act or remark that is calculated to gain an advantage, especially at the outset of a situation.
2. (In chess) an opening move in which a player makes a sacrifice, typically of a pawn, for the sake of a compensating advantage.
~taken from Oxford Dictionary

Fact: This Gambit really damn suay...
I can't tell you how long did Gambit drift about b/c I don't profess to read the comics. However, it can be speculated that whatever spectacular manner of Julien's death had truly haunted Remy for good. After all, would you be so stupid to commit intentional homicide out in the open especially if your would-be wife is a certified beauty?
[Note-Bella Donna means beautiful lady in Italian. Incidentally, Atropa belladonna is a type of plant commonly known as deadly nightshade]

I suspect this particularly traumatic event actually prompted Remy to approach a certain Mr Sinister for help. That is seeking help for containing his awakened powers. Now it must be stated that Remy never had any freedom of control over his potentially imba ability per proven by that fatal firework released N ages ago. Ever since he was wrongfully exiled (technically so since Julien was acting like a bullying dick he really is), it can be surmised that Gambit was fearful of physical contact. His only problem? Nathaniel Essex is a doctor sans ethics.

Fact: You can still live (somewhat) normally post-lobotomy if you're Gambit
I'm not too sure whether partial removal of brain tissue should be considered a lobotomy procedure, but said method was indeed the only way out for Remy. This is virtually an alternate retelling of Faust and the Devil since Gambit's hand was sorta forced, but that's a story for another day.

Long story short, Sinister decided to hold Gambit to ransom. Granted Gambit didn't know a shit about Nathaniel Essex's sinister agenda, but it didn't really prevent a major massacre from happening. Against a team of hardcore assassins with Gambit tagging along, the Morlocks never stood a chance of surviving. Slaughtered till the very last mutant, only one little Morlock survived. Her name? Marrow. Sounds familiar? Go play Marvel vs Capcom 3 again and you'll def remember.

Now I don't need to tell you all who Marrow's superhero was in this instance, but trust me when I said Gambit nearly got himself killed for the morally correct reason. He knew Sinister duped him into becoming a mass murderer, it didn't matter to him that every member of the Marauders are actually ten times more guilty. Needless to say, Remy LeBeau attempted to salvage the situation but victory ended up with Victor Creed. Quite literally a crushing victory for Sabretooth if I say so myself.

Myth: Gambit is a scoundrel
Just as how Jean-Luc LeBeau met a ten year old Remy playing thief, likewise an adult Remy LeBeau encountered Ororo Munroe as a child.
Just as how Gambit years ago saved a young Marrow, likewise by saving Storm he ended up eventually saved.

I cannot give you an absolute answer on wtf Gambit was doing post-M, but it seems that irony decided to grant him a chance to redeem himself. In a weird twist of fate, Storm managed to undergo some anti-aging process where she ended up being an amnesiac little girl. By helping Storm to escape the Shadow King, the Cajun managed to prove something true: Playing hero to little girls do have its perks so long as you're an uneducated redneck incapable of literal wanking over Arya Stark and Maisie Williams at the same time.

Crude humour associated with pedo bear aside, they say even a dishonest thief deserves credit where it's due. Ever wonder why the British gahmen decided to exile ppl all the way down south N ages ago? I'm talking abt the history behind Oz in case any bodoh kambing putih dunno.

Long story short, Gambit eventually became part of the X-Men. That plus we're coming to Anna Marie soon enough.

Next up:
No more plot talk (hopefully), in depth take on why Gambit is so badass and romantic at the same time.