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Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Again decided to write something before tidoh...

Just some concepts plus the fact that I've just started a new ART chap...

Combat system
1. Combat takes place in real time mode. However, turn based elements will be present in terms of options.
2. Before combat commences, you must choose your party's priority order, i.e. which character goes first, second, third, etc.
3. Once battle starts, you can control all your characters according to their priority order.
4. Every character only has a fixed amount of time to be controlled by the gamer, after which the AI will take over.
5. Priority order will commence as a cycle until the battle ends.
6. There are three types of actions available: Normal, Special and Streik.
7. Special actions will consume a relevant portion of your character's adrenaline while Streik consumes the entire amount.
8. Normal actions will not cost adrenaline. But they will increase in terms of individual effect as adrenaline increases as well.

Your characters will definitely live and die by this. Every character/enemy starts off the combat with 50% adrenaline, after which fast thinking will become the key to victory or defeat. Adrenaline increases at a constant pace, but priority order also plays a decisive role.
During any battle, every character's adrenaline will increase according to the ascending order.
Note that as the enemy will never abide by the priority order system, different enemies will have different pace in terms of building up adrenaline.
If your character's adrenaline reaches 0, it doesn't mean that character will die. But it will mean said character will suffer a fixed penalty in terms of stats. However, this penalty can be reduced by a high End stat.

Normal actions constitute to 3 categories: Attack, Evade, Parry.
Attacks actions target any enemy.
Evade increases the character's Dodge while reducing damage dealt.
Parry increases the character's Block while reducing chances to hit.
Special actions also include the above mentioned 3, but at the same time also include various buffs/debuffs. Note that Special actions tend to have some kind of cooldown period.
Streik is the most powerful move any character/enemy can come up with. Range of effects is the same as Special actions. Note that Streik will definitely have a fixed cooldown.

A combo occurs when you managed to execute a series of actions that brings about devastating effect. This will always be a combination of Normal and Special actions. However, it's possible to include Streik into the mix.

Special traits of different classes
Higher chance to hit during Parry
Can only use MATK during Special actions/Streik
Special actions/Streik will use MATK as effect modifier together with the relevant stat(s).

Further increases Dodge during Evasion
Can only use MATK during Special actions/Streik
Special actions/Streik will use MATK as effect modifier together with the relevant stat(s).

Higher chance to hit during Evasion
MATK+PATK=damage dealt during combat.
Any non-damage effect will be affected by MDEF.
Penalty in damage dealt during melee.

Higher chance to hit plus higher critical damage during Evasion.
Can only use MATK to deal any form of damage.
Can only use PATK to deal damage if adrenaline reaches 0.
Penalty in damage dealt during melee; applicable only when adrenaline reaches 0.

To be cont'd...