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Thursday, 3 April 2014

Might as well add in a new tag...

As the post title suggests, guess I should do one more tag for Skies of Arven since creative rights very important to ppl indulging in creativity even though no $$$ will come out of this. Actually make that everything I did so far.
And no, this statement has nothing to do with whether I approve of NDU being outed in Jack Neo's latest movie planned. Def not my problem.

The world of Arven is mainly split into two parts, namely Surface and Sky. The Surface of Arven is where only the mighty reigns, a world where civilisation is a symbol of power more than anything. Separated by a vast sea without ends, the various continents are either content to wage conflict within their own borders or ambitious enough to launch daring raids against each other.
The Sky of Arven is where the wise and prosperous rule, a realm where levitated islands of varying sizes engage in trade and diplomacy. Regarded as a paradise compared to wilderness that is the Surface, every island is entitled indirect authority over surrounding areas of the Surface, whatever boundary necessary drawn by the Convention of Olymbus.

Every continent also holds total control over surrounding islands, colonies are established because of this. There are three types of continents on the Surface: Pictland, Gaeland, Cushland.
Pictland refers to any continent with fertile plains as the core terrain. Main ways of earning livelihood are farming and livestock rearing.
Gaeland refers to any continent comprising mainly of mountainous and forest terrain. The people there are known as expert gatherers and fierce hunters, but nothing more.
[Note-Eden falls under the Gaeland type]
Cushland refers to arid regions with extremely fertile lands situated at either side of the great river of Euph. Said areas are the only places boasting settlements due to water deemed as a religious symbol of status and wealth.

Any floating island is known as Heaven, a realm regarded as an independent nation by itself. Every Heaven carries the same traits, namely a vast bustling city fortified by both might and magic. Travel in between Heavens is carried out via drakes flying from one point to the other. The organisation overseeing the stability of the entire Sky of Arven is called the Convention of Olymbus.

There are two ways to travel: ship (for Surface) and drake (for Sky). Depending on the nature of location and distance, travelling can cost a bomb. Ship travelling will pose forth a risk of fighting random enemies, but doing so has its perks in terms of EXP and loot drops gained. Drake travelling holds no such risk while having a shorter duration.
Note that duration of travel tends to affect the quest completion rating, be said quest side or main. More on that later on.

Quests are either considered main or side. Main quests provide the standard quest reward together with plot progress. At the same time, main quests can only be unlocked as the story progresses.
Side quests yield EXP and loot drops, but nothing more.
There's also the third type, namely elite quests. Elite quests are much more challenging with far better loot drop and a relatively higher EXP gain. Elite quests can only be unlocked via specific requirements met during main quests.
Note that the relevant NPCs will unlock side or elite quests, but definitely NOT the main quest.

To be cont'd...

P.S: In other news, I realised I fail utterly for life when it comes to organising solo my own PC folder mess.